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The Juniior Journal
Ladies and gents, y'all are looking at the random thoughts from my mind.
"ELECTROzz" [a tentatively updated EDM playlist]


< This is several of the tracks that would be "banging" for a house party >
Well...this playlist is pretty much "banging" for anything
(ie. chillout, party, homework, etc.)

< The genres are not necessarily accurate, but they are generalized >
(ie. neurofunk is DnB, chillstep is dubstep)

< The tracks are organized and sorted in alphabetical order with the artists' names >

< Use [ CTRL ] + [ F ] for a quick search for a specific artist, song name, or genre >
(lol windows ggwp)

< The tracks are aligned to the right side so it is easier to browse and read the selections >


----- note -----
My playlist is currently growing.
I tentatively update this list as I add more tracks to my playlist.

I'm open to any song or artist suggestion. Comment them or PM me.
I listen to them and I appreciate the suggestions.
Suggestions listed on the comments will never be deleted.

----- v.1.1 -----
I added several tracks from the IIDX games.
I have the OST for beatmania IIDX 16 EMPRESS and beatmania IIDX 17 SIRIUS.
However, many of the tracks are also present in the previous IIDX games
(1st-10th styles, substream, IIDXRED, HAPPY SKY, DistorteD, GOLD, DJ TROOPERS)
I don't have the newer IIDX games, unfortunately.
(SIRIUS, Resort Anthem, Lincle, tricoro, SPADA, PENDUAL, COPULA, SINOBUZ)

I also added a few epic choral action tracks.
They're not really EDM...
But if you want a "kick start" to your day, give these epic tracks a chance.
These tracks are tagged with [EPIC CHORAL] though some are remixed.
I'll add some more of these tentatively.

----- v.2.0 -----
Here's a melodic dubstep playlist on YT that I really like...
Click this link

----- v.3.0 -----


format :: Track name - Artist [GENRE]

How You Love Me (ft. Bright Lights) - 3LAU [HOUSE]
Escape (Culture Code Remix) - 3LAU, Paris & Simo ft. Bright Lights [DUBSTEP]
Vulture (Protohype Remix) - 501 [DUBSTEP]
With A Spirit - 009 Sound System [DANCE]
On My Way To Heaven (ft. Richard Bedford) (Seven Lions Remix) - Above & Beyond [DUBSTEP]
Tri-State (5vel Chillstep Remix) - Above & Beyond [DUBSTEP]
You Got To Go (ft. Zoë Johnston) (Owsey Remix) - Above & Beyond [CHILL]
You Got To Go (ft. Zoë Johnston) (Seven Lions Remix) - Above & Beyond [DUBSTEP]
See the Light (Tunnel Club Chill Edit) - ACCUFACE [CHILL]
The Circle of Trust - ACCUFACE [TRANCE]
Re-Energize Your Soul - ACCUFACE [TRANCE]
Your Destination - ACCUFACE [TRANCE]
Your Destination (Alex Megane Remix) - ACCUFACE [TRANCE]
Anything Is Possible (Tunnel Trance Force Full Length) - ACCUFACE [TRANCE]
Arcade - Adam Szabo [TRANCE]
Cadence - Adoxe [DUBSTEP]
Do I See Color - Adventure Club [DUBSTEP]
Need Your Heart (ft. Kai) - Adventure Club [DUBSTEP]
Retro City - Adventure Club [DUBSTEP]
Wait - Adventure Club [DUBSTEP]
Wonder - Adventure Club & The Kite String Tangle [ELECTRO]
Rise & Fall (At Dawn We Rage Remix) - Adventure Club ft. Krewella [DUBSTEP]
4U - Aero Chord [MOOMBAHCORE]
Boundless - Aero Chord [TRAP]
Bouzouki - Aero Chord [TRAP]
Break Them (ft. Anna Yvette) - Aero Chord [TRAP]
Prime Time - Aero Chord [DUBSTEP]
Richochet - Aero Chord [TRAP]
Surface - Aero Chord [TRAP]
Warrior of the Night - Aero Chord [TRAP]
For Her - Aether [DUBSTEP]
Silhouette - Aether [DUBSTEP]
Stargazer - Aether [DUBSTEP]
Lionheart (Original Mix) - Afrojack [HOUSE]
Replica (Crowd Control Remix) - Afrojack [MOOMBAHTON]
SummerThing! (ft. Mike Taylor) - Afrojack [HOUSE]
Fuel to Fire (Dexcell Remix) - Agnes Obel [DRUM & BASS]
Death Valley - AirBattle [DUBSTEP]
Real World - AirBattle [GLITCH HOP]
End of Time - AirBattle ft. RomyHarmony [DUBSTEP]
Flavour Park (Original Mix) - Akesson [TRANCE]
Faded (Sep Remix) - Alan Walker [TRAP]
To A Friend (Adventure Club Remix) - Alexisonfire [DUBSTEP]
Mile High (ft. Laura Brehm) (James Egbert Remix) - Allnight [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Avalanches (ft. Sound Remedy & Kill Paris) - Alma [DUBSTEP]
Mind Games - Alphabet Pony [DRUM & BASS]
Silver - Alphabet Pony [DRUM & BASS]
You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix) - AlunaGeorge [TRAP]
Blurred Vision - Amphix & Zerbaman [CHILL]
Deep Memories - Amphix ft. Krishan Tanna [CHILL]
Seasons (ft. Submatik & Charline) - Andreas Ort [DRUM & BASS]
Wasted (Affecting Noise Remix) - Andy Duguid ft. Leah [DUBSTEP]
Trippy - Antiserum & Mayhem [TRAP]
Inner Space - Apex [DRUM & BASS]
Omega Point - Apex [DRUM & BASS]
String Theory - Apex [DRUM & BASS]
Film - Aphex Twin [CHILL]
Skywide - Aquatic Life Show ft. Seawaves [CHILL]
Angel (ft. CoMa) - Arkasia [DUBSTEP]
The Awakening - Arkasia [DUBSTEP]
Pandemonium - Arkasia [DUBSTEP]
Smooth Waves - Arman Cekin [CHILL]
You Don't Know Me - Arman Cekin & Veorra [TRAP]
Feel The Day - Armas [HOUSE]
Fallen (ft. Desiree Dawson) - ARMNHMR [TRAP]
Sympathizer - ASK [HARDCORE]
Burning Up - Astral Projection [ELECTRO]
Apollo - Astronaut [ELECTRO]
Life Trap - At Dawn We Rage [TRAP]
Soar - At Dawn We Rage [TRAP]
Dreams In Indica - At Dawn We Rage [DUBSTEP]
Flashing Lights - At Dawn We Rage [DUBSTEP]
Close To Never - At Dawn We Rage [DUBSTEP]
Higher Than High - At Dawn We Rage [DUBSTEP]
Life - At Dawn We Rage [DUBSTEP]
More and More - At Dawn We Rage [DUBSTEP]
Over It - At Dawn We Rage [GLITCH HOP]
Vienna - At Dawn We Rage & Secoya [DUBSTEP]
Around The World - Atlas Plug [BREAKBEAT]
Truth Be Told - Atlas Plug [BREAKBEAT]
Serenity - Audile [CHILL]
Penguin (Club Mix) - Avicii [PROGRESSIVE HOUSE]
Levels (Original Mix) - Avicii [ELECTRO]
Levels (Skrillex Remix) - Avicii [DUBSTEP]
Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix) - AWOLNATION [DUBSTEP]
Sun Is Shining - Axwell Ʌ Ingrosso [HOUSE]
Psychotic (ft. Katie J) - Aylius [DUBSTEP]
The Funeral (Sound Remedy Remix) - Band of Horses [DUBSTEP]
Another Sinking Ship (Torus Remix) - Bankai [DUBSTEP]
Piano Tune - Bar 9 [DUBSTEP]
Piano Tune (VIP) - Bar 9 [DUBSTEP]
Droid - Bar 9 & Datsik [DUBSTEP]
Fahrenheit - Bare [DUBSTEP]
Rocks (Mark Instinct Remix) - Bare [DUBSTEP]
Touch The Sun (Duende Vocal Remix) - Barlett Alex ft. Anthya [TRANCE]
Butterfly (ft. Mimi Page) - Bassnectar [DUBSTEP]
Vava Voom (ft. Lupe Fiasco) - Bassnectar [DUBSTEP]
You & Me (ft. W. Darling) - Bassnectar [DUBSTEP]
Harlem Shake - Baauer [TRAP]
Infinite Daps - Baauer & RL Grime [TRAP]
Hold On - BCee [DRUM & BASS]
Lost & Found (ft. Rocky Nti) - BCee [DRUM & BASS]
Beautiful Lies - B-Complex [DRUM & BASS]
Blissful Ignorance - B-Complex [DRUM & BASS]
Veneno (Tropkillaz Remix) - Beauty Brain [TRAP]
Majesty - Ben Moon ft. Veela [DRUM & BASS]
Atom Bomb - Benasis [TRAP]
Cinema - Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go [DANCE]
Cinema (Skrillex Remix) - Benny Benassi ft. Gary Go [DUBSTEP]
Even If (T-Mass Remix) - Benny Benassi & Vassy [TRAP]
Rock That Body (Skillex Remix) - The Black Eyed Peas [DUBSTEP]
Destroy It (Urban Contact Remix) - Black Tiger Sex Machine [ELECTRO]
Evil Beauty - Blackmill [DUBSTEP]
Home - Blackmill [DUBSTEP]
Journey's End - Blackmill [DUBSTEP]
The Light - Blackmill [DUBSTEP]
Rain - Blackmill [DUBSTEP]
Let It Be - Blackmill ft. Veela [DUBSTEP]
Star (Main Mix Extended) (ft. Fuda Guy & Camilla Marie) - Blame [DRUM & BASS]
Echo - Blasterjaxx [ELECTRO]
Gravity (TWIIG Remix) - Blasterjaxx [ELECTRO]
Where is Home (Burial Remix) - Bloc Party [GARAGE]
Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation [DUBSTEP]
Love Mondays - Blue Motion [DRUM & BASS]
Normal Heights (Draper Remix) - Bluebell [DUBSTEP]
Painted Rooms - Bon Accord [DANCE]
Fighting Fire (ft. Jess Mills) (Loadstar Remix) - Breakage [DRUM & BASS]
Overcome (SirensCeol Remix) - Brenton Mattheus [DUBSTEP]
The Drop - Bro Safari [TRAP]
Lucid - Bryzone [DUBSTEP]
Surrounded (Au5 & Fractal Remix) - BT & Aqualung [DUBSTEP]
Hold On (Instrumental) - Buddygirrl & None Like Joshua [CHILL]
Kindred - Burial [GARAGE]
Loner - Burial [GARAGE]
Rough Sleeper - Burial [GARAGE]
Moth - Burial & Four Tet [GARAGE]
Feel So Close (Nero Remix) - Calvin Harris [DUBSTEP]
Sweet Nothing (ft. Florence Welch) (T-Mass Remix) - Calvin Harris [TRAP]
How Deep Is Your Love - Calvin Harris & Disciples [HOUSE]
Shoreless - Camo & Krooked [DRUM & BASS]
Pirates (MitiS Remix) - Candyland [DUBSTEP]
JUMPER - capsule [ELECTRO]
Offering - Captain Panic! ft. Veela [DUBSTEP]
Let's Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix) - Carousel [DUBSTEP]
How To Love (ft. Sofia Reyes) - Cash Cash [HOUSE]
Seventeen (Skrillex Remix) - Casxio [DUBSTEP]
Make Me Feel - Centigrade [DRUM & BASS]
Don't Let Me Down (Illenium Remix) - The Chainsmokers [TRAP]
Let You Go - The Chainsmokers ft. Great Good Fine Ok [HOUSE]
Everything Is Gone (ft. Charli Brix) - Changing Faces [DRUM & BASS]
It Takes A Long Time - Changing Faces [DRUM & BASS]
Reviving Earth - Changing Faces & Identified [DRUM & BASS]
Warrior (ft. Shaylen) - ChildsPlay & Chuckie [TRAP]
Love Letters (MitiS Chilled Overnight Remix) - Clinton VanSciver & Swedish Egil [DUBSTEP]
You Make Me Feel... (Roughmath Remix) - Cobra Starship ft. Sabi [DUBSTEP]
Chasing Ghosts - Collin McLoughlin [DUBSTEP]
Evaporate - Concord Dawn [DRUM & BASS]
Listening to Burial (ft. Slof Man) (Cinematic Remix) - Context [DRUM & BASS]
Kyrie (Club Mix) - Corderoy [TRANCE]
Black Cat - Coyote Kisses [DUBSTEP]
Stay With You - Coyote Kisses [DUBSTEP]
This is How You Know - Coyote Kisses [DUBSTEP]
Light The Night (ft. Dizzy) - Cray [DRUM & BASS]
Love Alight (Culture Shock Remix) - Crystal Fighters [DRUM & BASS]
Last Stand (Protohype Remix) - Crystal Vision [DUBSTEP]
The Moon Is Falling Down - Crywolf [DUBSTEP]
The Home We Made Part II - Crywolf [DUBSTEP]
Stay - Crywolf & Ianborg [DUBSTEP]
Into The Dark - Culture Code [DUBSTEP]
Space & Time - Culture Code [HOUSE]
Code of the Siren (Original Mix) - Culture Code & SirensCeol [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Slow Burn (Original Mix) - Culture Code ft. Alexa Ayaz [DUBSTEP]
Over Again - Culture Code ft. Lisa Rowe [DUBSTEP]
Waking Up - Culture Code & Regoton [HOUSE]
Deity (ft. Myth) - Cyaneyed [DRUM & BASS]
Mirador - Cyantific [DRUM & BASS]
Landfall - cycerin [DRUM & BASS]
Fresher Memory - Daenine [DUBSTEP]
Get Lucky (Razihel Remix) - Daft Punk [DUBSTEP]
Harder Better Faster Stronger (Alive Club Mix) - Daft Punk [ELECTRO]
Heat on Beat 2012/The Mercenaries - Daniel Lindholm [DANCE]
Tonight (ft. Netsky) - Danny Byrd [DRUM & BASS]
Machete (ft. Snak The Ripper & Young Sin) (Synchronice Remix) - Datsik [DUBSTEP]
Cyclone - David Bulla [HOUSE]
Hey Mama (DISTO Remix) - David Guetta ft. Nicki Minaj & Afrojack [TRAP]
Momentum (ft. Sidekicks) - David Quinn [HOUSE]
Crash (Zardonic Remix) - Davip [DUBSTEP]
Aurora (Dubstep Mix) - Day One [DUBSTEP]
Horizon - Day One [DUBSTEP]
Frost (ft. Charlotte Haining) - Dead Robot [DUBSTEP]
Faxing Berlin - Deadmau5 [ELECTRO]
Strobe - Deadmau5 [ELECTRO]
Ghosts n Stuff - Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire [ELECTRO]
Ghosts n Stuff (Nero Remix) - Deadmau5 ft. Rob Swire [DUBSTEP]
I Remember (J Majik and Wickaman Remix) - Deadmau5 ft. Kaskade [DRUM & BASS]
Chemical Love - Decious [DUBSTEP]
Should've Gone To Fabric - Deep Focus [CHILL]
Beauty - Defeater [DUBSTEP]
Snowfall (ft. Greg Cooke) - DeHy [HOUSE]
Days Turn Into Nights (Seven Lions Remix) - Delerium [DUBSTEP]
Overkill - Delta Heavy [DRUM & BASS]
Precision - Dexcell & Lethargik [DRUM & BASS]
Rivers - Diamond Eyes [DUBSTEP]
Get Low - Dillon Francis & DJ Snake [TRAP]
Here I Am - Dinka [ELECTRO]
Revolution (Gioni Remix) - Diplo [TRAP]
Hurt So Good - Dirt Monkey ft. Anna Yvette [GLITCH HOP]
Freak - Diskord [TRAP]
Go Hard - Diskord [TRAP]
AAA - DJ Amuro vs. DM Ashura [TRANCE]
GENOCIDE - dj killer [DRUM & BASS]
The Human Spirit (Extended Mix) - DJ Merlin & DJ C-Bass [TRANCE]
Magik Night (ft. Yukacco) - DJ Shimamura [HARDCORE]
Moving Shadow (ft. Yukacco) - DJ Shimamura [DRUM & BASS]
Turn Down For What (ft. Lil Jon) - DJ Snake [TRAP]
Blue Rain - dj TAKA Vs. Ryu☆ [TRANCE]
If You Like It (KDrew Remix) - DJ White Shadow [DUBSTEP]
Be Right There - Diplo & Sleepy Tom [HOUSE]
Illusion (Tim Ismag Remix) - DKS [DUBSTEP]
Big Boss - Doctor P [DUBSTEP]
Bulletproof (ft. Eva Simons) - Doctor P [DUBSTEP]
Sweet Shop - Doctor P [DUBSTEP]
The Atom - Doctrine [DUBSTEP]
Falling - Dodge & Fuski [DUBSTEP]
Grannystep - Dodge & Fuski [DUBSTEP]
Side 2 Side - Dodge & Fuski [DRUM & BASS]
Minus One - Dodge & Fuski [DUBSTEP]
Sick - Dodge & Fuski [DUBSTEP]
Fire (The Prototypes Remix) - Donae'o [DRUM & BASS]
Ascension (MitiS Remix) - Dope Arcade [DUBSTEP]
Mind In Motion - Doxx & Feint [DRUM & BASS]
The Pink Fields - Doxx & Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Exosphere - DPB [DRUM & BASS]
The Next Episode (San Holo Remix) - Dr. Dre [TRAP]
0 to 100 (Grandtheft Bootleg) - Drake [TRAP]
Dirty b***h (Gordon & Doyle Remix) - DualXess & Nico Provenzano ft. Orry Jackson [ELECTRO]
Made of Clay (ft. CoMa) - Dubba Jonny [DUBSTEP]
Drunk (Speaker Of The House Remix) - Ed Sheeran [CHILL]
Lego House (The Prototypes Remix) - Ed Sheeran [DRUM & BASS]
Shape of You (BKAYE Remix) - Ed Sheeran [TRAP]
Come With Me - Eddie K [DUBSTEP]
I'm Still Alive - Electric Joy Ride [DUBSTEP]
More Than This - Electric Joy Ride [DUBSTEP]
Chasing Fire (OMG & ShockWave Remix) - Eliminate [DUBSTEP]
Damnation - Eliminate [DUBSTEP]
Pyramid - Eliminate [TRAP]
Lights (Bassnectar Remix) - Ellie Goulding [DUBSTEP]
Anything Could Happen (Flinch Remix) - Ellie Goulding [DUBSTEP]
Bittersweet (Spectrum Remix) - Ellie Goulding [DRUM & BASS]
Figure 8 (Xilent Remix) - Ellie Goulding [DUBSTEP]
Hanging On (Sigma Remix) - Ellie Goulding [DRUM & BASS]
Wake Up Call (ft. Mark Alliston) - Elliot Berger [DRUM & BASS]
Nuclear - Elliot Mars [DUBSTEP]
Flesh & Bone (ft. Rod Azlan) (Delta Heavy Remix) - Emalkay [DRUM & BASS]
Altitude - Embrace One ft. Shaz Sparks [DUBSTEP]
Daddy (Fred V & Grafix Remix) - Emeli Sandé [DRUM & BASS]
Lose Yourself (San Holo Remix) - Eminem [TRAP]
Rap God (DMNDZ Remix) - Eminem [TRAP]
Driving Home - ENiGMA Dubz [DRUM & BASS]
Searching - ENiGMA Dubz [DRUM & BASS]
You Make Me Feel - ENiGMA Dubz [DUBSTEP]
Gun Finga - Eptic [DUBSTEP]
Ninja Challenge (Dodge & Fuski) - Eptic & Habstrakt [DUBSTEP]
Call On Me (Eric Prydz vs. Retarded Funk Mix) - Eric Prydz [ELECTRO]
Pjanoo (High Contrast Remix) - Eric Prydz [DRUM & BASS]
Feels Right (SirensCeol Remix) - Estiva [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Deeper Love - Etherwood [DRUM & BASS]
Friend (Lover) - Evenings [CHILL]
Winter Breeze - Exal [DUBSTEP]
Stay Awake (Delta Heavy Remix) - Example [DRUM & BASS]
Sleepless (ft. Savvy) (Xilent Remix) - Excision [DUBSTEP]
Deviance (Dirtyphonics Remix) - Excision & Datsik [DUBSTEP]
Vindicate - Excision & Datsik [DUBSTEP]
Existence (VIP) - Excision & Downlink [DUBSTEP]
Living Your Life - Farleon [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Praise You (Maribou State Remix) - Fatboy Slim [DRUM & BASS]
Nerve - Favright [ELECTRO]
Laurence - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
And I Knew - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Clockwork Hearts - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
For The Fire (ft. Eric Hayes) - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Homebound - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Horizons (ft. Veela) (Bustre Remix) - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
The Journey (ft. Veela) - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Lonesong - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
No Chance - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
One Last Time - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
One Thousand Dreams - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Phosphor (ft. Miyoki) - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Promises - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Ripped Up/Torn Down - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Sky Dance - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Skyward - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Snake Eyes (ft. CoMa) - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Times Like These - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Unwanted - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Vision Driver - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
We Won't Be Alone (ft. Laura Brehm) - Feint [DRUM & BASS]
The Catch - Feint & Fiction [DRUM & BASS]
Time Bomb (ft. Veela) - Feint & Boyinaband [DRUM & BASS]
Worth It (ft. Kid Ink) (Levianth Remix) - Fifth Harmony [TRAP]
Sabertooth - Filthzilla [DUBSTEP]
Man Of Steel (Dirty Dubstep Remix) - Fired Earth Music [DUBSTEP]
Moonlight - Flinch & AC Slater [DUBSTEP]
Denki Fuyu - Flokos [DRUM & BASS]
Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix) - Florence + The Machine [DUBSTEP]
Drop Top (ft. Travis Porter) - Flosstradamus [TRAP]
TTU (Too Turnt Up) (ft. Waka Flocka Flame) - Flosstradamus [TRAP]
Bleak Embrace (ft. Sophie Pearson) - Fluent [CHILL]
Bass Cannon - Flux Pavillion [DUBSTEP]
Daydreamer (ft. Example) (Dillon Francis Remix) - Flux Pavillion [DUBSTEP]
I Can't Stop - Flux Pavillion [DUBSTEP]
Infectious - Fonik [DUBSTEP]
The Limit - Fonik [DUBSTEP]
Oblivion - Fonik [DUBSTEP]
Pain Game - Fonik [DUBSTEP]
Resolutions - Fonik ft. Jody [DUBSTEP]
Apex (Produced by Knife Party) - Foreign Beggars [DUBSTEP]
Still Gettin It (ft. Skrillex) - Foreign Beggars [DUBSTEP]
Trigger - Fox Stevenson [DUBSTEP]
Youth (Adventure Club Remix) - Foxes [DUBSTEP]
Won't Win (Japanese Wallpaper Remix) - Fractures [CHILL]
In Your Memory - Fracx [DUBSTEP]
Serenity - Fracx [DUBSTEP]
19 - Fracx [DUBSTEP]
Arrival - Frank Royal [TRAP]
Catch You - Fred V [DRUM & BASS]
In My Head (VIP) - Fred V [DRUM & BASS]
Decades - Fred V & Grafix [DRUM & BASS]
Find My Way - Fred V & Grafix [DRUM & BASS]
Forest Fires (ft. Etherwood) (Massappeals Remix) - Fred V & Grafix [TRAP]
Just A Thought (ft. Reija Lee) - Fred V & Grafix [DRUM & BASS]
Vanishing Point - Fred V & Grafix [DRUM & BASS]
Wilder Mile (Urban Contact Remix) - Freedom Fry [HOUSE]
Uprise (ft. Lia-Jo) - FriskyNippa [DRUM & BASS]
Moving Forward - Frost [BREAKBEAT]
Bully - Fusk Asker [ELECTRO HOUSE]
September (Camo & Krooked Remix) - Future Prophecies [DRUM & BASS]
Help (Elephante Remix) - Galantis [HOUSE]
Louder, Harder, Better - Galantis [HOUSE]
Blue - Gemini [DUBSTEP]
Turn Me On - Gemini [DRUM & BASS]
All My Life (ft. Jana Nyberg) - Gigamesh [DANCE]
The Music - Gigamesh [HOUSE]
Silent Heroes - Gimbal & Sinan [DUBSTEP]
Bang Bang Bang (Invader! Remix) - A Girl I Know [MOOMBAHTON]
Somebody That I Used To Know (ft. Kimbra) (KDrew Remix) - Gotye [DUBSTEP]
Tenshi (Transa Remix) - Gouryella [TRANCE]
Feeling Lethal - Grabbitz [DUBSTEP]
Devotion - Grafix [DRUM & BASS]
Holding On - Grafix [DRUM & BASS]
Let Go - Grafix [DRUM & BASS]
Night Shift - Grafix [DRUM & BASS]
Running (ft. CoMa) - Great Skies [GARAGE]
Heartbeats - Grum [ELECTRO]
Another Way - HABU [TRAP]
Can I Sleep Over - HABU [TRAP]
Exit - HABU [TRAP]
In The Air - HABU [TRAP]
Spaceman (Carnage Festival Remix) - Hardwell [TRAP]
Apollo (Psychic Type Remix) - Hardwell ft. Amba Shepherd [TRAP]
ButterKnife (MitiS Remix) - HeavyWeight [DUBSTEP]
Masutazu - Helicopter Showdown [DUBSTEP]
The Buzz (ft. Mataya & Young Tapz) - Hermitude [TRAP]
I Want It - High Maintenance [DUBSTEP]
Take The Pain Away - High Maintenance ft. Melissa Pixel [DUBSTEP]
The Show Must Go On - Hike [DUBSTEP]
Sublime Scenery (Original Mix) - Hiroshi Watanabe [CHILL]
Ignite - Hiroyuki Oda [TRANCE]
So Good - Hirshee ft. Tonye Aganaba [DUBSTEP]
So Good (Calvertron Remix) - Hirshee ft. Tonye Aganaba [DUBSTEP]
Far Away (ft. Laura Brehm) - Hollidayrain [PROGRESSIVE HOUSE]
Morning Moon - Hopeku [TRANCE]
True Love Is A Fairy Tale - Hosta [DUBSTEP]
Ten Headed Beast (Christian Löffler Remix) - Hundreds [CHILL]
Halcyon (ft. Grimm) - Hybrid Minds [DRUM & BASS]
Meant To Be - Hybrid Minds [DRUM & BASS]
Music Talks - Hybrid Minds [DRUM & BASS]
False Gods (Original Mix) - Ian Betts [TRANCE]
Emergency (Lexxmatiq Remix) - Icona Pop [TRAP]
Cinq Ville - c`est notre espoir - - III [DANCE]
Destiny - III [DANCE]
Green Grass Gradation - III [DANCE]
So Wrong - Illenium [CHILL]
O Destina - Immediate Music [EPIC CHORAL]
Breathe - InContext [DRUM & BASS]
Final Departure - Indivision [DRUM & BASS]
Revelations - iNexus ft. Klism [DUBSTEP]
The Angels Among Devils (Epic Choral Dubstep) - Instrumental Core [EPIC CHORAL]
Become A Legend (Beautiful Epic Choral Dubstep) - Instrumental Core [EPIC CHORAL]
Nothing Less - Intelligent Manners [DRUM & BASS]
Malevolent - Invader! [DUBSTEP]
Alive - Invader! [DUBSTEP]
Hey Sexy Lady (Skrillex Remix) - iSQUARE [DUBSTEP]
Flatline - J Majik & Wickaman [DRUM & BASS]
Where Are Ü Now (LIØNE Remix) - Jack Ü X Ember Island [TRAP]
Bubblegum (Tropkillaz Remix) - Jackal ft. CRNKN [TRAP]
Blinding (Hybrid Minds Remix) - Jakwob [DRUM & BASS]
Blue Skies (Flux Pavillion Remix) - Jamiroquai [DUBSTEP]
Wiggle (Onderkoffer Remix) - Jason Derulo ft. Snoop Dogg [TRAP]
Get On Up (Glacier Remix) - Jauz & Pegboard Nerds [TRAP]
808 Dreams (VIP) - Jaybee, Rogue State & LM1 [DRUM & BASS]
Molten Blue (ft. American Folly) - JayWak [DRUM & BASS]
Aero - Jean Michel Jarre [ELECTRO]
Brilliant (DJ Vento & Qrious Remix) - Jebar & Politic [DRUM & BASS]
Focus - Jetplastica [DUBSTEP]
Won't Let You Go (ft. Greg Cooke) - JIKES [DRUM & BASS]
HeartBeat (Kicks n Licks Remix) - JJAMZ [DUBSTEP]
India - Jochen Miller [TRANCE]
Forgive Me (EMBRZ Remix) - Joel Compass [HOUSE]
Red Sky (Subsonik & Smooth Remix) - John B ft. Shaz Sparks [DRUM & BASS]
Wolfsbane - Jonas Rathsman [HOUSE]
Breathe - Julian Kruse [CHILL]
Bright Side - Julian Kruse [CHILL]
Fallen From The Sky - Julian Kruse [CHILL]
On One's Own - Julian Kruse [CHILL]
Shiver - Jusmi [HOUSE]
Ascension Meditation - Kannamix & V!xen [DRUM & BASS]
Fly Away - Kannamix & V!xen [DRUM & BASS]
Cerulean - Kannamix ft. Veela [DUBSTEP]
Battle Royale - Karetus [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Horizon - Kasbo [DUBSTEP]
This Distance - Kasbo [DUBSTEP]
Lick It - Kaskade ft. Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
Replaced (Statix Remix) - Kate McGill [DUBSTEP]
Wide Awake (Xilent Remix) - Katy Perry [DUBSTEP]
Bullseye - KDrew [DUBSTEP]
Circles - KDrew [DUBSTEP]
Young & Reckless - KDrew ft. TriCosta [DUBSTEP]
Summer Ashes (Culture Code Remix) - Kevin Drew ft. Taryn Manning [DUBSTEP]
Dum Dee Dum (JiKay Remix) - Keys N Krates [TRAP]
Ready For Impact (Tut Tut Child Remix) - Kezwik, Phrenik & PLS DNT STP [GLITCH HOP]
Own The Night (ft. Nicole Millar) (MitiS Remix) - Kicks N Licks [DRUM & BASS]
Young (ft. Adara) - Kicks N Licks [TRAP]
One In A Million (SirensCeol Remix) - Kick The Habit [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Riot (Original Mix) - Kill FM [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Baby Come Back - Kill Paris [DUBSTEP]
I'm Free - Kill Paris [DUBSTEP]
Keep Your Secrets In Midnight City - Kill Paris [DUBSTEP]
Operate (ft. Royal) (Illenium Remix) - Kill Paris [DUBSTEP]
Tender Love - Kill Paris [DUBSTEP]
Lifted - KillaGraham [DUBSTEP]
Reasons To Forgive (T-Mass Remix) - Kirsty Hawkshaw [DUBSTEP]
Words - The Kite String Tangle [CHILL]
Bonfire - Knife Party [DUBSTEP]
Centipede - Knife Party [DUBSTEP]
Destroy Them With Lazers - Knife Party [DUBSTEP]
Fire Hive - Knife Party [DUBSTEP]
Internet Friends - Knife Party [DUBSTEP]
Rage Valley - Knife Party [DUBSTEP]
Tourniquet - Knife Party [DUBSTEP]
Dreaming - The Knocks [ELECTRO]
Beyond The Shadows - KOAN Sound x Gemini x Culprate x Asa [DUBSTEP]
Creaking Bones - Koda [CHILL]
The Void (ft. Anna Yvette) - Konec [DUBSTEP]
All This Time (ft. RomyHarmony) - KoPi [DUBSTEP]
Are You Ready (DJ Shimamura Remix) - kors k ft. Yukacco [HARDCORE]
Oarfish - kors k [HARDCORE]
Programmed Sun (xac Antarctic Ocean mix) - kors k [TRANCE]
Programmed World - kors k As StripE [TRANCE]
Rising In The Sun (Original Extended) - kors k ft. Rie [HARDCORE]
SigSig (beatnation summit Version) - kors k [HARDCORE]
smooooch・∀・ - kors k [HARDCORE]
Make It There (ft. Folly Rae) (The Prototypes Remix) - Koven [DRUM & BASS]
A Spring Without You (Original Mix) - Kozoro [HOUSE]
Cloud Runner - Kozoro [DRUM & BASS]
Alive (Pegboard Nerds Remix) - Krewella [DUBSTEP]
Can't Control Myself (Candyland Remix) - Krewella [DUBSTEP]
Dancing With The Devil (ft. Travis Barker & Patrick Stump) - Krewella [DUBSTEP]
Feed Me - Krewella [DUBSTEP]
One Minute - Krewella [DUBSTEP]
Heavy Snowfall - Kubix [DRUM & BASS]
Your Words (ft. Nori & Andreas Ort) - Kubix [DRUM & BASS]
Static - Kubix ft. Nori [DRUM & BASS]
Water - Kubrak [BREAKBEAT]
The Zone - Kurfew [DUBSTEP]
Firestone - Kyga ft. Conrad [HOUSE]
Go (Bar 9 Remix) - Kyza [DUBSTEP]
Helical (Remix) - La Cataline [DUBSTEP]
Last Time (Knife Party Remix) - Labrinth [DUBSTEP]
Alejandro (Skrillex Remix) - Lady Gaga [DUBSTEP]
Gold Plated - LAXX [TRAP]
THE SHINING POLARIS (kors k mix) - L.E.D. ft. Sana [HARDCORE]
Clutch - Left Side Deaf [DUBSTEP]
Wait (Elephante Remix) - Lemaitre [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Horizon - Leviathan [DUBSTEP]
Crunk - Lexxmatiq & Inkyz [TRAP]
Human Nature (Akira Kayosa Remix) - Libero [TRANCE]
Everybody Breaks A Glass (Dead Battery Remix) - Lights [DUBSTEP]
Fireflies - Lights & Motion [CHILL]
A Milli (K Theory Remix) - Lil Wayne [TRAP]
Fly By Night (R3K Remix) - Lil Wayne [DUBSTEP]
Rage - Liquid Stranger & Bare [DUBSTEP]
Overdose (Twice As Nice Remix) - Little Daylight [DUBSTEP]
Party Rock Anthem (Arion Remix) - LMFAO ft. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock [DUBSTEP]
Nasty Anthem (Dorincourt Remix) - Londol Nebel [DUBSTEP]
Colorful Cookie - Lucky Vacuum [HARDCORE]
IRONY (El Poco Maro Remix) - m-flo + daoko [DRUM & BASS]
Finale (Netsky Remix) - Madeon [DRUM & BASS]
Icarus (Fred V & Grafix Remix) - Madeon [DRUM & BASS]
Avalon (VIP) - Maduk [DRUM & BASS]
Hold On - Maduk [DRUM & BASS]
Vermillion - Maduk [DRUM & BASS]
Motions - Maduk & Nymfo [DRUM & BASS]
Lean On (Club Killers Trap Remix) - Major Lazer & DJ Snake [TRAP]
Children of the Sky - Malaky & Identified [DRUM & BASS]
One Two - Manteeny [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Insomnia (VIP) - Mantis [DUBSTEP]
Escape (Original Mix) - Manu Lei [HOUSE]
This Town Is Ours (ft. Emi Green) (S.P.Y. Remix) - Marco Del Horno [DRUM & BASS]
Alone - Marshmello [TRAP]
Hey Now (ft. Kyle) (Pierce Fulton Remix) - Martin Solveig & The Cataracs [HOUSE]
Bad Apple!! - Masayoshi Minoshima ft. nomico [DANCE]
False Alarm - Matoma & Becky Hill [HOUSE]
False Alarm (Hook N Sling Remix) - Matoma & Becky Hill [HOUSE]
Magnetic Eyes (ft. Baby Blue) - Matrix & Futurebound [DRUM & BASS]
Move On (ft. Cat Knight) - Matrix & Futurebound [DRUM & BASS]
Strength 2 Strength (Smooth Remix) - Matrix & Futurebound [DRUM & BASS]
Swing Break (ft. Kate Mullins) - The McMash Clan [GLITCH HOP]
Don't Let Go (ft. Sarah Watson) - Mediks [DRUM & BASS]
Leave The Lights On (Culture Code Remix) - Meiko [DUBSTEP]
Heroic (Original Mix) - Mell Tierra [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Doctor (ft. Veela) - Melo [DRUM & BASS]
Trick of the Tail - Memro [DRUM & BASS]
Altitude - Memro [DRUM & BASS]
Rain City - Merce [DUBSTEP]
Atom & Eve - Meta & Impact Theory [DUBSTEP]
Collect Call (Adventure Club Remix) - Metric [DUBSTEP]
Flightwave (VIP) - Metrik [DUBSTEP]
Freefall (ft. Reija Lee) - Metrik [DRUM & BASS]
Inner Child - Metrik [DRUM & BASS]
It's My Turn - Metrik [DUBSTEP]
Freefall (xKore Remix) - Metrik ft. Reija Lee [DUBSTEP]
See You Soon (Original Mix) - Michael Brun & Rune RK ft. Denny White [HOUSE]
Surreal (Feat. Abby Sevcik) - Mielo [DUBSTEP]
Alive - Mind Vortex [DRUM & BASS]
Arc - Mind Vortex [DRUM & BASS]
Born - MitiS [DUBSTEP]
Brings Renewal - MitiS [DUBSTEP]
Don't Know - MitiS [DUBSTEP]
Give My Regards - MitiS [DUBSTEP]
Life Of Sin - MitiS [HOUSE]
Life Of Sin (Part 2) - MitiS [HOUSE]
Life Of Sin (Part 3) - MitiS [HOUSE]
Life Of Sin (Part 4) - MitiS [HOUSE]
Life Of Sin (Part 5) - MitiS [HOUSE]
Shapes & Sizes - MitiS [DUBSTEP]
Shock Top - MitiS [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Touch - MitiS [DUBSTEP]
Blu - MitiS & MaHi [DUBSTEP]
Tribute - MitiS & MaHi [DRUM & BASS]
Open Window - MitiS ft. Anna Yvette [DUBSTEP]
Oasis - MitiS ft. Crywolf [DUBSTEP]
Fallen Angel (ft. Aimee B) (El Poco Maro Remix) - Mitsunori Ikeda [DRUM & BASS]
Feel Good - Modestep [DUBSTEP]
Saved The World (xKore Remix) - Modestep [DUBSTEP]
Centroid - Modigs [DUBSTEP]
Past Life - Modigs [DUBSTEP]
Lost Child (El Poco Maro Remix) - Momoiro Clover Z [DRUM & BASS]
Bullet-Proof & Panic-Stricken - MoozE [BREAKBEAT]
Carbon Black - MoozE ft. Gar [BREAKBEAT]
The Electric Dream - Mord Fustang [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Lick The Rainbow - Mord Fustang [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Magic Trooper - Mord Fustand [ELECTRO HOUSE]
The Majestic - Mord Fustang [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Milky Way - Mord Fustang [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Super Meat Freeze - Mord Fustang [ELECTRO HOUSE]
We Are Now Connected - Mord Fustang [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Welcome To The Future - Mord Fustang [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Windwaker - Mord Fustang [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Against the World (Original Mix) - Morgan Page and Michael S. [HOUSE]
In The Air (ft. Angela McCluskey) (Mord Fustang Remix) - Morgan Paige, Sultan + Ned Shepard and BT [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Fight For You (Culture Code Remix) - Morgan Page [DUBSTEP]
Antimatter - Mortar [DUBSTEP]
Beautiful (Lessov Remix) - Mossy [ELECTRO]
Home (ft. Anatomy) - Mount Dreams [CHILL]
Fluxiliary - Mr. Bill & Hedflux [GLITCH HOP]
Aphasia - Mr FijiWiji [CHILL]
Cynical (ft. CoMa) - Mr FijiWiji [CHILL]
Yours Truly (ft. Danyka Nadeau) - Mr FijiWiji [CHILL]
Storm In A Tea Cup - Mutated Forms [DRUM & BASS]
In No Time (Pierce Fulton Remix) - Mutemath [DRUM & BASS]
Letz Rock - Muzzy [DRUM & BASS]
Lights (5vel Remix) - Myon & Shane 54, Aruna [DUBSTEP]
Empty Planet (Indivision Remix) - N4m3 [CHILL]
No Way (Bassnectar Remix) - The Naked And Famous [DUBSTEP]
Wonderland (PeaceTreaty Remix) - Natalia Kills [DUBSTEP]
Nightwalker - Nelver [DRUM & BASS]
Beautiful - Nelver [DRUM & BASS]
Heroes Will Fall (ft. YM) - Nelver [DRUM & BASS]
Unforgettable Sunset - Nelver [DRUM & BASS]
Doomsday - Nero [DUBSTEP]
Choices - Nero [DRUM & BASS]
Promises (Skrillex Remix) - Nero [DUBSTEP]
Into The Past - Nero [DUBSTEP]
Must Be The Feeling (Delta Heavy Remix) - Nero [DUBSTEP]
New Life - Nero [DUBSTEP]
Satisfy (Simeon Festival Trap Edit) - Nero [TRAP]
Solid Air (ft. Alana) - Nero [DRUM & BASS]
Memory Lane - Netsky [DRUM & BASS]
Escape (VIP) (ft. Darrison) - Netsky [DRUM & BASS]
Everyday - Netsky [DRUM & BASS]
I Refuse (ShockOne Remix) - Netsky [DRUM & BASS]
Prisma - Netsky [DRUM & BASS]
Smile - Netsky [DRUM & BASS]
Northern Lights - Neutralize [DRUM & BASS]
Shining Through The Light (ft. Emily Underhill) - Neutralize [DRUM & BASS]
Where You Should Be (ft. Nori) - Neutralize [DUBSTEP]
Crayen - Neutralize ft. Veela [DUBSTEP]
Snowy Lullaby (ft. Nori) - nExow [DUBSTEP]
Rapture - Nixus [DRUM & BASS]
Breakdown - Noisestorm [DUBSTEP]
Critical Hit - Noisestorm [GLITCH HOP]
Eclipse - Noisestorm [ELECTRO]
Sub Zero - Noisestorm [GLITCH HOP]
Wipeout - Noisestorm [MOOMBAHCORE]
Could This Be - Noisia [DRUM & BASS]
Fade To Grey - Noisia [DRUM & BASS]
Split The Atom (Kito Remix) - Noisia [DUBSTEP]
Exodus - Noisia & Mayhem ft. KRS One [DRUM & BASS]
Different Places - Nuage [DRUM & BASS]
The Ghost - Nuage [DRUM & BASS]
Run Away (xKore Remix) - Nutronic [DUBSTEP]
Satellite (Seven Lions Remix) - OceanLab [DUBSTEP]
All We Need (Autograf Remix) - ODESZA [CHILL]
Gecko (Elephante Remix) - Olive Heldens [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Concrete - Ollie Macfarlane [DUBSTEP]
If I Lose Myself (Alesso Remix) - OneRepublic [HOUSE]
If I Lose Myself (Culture Code Remix) - OneRepublic [DUBSTEP]
3,000 Miles - Original Sin [DRUM & BASS]
Ms. Jackson (San Holo Remix) - Outkast [TRAP]
United (L.A.O.S Remix) - Our Stolen Theory [DRUM & BASS]
Stargazer (DJ Shimamura Remix) - P*Light ft. Yukacco [DRUM & BASS]
ILY - Panda Eyes [DUBSTEP]
KIKO - Panda Eyes [DUBSTEP]
Play With Me - Paradigm [DUBSTEP]
Still Into You (Synchronice Remix) - Paramore [DUBSTEP]
Booty Loose (feat. Fly Boi Keno) - Party Favor [TRAP]
I Stand Alone (Skywings Remix) - Paul Allen [TRANCE]
I Don't Deserve You (Seven Lions Remix) - Paul van Dyk [DUBSTEP]
Disconnected - Pegboard Nerds [ELECTRO]
Fire in the Hole - Pegboard Nerds [GLITCH HOP]
Self Destruct - Pegboard Nerds [DUBSTEP]
Lawless - Pegboard Nerds [DUBSTEP]
We Are One - Pegboard Nerds ft. Splitbreed [GLITCH HOP]
Fasten Your Seatbelt (PrototypeRaptor Bootleg Remix) - Pendulum [DUBSTEP]
The Island (Dawn & Dusk) - Pendulum [DRUM & BASS]
Witchcraft (Netsky Remix) - Pendulum [DRUM & BASS]
Natural Feeling - Phaeleh [CHILL]
Nocturne - Phaeleh [CHILL]
Think About It - Phaeleh [CHILL]
Take Me Away (ft. Nicole Millar) - PhaseOne [DUBSTEP]
Run You Down (ft. Reija Lee) - Phetsta [DUBSTEP]
Said & Done (ft. Reija Lee) - Phetsta [DUBSTEP]
Mine (DOCO Remix) - Phoebe Ryan [TRAP]
Mine (Illenium Remix) - Phoebe Ryan [DUBSTEP]
Toxin - Physical Illusion & Fullcasual [DRUM & BASS]
As You Were - Pierce Fulton [HOUSE]
Kuaga - Pierce Fulton [PROGRESSIVE HOUSE]
Where We Were (Original Mix) - Pierce Fulton ft. Polina [HOUSE]
Buzz Kill - PIXL [ELECTRO]
Sugar Rush - PIXL [ELECTRO]
Language - Porter Robinson [HOUSE]
Sad Machine - Porter Robinson [HOUSE]
Sad Machine (Blindsight Remix) - Porter Robinson [DRUM & BASS]
Sad Machine (Tut Tut Child Remix) - Porter Robinson [DRUM & BASS]
Lionhearted (Arty Remix) - Porter Robinson ft. Urban Cone [HOUSE]
Around the Block ft. Talib Kweli (AmpEra Remix) - Pretty Lights [GLITCH HOP]
Jungle (High Rankin Remix) - Professor Green [DUBSTEP]
Reasons (Original Mix) - Project 46 ft. Andrew Allen [HOUSE]
Requiem (VIP) - Project 6 & CTwo [DUBSTEP]
The Shakes - Prolix [DRUM & BASS]
Who Run It - Prolix [DRUM & BASS]
On Like That - Prolix ft. MC Coppa [DRUM & BASS]
Fly (ft. Alina Renae) - Protohype [DUBSTEP]
Triple Grip - Protohype & Kezwik [DUBSTEP]
Color Galaxy - PrototypeRaptor [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Jurassic Snack Pack - PrototypeRaptor [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Timeless - PrototypeRaptor [ELECTRO HOUSE]
26th - PrototypeRaptor [DUBSTEP]
Evolution (ft. Darrison) (Wavelen Remix) - The Prototypes [DRUM & BASS]
Suffocate (Koven Remix) - The Prototypes [DUBSTEP]
Gangnam Style (Tim Ismag Trollmix) - PSY [DUBSTEP]
Booty Had Me Like - Psychic Type [TRAP]
You Alone - Psychic Type [TRAP]
Eden - Purple Haze [TRANCE]
Bring Back the Summer (feat. Oly) - Rain Man [TRAP]
RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven Remix) - RAM [TRANCE]
Bring Me To Life (ft. Charlotte Haining) - Rameses B [DUBSTEP]
Broken Trust - Rameses B [CHILL]
Come & Go (ft. Charlotte Haining) - Rameses B [HOUSE]
Digidrop - Rameses B [GLITCH HOP]
Dream Catcher (ft. Charlotte Haining) - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Galactic - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Home - Rameses B [CHILL]
I Need You (ft. Charlotte Haining) - Rameses B [DUBSTEP]
JENOVA - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Left Behind - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Meaning Of Life - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Moonlight - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Mountains (ft. Veela) - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Nameless Existence - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Neon Rainbow (ft. Anna Yvette) - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Night Sky - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Open Your Eyes (ft. Rachel Hirons) - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Pegasus - Rameses B [DUBSTEP]
Reborn - Rameses B [CHILL]
Safe Haven - Rameses B [DUBSTEP]
Soul Essence - Rameses B [DUBSTEP]
Symbols - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Through The Mist - Rameses B [HOUSE]
Timeless (ft. Veela) - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Transcend - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
With You - Rameses B [DRUM & BASS]
Dreaming - Rameses B ft. Holly Drummond [DRUM & BASS]
Don't Pretend (ft. Diamond Eyes) - Ray Volpe [TRAP]
Homesick (ft. Dave Revan) - Razihel [DUBSTEP]
Brighter Lights (Venemy Remix) - Reeves Raymond ft. Alex Staltari & Diana [DUBSTEP]
The Phoenix - Rezonate [DUBSTEP]
b***h Better Have My Money (Diplo & Grandtheft Remix) - Rihanna [TRAP]
Diamonds (Jacob Plant Remix) - Rihanna [DUBSTEP]
Where Have You Been (Hardwell Club Mix) - Rihanna [HOUSE]
You Da One (Fonik Remix) - Rihanna [DUBSTEP]
Another One (ft. Dynamite MC) (SPL Remix) - Rise At Night [DUBSTEP]
The Monumental (ft. Nikita Esco) - Rise At Night [TRAP]
R.I.P. (ft. Tinie Tempah) (Delta Heavy Remix) - Rita Ora [DUBSTEP]
Because of U - RL Grime [TRAP]
Adventure Time - Rogue [ELECTRO]
Exogenesis - Rogue [DUBSTEP]
Zion - Rogue [DUBSTEP]
Be Glad - Rollz [DUBSTEP]
Legends (Curious Kontrol Remix) - Rostik [DRUM & BASS]
Don't Go - Röyksopp [ELECTRO]
Poor Leno (Uppermost Remix) - Röyksopp [CHILL]
Remind Me - Röyksopp [ELECTRO]
Running To The Sea (Protohype & Carnage Remix) - Röyksopp & Susanne Sundfør [DUBSTEP]
A Dream - Rundfunk [HOUSE]
Mind Mapping (Extended Mix) - Ryu☆ [ELECTRO]
One By One - Ryu☆ [HARDCORE]
starmine - Ryu☆ [HARDCORE]
By Your Side - S.P.Y. [DRUM & BASS]
Soul Calling - The Same [DRUM & BASS]
Can't Forget You (ft. The Nicholas) - San Holo [TRAP]
Fly - San Holo [TRAP]
We Rise - San Holo [TRAP]
Chrysargyron (Original Mix) - Sanxion7 [TRANCE]
Concerto - Sanxion7 [TRANCE]
Assassin - Savagez [TRAP]
Mother Earth - Savant [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Prelude - Savant [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Elysium Plus - Scott Brown [HARDCORE]
Shining Star - seanvance [DRUM & BASS]
Hard Time (Dimond Saints Remix) - Seinabo Sey [CHILL]
Hard Time (S.P.Y. Remix) - Seinabo Sey [DRUM & BASS]
Back In The Days - Sektor [DRUM & BASS]
Below Us (ft. Shaz Sparks) - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
Below Us (ft. Shaz Sparks) (Smooth Remix) - Seven Lions [DRUM & BASS]
Days To Come (ft. Fiora) - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
Days To Come (ft. Fiora) (Dead Battery Remix) - Seven Lions [DRUM & BASS]
Fevers (ft. Minnesota & Mimi Page) - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
Fractals - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
Isis - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
Polarized (ft. Shaz Sparks) - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
The Truth - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
Tyven - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
Don't Leave (ft. Ellie Goulding) - Seven Lions [HOUSE]
Keep It Close (ft. Kerli) - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
Worlds Apart (ft. Kerli) - Seven Lions [DUBSTEP]
With You (ft. Sarah Clark) - Seven Lions and Lexo [DUBSTEP]
She Was - Seven Lions ft. Birds of Paradise [GLITCH HOP]
Strangers (ft. Tove Lo) - Seven Lions with Myon & Shane 54 [HOUSE]
How Bad Do You Want It (Oh Yeah) - Sevyn Streeter [TRAP]
Our Song - Shinichi Osawa [HOUSE]
Cyber Party (ft. Radix) - Shirobon [CHIPTUNE]
Live Up - ShockLine [DRUM & BASS]
Robot Love - ShockLine [DRUM & BASS]
Polygon (ft. Reija Lee) - ShockOne [DRUM & BASS]
Crucify Me (ft. Phetsta) - ShockOne [DRUM & BASS]
The Sun - ShockOne & Phetsta [DRUM & BASS]
Lazerbeam (SKisM Remix) - ShockOne ft. Metrik & Kyza [MOOMBAHTON]
A Bad Place (Minnesota Remix) - Shotgun Radio ft. Mimi Page [DUBSTEP]
Cannonball (Original Mix) - Showtek & Justin Prime [HOUSE]
Chandelier (VILLAGE Remix) - Sia [CHILL]
Anaconda - Sikdope [DUBSTEP]
Air Up There - Silence Groove [DRUM & BASS]
I Really Mean It - Silence Groove [DRUM & BASS]
Watch Me (Whip - Nae Nae) (Sikdope Remix) - Silento [TRAP]
Alone (Au5 & Fractal Remix) - Singularity [DUBSTEP]
Breathe (ft. Steffi Nguyen) - Singularity [DUBSTEP]
Rift (ft. Jenn Lucas) (Electus Remix) - Singularity [DUBSTEP]
Breakdown - SirensCeol [GLITCH HOP]
Coming Home - SirensCeol [DUBSTEP]
The Method To Madness - SirensCeol [DUBSTEP]
Roundabout - SirensCeol [DUBSTEP]
The Time Of Our Lives (Original Mix) - SirensCeol [ELECTRO HOUSE]
When The World Falls - SirensCeol [DUBSTEP]
Can We Survive - SirensCeol ft. Brenton Mattheus [DUBSTEP]
You And I (ft. Stephey) - SirensCeol [DUBSTEP]
Can We Survive - SirensCeol ft. Brenton Mattheus [DUBSTEP]
Without A Name - Skeptiks [DUBSTEP]
Experts - SKisM [DRUM & BASS]
Like This (ft. Virus Syndicate) - SKisM [DUBSTEP]
Rave Review (Dodge & Fuski Remix) - SKisM [DUBSTEP]
Killer (ft. Dee Freer) (Tantrum Desire Remix) - SKisM & DC Breaks [DUBSTEP]
Bangarang (ft. Sirah) - Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
Kyoto (ft. Sirah) - Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
Summit (ft. Ellie Goulding) - Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
Ruffneck (FULL Flex) - Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites - Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
Reptile's Theme - Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
Rock n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) - Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
With You, Friends (Long Drive) - Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
Slats Slats Slats - Skrillex [DUBSTEP]
Breakn' A Sweat (Zedd Remix) - Skrillex & The Doors [HOUSE]
The Devil's Den - Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner [DUBSTEP]
Being Human (ft. Mona Moua) - Skrux [DUBSTEP]
Being Human (ft. Mona Moua) (T-Mass Remix) - Skrux [DUBSTEP]
Find You (ft. Complexion) (Clark Kent Remix) - Skrux & Felxprod [DUBSTEP]
Lost in the Sea (Skrux VIP) - Skrux & T-Mass [TRAP]
Sweet Dreams (Original Mix) - Sky Motion [TRANCE]
That One Time - SkyFlair [CHILL]
Within - Slinz [HOUSE]
I Want It All (ft. Bryan Dallas) (Archetype & Microdose Remix) - Sluggo & Helicopter Showdown [DUBSTEP]
For All Time - Slum Dogz [DUBSTEP]
Brighter Days - Smooth [DRUM & BASS]
Calling - Smooth [DRUM & BASS]
Out Of Time - Smooth [DRUM & BASS]
Critical (DC Breaks Remix) - Soft Toy Emergency [DRUM & BASS]
What I Found (State Function Remix) - Solid Inc. [DRUM & BASS]
Through The Night - Sorrow [DUBSTEP]
ANDROMEDA (Extended Mix) - Sota Fujimori [TRANCE]
Out There - Soulero [DUBSTEP]
There I Was - Soulero [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Liberation - Sound Remedy [DUBSTEP]
Light It Up - Spag Heddy [DUBSTEP]
Falling - Spectrum [DUBSTEP]
Let This Go - Stan SB [DRUM & BASS]
Helios - State of Mind [DRUM & BASS]
Sun King - State of Mind [DRUM & BASS]
Somebody Stop Me (Smooth Remix) - State of Mind ft. 3pm [DRUM & BASS]
Turn The World On (ft. Dev) (Kezwik & Protohype Remix) - Static Revenger [DUBSTEP]
Star Caller - Station Earth [DRUM & BASS]
Fire Seed - Stereo-Id [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Get Me Outta Here (ft. Flux Pavillion) - Steve Aoki [DUBSTEP]
Freak (Original Mix) (ft. Steve Bays) - Steve Aoki, Diplo & Deorro [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Kickin' It - Still Alive [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Sunscream - Still Alive [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Inspiration (Remo-con vs. Toshio Ueki Mix) - Strike [TRANCE]
Glacier - Stumbleine [CHILL]
Falling Down (xKore Remix) - Sub Focus [DUBSTEP]
Out The Blue (Xilent Remix) - Sub Focus [DUBSTEP]
Escape From Black Mesa - Subformat [DRUM & BASS]
Preludium - Subformat & Sinusoyda [DRUM & BASS]
A Lot To Learn - Subscape [DUBSTEP]
Midnight - Subscape [DUBSTEP]
Hold On - Subsonik vs. Kiro [DRUM & BASS]
Burn (Fonik Remix) - SubVibe [DUBSTEP]
All Alone (Seven Lions Remix) - Superbus [DUBSTEP]
ALL MY TURN -このターンに、オレの全てを賭ける- - SUPER STAR 満 -MITSURU- [EUROBEAT]
Antidote (Schoolboy Remix) - Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party [DUBSTEP]
Say - Symon [TRAP]
It's You - Syn Cole [HOUSE]
In My World (ft. Sharm) - Synx [DUBSTEP]
Star Gate Heaven - SySF. ft. Donna Burke [ELECTRO]
Lights (ft. Veela) (Cally D Remix) - System [DUBSTEP]
I Knew You Were Trouble (PRFFTT & Svyable Bootleg Remix) - Taylor Swift [DUBSTEP]
Spider - Teminite [DUBSTEP]
Promises - Tep No [HOUSE]
Mistake - Teqq vs. Alive & Kicking [HOUSE]
No No No - TheFatRat [TRAP]
Time Lapse - TheFatRat [ELECTRO]
Xenogenesis - TheFatRat [TRAP]
Boombox - Throttle [ELECTRO]
Adagio for Strings - Tiësto [ELECTRO]
Bright Morningstar - Tiësto [PROGRESSIVE]
Secrets (Instant Party! Remix) - Tiësto & KSHMR ft. VASSY [TRAP]
BAM! - Tim Ismag [GLITCH HOP]
Beauty In Thirds - T-Mass [DUBSTEP]
Flemington - Tom Day [CHILL]
Elegiac (Leaks Remix) - Tom Day & Monsoonsiren [CHILL]
Before My Body Is Dry (El Poco Maro Remix) - tomatomerde [DRUM & BASS]
Make It Rain - Tomsize [TRAP]
Jump - Tomsize & Simeon [TRAP]
Supernova - Transa [TRANCE]
Transtar - Transa [TRANCE]
Lights - Traxx Project [DRUM & BASS]
The Shard - Traxx Project [DRUM & BASS]
Still With Me (Seven Lions Remix) - Tritonal ft. Cristina Soto [DUBSTEP]
Gloria (Tontario Remix) - Tropics [CHILL]
HIDEHO - Tropkillaz [TRAP]
HOTDAMN! - Tropkillaz [TRAP]
Dat Booty - Tropkillaz & Party Favor [TRAP]
Pump Up The Volume - Tropkillaz x Meaux Green [TRAP]
Good Life (ft. Fred Clark) - Truye [HOUSE]
Chromefrost - TTP [DUBSTEP]
Ignition (Roughmath Remix) - Tully & Crockford [DUBSTEP]
Skyward - TuneDEF [DUBSTEP]
Dance To It - Tut Tut Child [GLITCH HOP]
Dragon Pirates - Tut Tut Child [DUBSTEP]
Exit Velocity - Tut Tut Child [DUBSTEP]
Eye of the Storm (ft. Laura Brehm) - Tut Tut Child [ELECTRO]
Gravity - Tut Tut Child ft. Isabel Higuero [DUBSTEP]
Stressed Out (Tomsize Remix) - Twenty One Pilots [TRAP]
Bass Gon' Drop - Twinz Beatz [TRAP]
Feel Me (ft. Priyanka Atreya) (Clark Kent Remix) - The Two Friends [DUBSTEP]
Your Song (SirensCeol Remix) - The Two Friends [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Each Moment - TwoThirds [DRUM & BASS]
Skywards (ft. Lambert McGaughy) - TwoThirds [ELECTRO]
Starscapes (ft. Veela) (Rameses B Remix) - TwoThirds & Feint [DRUM & BASS]
Somehow (Sebastian Brandt Dub Remix) - tyDi & Dennis Sheperd ft. Marcie [TRANCE]
Flashback - Uppermost [ELECTRO HOUSE]
Fly - Uppermost [HOUSE]
Overnight - Uppermost [GARAGE]
Travel To The Top - Uppermost [DRUM & BASS]
Drop The Bass - Urban Assault [DUBSTEP]
Aurora - Urban Contact [DUBSTEP]
ZED (Extended Mix) - USAO [DUBSTEP]
Falling Cherry Blossoms (El Poco Maro Remix) - Utada Hikaru [DRUM & BASS]
Is It Real - Vandera [DRUM & BASS]
Insane (ft. Ava) - Vaski [DUBSTEP]
Night Vision (Charles Deluxe Remix) - Veela [ELECTRO HOUSE]
The Bolivian Marching Affair - Vega ft. Lara Woolf [DUBSTEP]
The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix) - Velvetine [DUBSTEP]
The Clockmaker - Vexare [DUBSTEP]
A Slight Dilemma - Vexare & Fuzion [DUBSTEP]
Heartbeat (ft. Collin McLoughlin) - Vicetone [HOUSE]
Sugar Rush (Barely Alive Remix) - Virtual Riot [DUBSTEP]
Reborn - Volor Flex [GARAGE]
You In Me - Volor Flex [GARAGE]
Buck Buck - Von [DUBSTEP]
Snowy Day (ft. Dani the Girl) - Wake the Phantom [DRUM & BASS]
Running All My Life - Walking Def [DUBSTEP]
Professional (Kicks N Licks Remix) - The Weeknd [DUBSTEP]
Hold Me Down (ft. FRANKi) - WendyHouse) [DRUM & BASS]
Origins Of Life - William French [CHILL]
See You Again (ft. Charlie Puth) (Absence Remix) - Wiz Khalifa [HOUSE]
This Plane (Labrat Remix) - Wiz Khalifa [DUBSTEP]
The Sound Of A Shotgun - Wonkap [DRUM & BASS]
Choose Me - Xilent [DUBSTEP]
Skyward I - Xilent [DRUM & BASS]
Skyward II (Original Mix) - Xilent [DUBSTEP]
Boss Wave (Dodge & Fuski Remix) - Xilent [GLITCH HOP]
Clear Your Mind - Xilent [DRUM & BASS]
Crystalia - Xilent [DRUM & BASS]
Do It - Xilent [DRUM & BASS]
Evolutions Per Minute - Xilent [DRUM & BASS]
Falling Apart (ft. Grimm) (Rameses B Remix) - Xilent [DRUM & BASS]
Falling Apart II (ft. Grimm) - Xilent [DUBSTEP]
Free Me (ft. Charlotte Haining) (Smooth Remix) - Xilent [DRUM & BASS]
Step One - Xilent [DRUM & BASS]
Gravity - Xilent ft. Tali [DUBSTEP]
Everybody Rock - xKore [MOOMBAHCORE]
Fire - xKore [DUBSTEP]
Hello - xKore [DUBSTEP]
Syntax - xKore [DUBSTEP]
Angels (Dexcell Remix) - The XX [DRUM & BASS]
Moving On (Emperor Remix) - Yanntek [GLITCH HOP]
King (MACE Remix) - Years & Years [TRAP]
Beautiful Now (feat. Jon Bellion) - Zedd [HOUSE]
Beautiful Now (feat. Jon Bellion) (marshmello Remix) - Zedd [TRAP]
Clarity (ft. Foxes) - Zedd [ELECTRO]
Hourglass (ft. LIZ) - Zedd [ELECTRO]
Lost At Sea (ft. Ryan Tedder) - Zedd [ELECTRO]
Spectrum (ft. Matthew Koma) - Zedd [ELECTRO]
Hit Me - Zeds Dead [DUBSTEP]
Oh No - Zeds Dead [DUBSTEP]
White Satin - Zeds Dead [DUBSTEP]
Aurora Borealis - Zelize [DRUM & BASS]
Red, Blue and Green (Dub Copy) - Zero 7 [PROGRESSIVE]
Boat (Rameses B Remix) - Zoë Phillips [DUBSTEP]
Here To Stay (Phybrant Remix) - Zomboy [DUBSTEP]
Dirty Disco - Zomboy [DUBSTEP]
Game Time - Zomboy [DUBSTEP]
P.A.R.T.Y. - Zomboy [DUBSTEP]
Pump It Up - Zomboy [DUBSTEP]
Nuclear (Hands Up) - Zomboy [DUBSTEP]
Organ Donor - Zomboy [DUBSTEP]
Vancouver Beatdown - Zomboy [DUBSTEP]
綺雪朧月 ~Eternal Fullmoon (Ibiza Remix) - 天音 [DANCE]
卑弥呼 - 朱雀 VS 玄武 [HARDCORE]
3y3s (Extended Version) - 青龍 [DANCE]
Under the Sky (Ryu☆ Remix) - 南さやか [TRANCE]

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Dec 13, 2013 @ 10:09am
I don't know if you've already heard these, but they weren't in your list so I figured I'd suggest them.
Rundfunk - "A Dream"
Eminence - "Falling Stars"
Soulero & Hellburg - "Because We Are"
Antiserum & 12th Planet - "Purple and Gold"
Project 46 & Mar!no - "Wut!"

I also noticed there's no Klaypex, so.
"Chinter's Will"
"Hit Me"
okayI'llstopcreepingyourjournalnowI'msorry orz

commentCommented on: Fri May 02, 2014 @ 05:14am
Damn son, you are serious about your EDM.
Anything I was gonna recommend is already up there.
Time to steal some of your music.

Community Member
stargazing sunsets
Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Jun 06, 2014 @ 06:30am
Martin Garrix - Animal

Otto Knows - Million Voices

I'll get back to you on more.

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Captured by Houkito. Second Gen.
Ghost me - 17412922
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