Don't bet your heart with me when it comes to love, because you're gonna be gambling with someone who plays by hearts.

You might be wondering about the reason why am I saying this. Well, I'm a chain of experience, though a label for my "mistakes," not that I got laid with anyone, but when it comes to people disrespect and waste mutiple chances of forgiveness, that can lead to a broken heart that can never be the same before even falling in love. Yes, I used to be in love with someone, and that someone changed the heart within this skin of mine. I don't think I wanna change, honestly, because it feels way better than when I was in love. Now I know that not everyone is the same, but I don't wanna cling or care about anything except my interests, because I'm done caring and all that.

Hope everyone have a great life, away from deception and players in the gamble that has no coins or papers in it.