I noticed I know a lot of people with anxiety problems when it comes to being in public. When in reality all i want to say is that most of the time we put these false thoughts in our head .

90% of the time people are living their life and are worrying about themselves rather than you. People don't really go out to pick faults in people. Especially in stores and general public places. We all come in different shapes and sizes. Too many different combinations for anyone to go and be critical about.

Next time you are worried you're being analyzed and judged because the guy behind you is laughing, shrug it off. ~

Don't put false thoughts into your head, think about the truth ~
Truth being, people react to things that happen to them and involve only themselves most of the time.

People usually don't have the time to even notice you because they are just living their own life. Just like you!

It's when you are noticed that you should feel special and happy. Because it means to that one person that you are unique to them out of the many people around. < 3

Don't let the bad apples of society bring you down.

Keep your pretty head up emotion_bigheart