Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo. It's August! the month in which I was born, and my zodiac is Leo, the lion. Of course, I don't believe in zodiac, I just like to know which animal I am! And of course, I am none other than the awesome lion! >=O
August has always been a month represented by fire and heat and the lion in my mind =P i always refer to it as the month of the lion, because i'm just that epic! =O
August is a crazy hot month. It's going to be insane, but- air conditioning and the ocean. And freezies. And ice cream. August survival skills 101 =P Still, it's been rainy these past couple of months, most of the time. It's not like the blasting sun and heat, like usual, it's always dark and rainy, and we've been getting alot of thunder and lightning. i think I would like it to be like that instead... i actually haven't been going to the beach as much as i did last year, or the year before. i've been really busy, and so have my best friends, we just hang out where we can now, but we usually hang out while doing important things. it's been a fun summer so far, though! the first month or so was really awesome, but the end of last month was pretty busy, so things have been kind of boring lately. i've been doing some writing... no as much as i should, but i'm proud of what i have finished so far =P
Still, the Summer of Mouse has been pretty chill! >=D
Alot of writing, alot of chilling, alot of fun with the people i wanted to spend summer with, i'd say this is every bit an awesome summer as i'd hoped it to be! ^^
I hope everyone else is having some fun, too =P