I awake with a blurry vision. White. Everywhere. My body senses the temperature and immediately sends me chills with the rush of goose bumps. I slowly move my head to the right and there's a man just about six foot, maybe less, he stands tall with a white shirt and one hand in his jeans' pocket. He seems concerned. He pulls his hand out of his pocket and holds his head and shakes it in a "no" motion. He exits the room. Do I know this man? The bed starts to move and I can hear my heart beat. Loud...Strong. My eyes close and I fade into memory. I'm sitting in a dark room holding a book labeled "s**t that went wrong" I reach for my light and it wont turn on. I use the light of my cell phone to read the book. "Chapter one; Stumpy ... We walk on the canal along side each other talking about the smell of Jamaican until we come across a spiraling tree, he looks at me, and takes my hand to lead me over to it. "It's beautiful" "I know, we should give it a name." "Like what?" "Madison." He smiles and starts to climb the tree and reaches for my hand. We climb the the highest spiral, we can see the whole town. He reaches behind my head and looks me in the eyes "Do you remember that promise? I think I'll keep it." He softly kisses me. To this day it was the best kiss I've ever had. The next day, 6 am, I turn on the news and there he was on the screen. It read " J**** Stump was arrested last night for raping a family member. Alura. 7 year old Alura. And here are where your trust issues began, Kamryn. Chapter 2 reads; Greg ... Do you remember how deeply in love you were with this man? You gave him your all. He was the one everyone looked pass but the one you looked at. It couldn't get better than him. Those orangey hazel eyes and that smile you couldn't get over. The kind sweet heart you requited for. You nearly failed your sophomore year for him and look what he's done to you. Your trust is branded with the evil sting of unfaithfulness. You're terrified of intercourse because of him, and now your trust in someone who wants to be lovey toward you you push away. You push all love away now.... Now I know what's going on... I read Chapter 3; Rachael ... This fine lady is in each and every memory your mind holds. This was your fault. Cruelty is never the answer. And now your'e incapable of ever having another best friend. Drugs terrify you because they killed her. Drugs can never help you escape now. What are you to do?...... The rest of the pages are written in Czechoslovakian and for some reason I can't read them.. I'm fluent.. I turn off the phone light and look around in the dark .. There's a bottle of pain killers on your dresser labeled "Help" ... I wake in the same white room.. The man that once stood in the corner is now at my side and I look into his deep brown eyes... He says that everything is going to get better and that time heels all... But why wont time heel me?..