...Every conversation I have with you is always incredibly sobering, and yet it's never quite what I wanted.

I guess I'll never understand why you left. Why you chose to ignore me and leave me to suffer while you live it up.
Does my misery make you happy I wonder?

You always confuse me so much. Your reasoning behind why you do what you do makes absolutely no sense, and can easily be avoided, so why continue to run? Running only makes everything worse. I should know. I'm guilty of it too.

By now your friends have probably convinced you that I'm little more than a creep with a stalking problem, but I assure you that isn't the case. A simple conversation is all I really desire. Is that so hard?

I don't want to waste too much time babbling on, because I don't want to write anything else that "bothers" you at all.

You said you would at lest talk to me sometimes, so here I'll be, waiting. Even if you were probably only saying that to calm me down, here I'll be.

Always waiting.

Oh well, at least tomorrow's Saturday again...