Forget the last one. I need to be up-to-date.

This past week, I was in beach volleyball camp. There were many other kids my age and every down to eight years old. We were split into groups by age. Looking for someone I might be friends with. Girls: all girly. Boys:... there was only one boy in our group. Guess it's just my sister and I.

Practicing our serves, two tweens my age stood to my left in conversation. "Blah blah blah!," said Lexi. "Where did I hear that from?," asked Gage. Before Lexi could answer, I understood, and it was very familiar to me too! "Adventure Time!," I called to them. "Yeah!," Lexi slapped my hand with a huge grin on her face. Gage said, "Oh, yeah! I remember that." So right then and there, I made two friends all because of good ol' Adventure Time. Throughout the rest of the session (three hours) we were just saying lines from AT.

The next day, we grew closer. Lexi looks half black; she has blue eyes too. Very fit bod and skinny legs.

Gage had blond hair and blue eyes, prescription sunglasses (and regular glasses), a little on the chubby side (but who isn't), and is always talking and telling funny stories.

On Tuesday, (the next day), Gage and I were standing in line for a spiking drill. He went next to me and (he's about two inches taller than me) put his head on my shoulder. Not wanting him to look like an idiot, I just did a "Hmmmm" noise like the Door Lord. He did it back. And then I said, "This is new.... but I like it." He broke out laughing and repeating it! whee

On Wednesday, he was also in back of me in line. (Notice how he's always behind me?) And he just put his arms around my shoulders and said, "Random hug!" xd Then I just put my hand on his arm. wink

Today, (Thursday) I was sitting in the sand awaiting my turn to be on the court. Gage sat next to me and said, "I'm tired... can I put my head on your lap?" (He didn't have to ask) "Yeah." (I say that a lot.) He then puts his head there and stares at the Pacific Ocean. Then he says, "Your thigh is soft.... This is uncomfortable." He then sits up, and being so bored, starts pouring sand on my thigh. When no more sand would stay he would brush it off with his fingers and he'd say, "Dust, dust, dust." When Gage got closer to my privates he looked up at me and asked, "Keep going?" I stared at him grimly and nodded slowly, and so very awkwardly. Gage laughs and his face turns red. Not from embarrassment, but from laughing. It always turns red when he laughs.

At the same spot we were sitting, I wanted to tell him about what funny thing happened when I was in my hotel room in Washington, DC on a field trip. But first, I had to tell him about Josh, the guy that everyone knows is vastly in love with me. So I let Viviana, my twin, explain Josh: Vivi asks me, "When was the last time you talked to Josh?"
"When was the last time you had sex?," Gage blurts out.
"I don't know... half a month ago?" - Me, answering Vivi's question. NOT GAGE'S.
"Oh, that reminds me, In DC--" - Me telling Gage.
Gage bursts out laughing and his face turns red, "You guys had--"
"No! God, no! That's not what I meant!" - I say to him, "We were supposed to do a rap--"
"Oh? For a beat you could go to?!," Gage asks loudly.
"No!" - I yell.
That was when I was called to play in the court. I told Vivi to tell Gage my secret... about the rap this girl in our hotel room. Everyone in our room: Marissa, Vivi, and Azalea were joking about Josh and I. It was about time for bed. (9:00)

Marissa tries to help Azalea with our rap, when Josh comes up. Josh is obese, but he's playing football and losing weight. Azalea says, "I feel bad for Ivy (me), she has to cook so much food for him." Everyone laughs including me. Then Marissa says the rap, "Josh and Ivy having sex, get a tamale in that breast!" We all howl with laughter, and we have to be shushed by our teacher.

I'm friends with Josh... but I still haven't told him that. And it was four months ago. sweatdrop