On a roll, anyway:
I feel like giving a quick recap of the First Friday mentality of the stingy and incredibly a**l "alcohol providers". You can tell that 99% of the "shops" open for First Friday are ridiculously protective of what happens to their alcohol.
1. Alcohol is not a necessity of life.
2. A person in the cigar shop of morons said "this isn't First Friday" to someone who wanted a beer. This means a few things:
2a. If it's "not First Friday", stop complaining about deliberately picking this day out of all days possible to host your precious little event.
2b. You are not special in your anally retentive behavior. Every other "shop" is just as bad as you, so no, it IS First Friday.
3. I'm really only there for the food. You can have your shitty Coors Light and your disgusting, [Insert Fancy Name Here] wine.
4. No one says anything about the food, because you know, the necessities of life don't get protected, society's bullshit "medication" is what deserves "protection".

So, when I drink your alcohol, after you're done pretending you're the victim, I will still feel no remorse. See you next month! Oh, and don't forget, there are people starving in Africa. Protect the beer!

First World Problems, I tell ya.