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All things seen and unseen
Blacks Skies and Jolly Rogers
In a land far off, in a time undisclosed, there was a planet, with little land. The lords of the realm, gods as we call them, separated the lands to their children. The Elves took to the forests, the Orcs to the vast plains and steppes of the west, the humans to the coast, and the dwarves to the midlands. Upon their children, the gods bestowed magic, and give the races free dominion over their lands, on the condition of ever lasting peace. However, the humans, numerous and belligerent, often spilled blood at every occasion, destroying each other's settlements for every reason thought. At first, the gods cared little, believing that the humans were settling their own feuds, and leaving the other races be. Yet, the arrogance of the gods blinded them from the fact that humans knew only to consume and destroy.
As the humans united under a single banner, and their infighting stopped, the gods eased, once again believing that the human's lust for blood no longer existed. They were wrong, as they found the armies of man march on the grand Dwarven kingdoms of the Midland Mountains. Though harsh war broke out, the humans proved to much for the vast mineral wealth of the Dwarves, and drove the Dwarves deep into the mountains. The gods, displeased by the actions of their children, left the realm, leaving the world with out much of it's splendor, or magic. With the exit of the gods, the Elves found themselves now powerless against the humans. In an attempt to stalemate the humans, the two free races: Orc and Elf, banded together. For two hundred years, the Alliance valiantly fought off the Human Empire, until a Elven prince, hungry for power, betrayed his people, and enabled the Humans to defeat the alliance, subjugating both the Orc and the Elf.
Two thousand years ago, Lanius Canivarisi an inventor, delving into an unknown field of study, find a black liquid, which, when purified, caused a controllable explosion, far more effect than coal, and all other energy sources known to the Empire. Called 'Fomes,' ancient Imperial for fuel, the Imperial court of nobles ruled collectively to seize all of the known fields of Fomes, displacing citizens of all race, and causing massive wealth disparities from the wealthy and the poor. With the founding of this resource, Imperial technology soared to great heights. Great airships took to the skies, using massive engines and ballasts. New flying devices ranged from planes, to helicopters, to massive floating cities. Yet, with the introduction of this resource, came competition. Soon, the Empire of Man was thrown back into turmoil, as the royal houses waged civil war, all over the black fuel. After twenty years of brutal struggles, the shrewd house Yevaral gained dominance, by using its massive wealth to buy off the lesser houses, and its mighty armies to beat away the other houses.
The year is now the 3920th of the Imperial calender, and the Empire of Man has been struck by prosperity, however, for some, the boot of Imperial authority gives no ability for personal freedoms. Moreso, the impoverished have no way of climbing out of their many generations of debt to their lords. As is known by all Imperial citizens, piracy is a crime punishable by death. Yet, as the rich parade themselves about on the crowded pleasure barges of the sky, piracy runs rampant among the Empire. Among the most feared of these pirates, is Aulian Windstrider, and his ship, The Bloody Pariah, known for preying on Imperial military, and pleasure barges alike. After a very violent encounter with an Imperial battleship, the Bloody Pariah limps its way to Lorganth City, a pirate haven, to refit and stock up on crew.

Kunder of the Lich
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