"Mama! Mama! Is she awake?"
"Not now dear mommy is busy with work." The woman was too absorbed in her current duties to answer her child. She'd been on the computer researching for hours but still no luck.
The little girl stared at the computer screen intently looking at all the charts and words popping out and not understanding a single word of it. The girl sighed and wandered away twirling around in boredom. She was about the age of 6, she felt like she was practically a grown up by now.
A loud clang suddenly chimed from outside the window. The girl rushed over and pressed her face to the glass. Down below she saw a car backing out of its garage. This car looked just like her fathers. Just a year ago she'd jump up and say "Mommy I can see Daddy's car! He's waving goodbye." Then she'd wave back and wait by the window until he got back home. But about a year ago one day he never came back.
The girl stared at the look-a-like car until it drove away. She sighed for the second time looking up at the landscape. The collapsed buildings have levelled down over the years making way for the mountainous sight in the background.
This city used to be called Los Angeles, but that was before the outbreak. Many many years ago, it was a somewhat peaceful place. Well, peaceful compared to now. After all these years the buildings no longer represent what they used to be.

Over 3,000 years had past since that time. Parts of society had collapsed on itself multiple times by now but technology still grows. In the year 2034 is when it all started to go south. A disease spread through the countries. No one knew what this disease was. It was first discovered in pregnant women. When a baby is born it usually comes out crying and their eyes would be closed, but these babies would be silent and open wide eyed.
It was strange at first, but the babies would still feed from the mother and be pretty normal so no one took notice. In that decade over 65% of the babies born were of this kind.
For the first 10 years of age they were just like any other regular kid. But by the time puberty started to hit things started to get strange. When these kids lost teeth, bigger and sharper teeth grew in. When these kids lost their temper they're strength was that of a grown man. These children were over looked at first, until one girl.
This girl was one of the first babies born with her eyes open and her mouth shut. She got to the age of 12 when she was welcomed into womanhood. This girls name was Darcy Canton. She grew up in a nice neighborhood with caring parents and a pet dog. One day she was no longer a child, she had gotten her first period. Normally this would mean mom would have to congratulate her and give her the talk of the birds and the bees. But no, today was a special day for her. This was the day she realizes just how different she is.
It began with her running to the bathroom startled at first. Being an only child with no older sisters she had no idea what to expect. At first she was scared she thought something was terribly wrong. She felt sick and in pain and well of course bleeding and it freaked her out. Darcy yelled out to her mouth from the bathroom door explaining what was happening.
"Darcy honey, it's alright" her mother laughed. "This happens to every woman, may I come in and talk to you?"
"No! Stay out." Darcy said defiantly.
"Sweety it's alright I went through this too." Her mother opened the door. Darcy glared at her mother suddenly frustrated and upset that her privacy had been breached. Darcy suddenly felt threatened and her instincts took over. The child let out a loud hiss when suddenly slits in her skin appeared on both sides of her face and down her forehead as if 3 invisible knives cut into her skin. The slits reached to her lips then peeled her skin back revealing the red tissue behind her skin. The skin opened her face showing the inside of her mouth. Her jaw unlatched itself widening her mouth showing her abnormally sharp teeth. Her mother froze in her tracks staring at her child gasping and letting out a shrill scream then suddenly fainting falling back onto the floor.
The world wasn't the same after that. The females of these children would suddenly be able to peel their face open if they feel threatened once they had their first period. The males were able near the ages of 16 or 17. Being able to peel their faces back was just the first sign. These kids would suddenly become very active and violent. Most of the children ran away from home. The usually kind hearted calm children were suddenly bashing their fists into the neighbors windows.
Everything spiraled out of control. People were unable to control their teenagers. Many of them were killed by people thinking a monster was attacking their house. Some of the people knew that these kids were human and still killed them. It may sound like a big case of discrimination, but these kids were breaking into houses and simply destroying things. They started killing others. That unhook jaw was meant for something. These kids were seen swallowing you children whole.

Everyone thought it was the apocalypse. People were losing their minds. Complete chaos erupted as the strange children generation multiplied. The rest of the population shrunk down massively as each decade went by.
The scientists and docters of the world all worked to find a way to cure or halt these teens from transforming into whatever they were. No dice, no cure, no control, total anarchy. The doctors researched the parents of these children to find no difference between a parent with a normal teen.

Years after that people had to get used to the new society that had been thrust upon them. Children near the ages of 10 were watched closely. If they changed, they would immediately be put down. Society changed a lot after that. The human race was still the minority but they scraped by each year fighting for normality, for their lives.

The little girl pressed her face to the glass making a funny piggy face giggling at herself imagining how funny she must look on the other side of the window. There was a sudden loud bang coming from outside. The girl lifted her face away from the glass and saw a glow from the distance behind the mountains. Black smoke rose swelling up into the sky. "Mom..." the little girl stared.
"Dear come here, get away from the window." Her mom suddenly stood up and closed the window curtains. Her mother was smiling despite the explosion outside. Those were normal occurrences in this town.
"Honey, mommy finally is finished with her work. So I have to go soon, the baby sitter should be here in any minute. Dude you finish your school work?"
"Yeah.. mommy when will you be back home?" the young girl reached up with grabby hands. The woman leaned down and hugged her daughter tight.
"I'm not sure honey.. Until the girl wakes up."
"Oh! Call home when she does!" the girl was suddenly her regular bubbly self. Her mother smiled,
"Of course I will. I'll call every few hours to check up on you."
"Mom." The girl rolled her eyes, "You don't need to check up on me all the time I am a responsible minor."
"Oh that's right I forgot." She kissed her daughters forehead smiling "I'll be home as soon as I can."

The woman left her apartment once the baby sitter arrived. She quickly got into her car and drove speedily to her work. Her apartment building was one of the few buildings still standing. The city was now covered in over grown grass and trees, she passed by them the streets nearly empty of any other cars. She smiled to herself feeling accomplished at what she found. The woman made her way to the laboratories.
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