In need of some new friends on here lol

hey everybody. I haven't been on here in a while and I can see that a lot and maybe even all of my old friends have quit this website. I still stop by in from time to time to talk to some of the people that I know that are still on here but I would also like to meet some new people too.

As far as some of the things that have been going on in my life, I have really been through a lot in these last couple months. College has been getting a lot more stressful but I am getting through it sure enough. one thing that I really have in mind about school is that I am not giving up. A close family member of mine is also pregnant and dropped out of school. its really disappointing but it just motivates me even more not to let my parents down.

speaking of college I have also let go of a few people that I used to call friends. I am entitled to my opinion and some people really don't understand that. once I stated my opinion, it got back to someone that I was speaking of in my opinion and took it to heart like it said the worst possible thing I could have said to her in her entire life. well I found out that someone I called my friend went and ran her mouth and she lied to me for about a mouth playing off like she had nothing to do with it and I had no idea that the girl I spoke about had a problem with me. but anyway I did what needed to be done and I handled the best situation in an adult way and let it go. those two losers can talk about me all they want and im not gonna care because I am more worried about being in school and less about the drama.

I am also going through a rocky time in my complicated relationship. we have been dating a little over a year and I really fell in love with this guy. he was the sweetest but also the most emotional loser I have even met. one of the biggest things that he does that I really cant stand is his drinking. I thought I could except everything about him but I just cant do it anymore. Im not into his drinking and im so tired of it. we're taking a long break right now and we haven't spoken in two weeks. I miss him more than ever but this is giving me a lot of time to think about everything I have been though over the past year being with him and a part of me wants to believe that things will get better and the other side feels like im going to go through the same ole bs like before. I hate feeling so confused like this but im sure my final decision will come to me soon and I plan on sticking to it and think about the consequences