Name: Berith Stolas

Appearance: The Human Side Of Me // The Serpentine Heart.

Race: Earth Elemental.

Age: 27

Abilities: Can shift between the forms of a snake and human at will, and can change the size of his serpentine form. At it's largest, the snake shift can reach 44 feet in length and 2200 pounds, though it is more normally at a far smaller size, closer to 2-3 feet long, and thus can easily be carried or treated as though a pet. Because of his preference to snakes and other serpentine creatures, he tends to attract such animals to his location if he wishes, and can speak to most reptiles. As well, he can speak human, elven, and orcish while in snake shift.

Berith is an able alchemist, specializing in venoms, poisons, toxins, and their various remedies. He can bring temporary life to the metal snake around his neck, giving him sight through it if he chooses. As an Earth Elemental, he has the potential manipulate the land for a myriad of uses, but chooses not to.

Behavior: Berith is very much a man who prefers Mind to Muscle, he is almost always found entertaining himself, either with a book, a game of chess, or some other event that would give advantage to the wise or clever. A morally neutral entity, Berith finds it fun to play with the mortals as one of them, performing activities that would often be seen as manipulative or deceitful, though he admits to leading good and bad men to a variety of endings, but generally swings events backwards to keep everything neutral.

Personality: Sly, Optimistic, Pragmatic, Intelligent, Occasionally arrogant. Considers himself to be amusing, if not perhaps slightly... Off.

Created at a time he has forgotten.

Made the first serpents in his image, choosing to make his natural form a snake of extreme proportions.

Observing the rise of the elves, men, and other sapient races, he consumed a human to inherit his essence, giving the elemental a humanoid form to hold.

Began to use this form for generic mischief of all levels and intensities, large or small.


Born to a family in upper society.

Earned an early fascination for snakes after finding one on the family property.

After a near-death event involving a venomous snake bite, he studied alchemy to learn remedies, but in secret learned how to create those same venoms to use against future threats. As well, he called for an illusionist to show him how to appear in the form of a snake. Berith would take the appearance of the one that sparked his interest.

Is currently sealing his place in upper society through subtle means.