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Queering Up Everything: The Life: The Journal
Using this mostly to record my eternal questing.
Completed Quest List
A list of what I have successfully quested, whether by myself or by others' generosity! I also record the bought price.

gaia_gaiagold = Bought or traded for myself (with price listed)
gaia_star = acquired myself (suchs a RIG/CIs, gcash, etc)
gaia_diamond = Donated/Gifted


gaia_star -Demonic Style (500 CG)

gaia_gaiagold -Icy Marionette (54mil g, Aria Dennata, Bound Sorcerer, Golden Laurels)
gaia_gaiagold -Crimson Marionette (66,666,666g)

gaia_gaiagold -Minthamella (12,300,000g)

gaia_diamond -Little Lucie (2mil) ~Thank you, Lyllisa!

gaia_gaiagold -Follower of Easter Bunny (2,000,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Follower of Jack (1,650,000g)

gaia_gaiagold -Rosamund's Redemption (1,300,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Rosamund's Revenge (750,000g)

gaia_gaiagold -Checkmate (320,000g)

gaia_gaiagold Succubi's Modesty (100,000g)
gaia_diamond -Infernal Seduction ~Thank you, Vennis!
gaia_gaiagold -Familiars Of Demonic Affection (10,999g)

gaia_gaiagold -Long-Stem Pink Rose (38,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Long-Stem Yellow Rose (12,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Long-Stem Blue Rose (33,333g)
gaia_gaiagold -Long-Stem Black Rose (840g)


gaia_star -Runcible Spoon (800 CG)
gaia_star -Compass of Seidh (700? CG)
gaia_star -Wisteria (500 CG)

gaia_gaiagold -Zodiacal (1,248,888g)
gaia_gaiagold -Case Of Pietro (1,000,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Avatar of Twilight (850,000)
gaia_gaiagold -Wary Intrigue (400,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Antique Shop (345,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Jack Frost (310,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Enchanting Orchestra (250,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -The Nightmare (240,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Nightmare Sash (220,000g)
gaia_gaiagold Literary Luxury (215,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Daughter Of Snows (201,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Digital Fray (199,500g)
gaia_gaiagold -Pixie Queen (182,500g)
gaia_gaiagold -Mizuchi's Jewel (180,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Frit's Loop (180,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Dancer On The River (165,999g)
gaia_gaiagold -Lumiere Noire (160,000g)
gaia_gaiagold Dark Omen (140,000g)
gaia_gaiagold Antique Pierrot (139,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Dappy Dandy (120,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -REMemories (120,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Void Sprite (119,900g)
gaia_gaiagold -Celestial Veil (114,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Sheryl Orange (110,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Judas's Creed (98,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Sublime Mademoiselle (90,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Le Carousel (90,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -The Adumbral Empress (90,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -La Syphide (89,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Chronomantique Jester (75,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy (74,500g)
gaia_gaiagold -Mint Buttercream Rose (57,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -The Knightmare Slumbers (48,937g)
gaia_gaiagold -He Approaches (45,900g)
gaia_gaiagold -Kokutan The Demon Cat (40,000g)
gaia_gaiagold -Mint Royale (30,000)
gaia_gaiagold -Sweet Pea (30,000)
gaia_gaiagold -Zippy (19,000g)


gaia_star -Keen Bandit (revolution trilogy bundle)
gaia_star -Midnight Hero (revolution trilogy bundle)

gaia_star -Pious Cleric (revolution midnight bundle)

Body Dyes
gaia_gaiagold -Yellow (25,300g)

My Little Pony

gaia_star -Rainbow Dash Fashion (?? GC)
gaia_star -Princess Luna Shirts
gaia_star -Twilight Sparkle Shirts

August Birthday Items

gaia_diamond -August Birthstone Cape ~Thank you, Vennis!
gaia_diamond -August Birthstone Necklace ~Thank you, Vennis!

Community Member
  • 12/08/13 to 12/01/13 (1)
  • 11/10/13 to 11/03/13 (1)
  • 08/04/13 to 07/28/13 (2)
  • 03/19/06 to 03/12/06 (1)
  • 01/08/06 to 01/01/06 (1)
  • 12/11/05 to 12/04/05 (1)
  • 12/04/05 to 11/27/05 (1)
  • 11/27/05 to 11/20/05 (2)
  • 11/20/05 to 11/13/05 (8)
  • 11/13/05 to 11/06/05 (4)

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