Ahhh... nothing like getting a package in the mail- it's like Christmas! lol So I dumped all my change into the CoinStar machine and got my usual Amazon gift certificate. Then came the agonizing over what should I get from my wishlist (it's pretty long!) and making sure that I didn't go over the amount in my gift certificate. So I finally decided on a new box of hair coloring (can't find my brand in stores anymore crying ), a DVD that's nothing but fireworks (watching it right now), Craig Ferguson's latest standup comedy DVD, and... The Sims Deluxe! Yes, I know... why spend my money on the old Sims? Well... I bought The Sims 3 and then found out that it's not compatible with my laptop. So instead, I've been getting the expansions for the first one as I know they'll work with my old laptop. lol I mainly got the Deluxe edition for the creator and Living Large stuff. Started tinkering with the creator program and though I have some nitpicks about it, I'm still enjoying it. 3nodding