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wrighting or poetry~!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mk i woke up to this dream:
I and my boyfriend was going to detroit since there was a zombie appocolypse and the last place that needed to be clensed and ridden of zombies was detroit. welp we were wrong~! the place was clean so we decided to settle down. we didnt know guns were illegal. there for since there was still zombies that some people missed we carried it around. welp.. there was a guy... who... was doing an experiment there for he asked some girls(one was me) he had been testing on this little girl from birth and they discovered she had one last year to live. when i ehard this i tried to back out but he held a gun to my head. jack my bf got up and shot him. we were now crimanals. we kept trying to get out of this place by asking the girls who had apyed for us to come to pay for us out they simply said "oh no your wanted -yelled- SECURITY" we darted out and got away but we were out on the streets we went into this super tall tower almost like the twin towers and lived. we went rescued the little girl who is now turning 5. she smiled and looked normal. yet... her mouth... was like a zombie. jack saw it first. she explained of how she was bitten but the medication saved her. we nodded as a huge explosion happened. we looked up and the tower was crashing down i grabbed the little girl and ran out. she smirked like she made this happen and hopped out of my arms running down saying follow. i follwed but- there wasnt jacks voice i looked up... and he was taring down at me with dead eyes... the dead eyes.... those dead... eyes.... i fell to my knees looking at his mangled body as he groaned out in his last breath: i love y- and he was dead... i started crying and darted not being able to look any longer. we got out and out into a field i looked at a high way that lead back to a place we started at. i grabbed her and darted twords it. we got a ride from a guy. i relized who he was.... there was to guys... my ex and my father i screamed and shot both taking the car and drove off....

second dream:

my lovely jack and i were fighting in battle (yet another apocolptic dream =-=) some robots we tried evreything. we had to become a human robot... we both did so blah blah blah long sotry short i looked up and he killed me i smiled and said i love you.. he laughed and said:
i have always hated you. all the pain missery torture. you DESERVED aden DIE WITH YOUR FATHER YOU CUNTTTTTT
i just went limp watching his body that was covered in blood. his eyes icy cold... a blue... i relized he became one i had tried to grab my wepon but it was to late.. he stabbed the sword thru my chest. i looked up whimpering as his eyes went to a steal gray.. and then a brown... he relized what he did i was outside my body as he took out the blade and held me close crying seeing i was dead and simply said... : i knew it was to good to last... my love... im so sorry....
and i woke up from that one

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