When the two SBF's walking home there is a motorcycle riding fast and the driver is drunk.He is going to crash straight to Asayuki but Jheraint's instinct let his body move and push Asayuki away the motorcycle crashed down and Jheraint's has been bump and passed out."Jheraint!!" Asayuki in panic and crying,"Help us please,my friend is unconscious." One of Good Samaritan carry him and ride fast to his car and go to the nearest hospital. After an hour Jheraint is in the room and still sleeping."Please wake up!"Tears drop on the face of Jheraint and slowly opened his eyes. "Asayuki,where am I?"Jheraint looking at her."Your in the hospital you've been bump by a drunk driver riding a motorcycle because you save me and I am sorry."Holds the hand of Jheraint."I remember now,are you alright?"Jheraint asked."Yes, but you should stay here for a while to heal."Asayuki replied."ok,nut please visit me always."He smiles and suddenly feels the pain."Get some rest now foxy,I got to go I don't want my parents to worry about me."Asayuki get her bag and step out the room. In the next day after class Asayuki went to the hospital and see Jheraint packing his clothes."Hey,what are you doing? are ok now?"Asayuki drop her bag and see if he is really ready to go."Yeah I am,it is not really a major injury you know and i know you will feel lonely in school if I stay here longer."He close his bag and get the bag of Asayuki."Let's go."

They head home and Asayuki is happy that his bestfriend is fine now. To be continued