Alex gets off work, a little tired, and calls Eli.

"You guys doing something today?"
"Yeah, we have some guys over. You can come over if you want."

He runs some errands and drives to Eli's apartment.

Alex walks in and says hi to everyone. They were his newly made friends, kids he had met a little while ago and had managed to work into hanging out with.

He was happy with them and glad that he was there.

They were artists and they were sketching, coloring, using water paints and ink pens. Alex never had a knack for it and it was never something he was interested in picking up.

He played on his handheld and talked lightly and listened.

Cheree gets a phone call and talks to her father. "I have to have a 'family meeting' later because Gianni lied about things I do and I called him out on it."

The group talks about it, talking lowly of Gianni and about the situation.

Alex had never met Gianni. Other than what they all had said about him, Alex never had any reason to dislike Gianni. He might be a person he didn't want to meet, but Alex didn't know one way or the other. He had only their biased fumes to go off of, and he knew better than that.

Cheree gets visibly more upset and says "Man, this ruined my day."

Alex makes efforts to make her feel better, but they don't work very well. Tired of the air in the room, he begins to play word games with everyone.

Everyone laughs at his poor hints and they're sacastic remarks and everyone has a good time. Alex grins at Eli when he says something witty.

Lindsey makes dinner for everyone and they watch an anime. Alex is happy and exhausted.

As he packs up his things to leave, he is overcome with what it means to leave. Outside of Eli's apartment, there is work and his apartment and things that he has to be doing. When he walks outside, these things wash over him and he sees how truly valuable everything really is.