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a bunch of bullshit written by a bullshit teenager with a bullshit hobby. tho it's not like I update that often
A Cheap Way To Introduce Two New Characters
It's a surprisingly odd trio of people; Bent, Gulzar and Nima somehow stuck with eachother in the castle. Bent is sewing as Gulzar glances awkwardly at Nima, who is currently snoring on her floating carpet. Consider she has nothing but a mouth on her face, the only way Gulzar can even tell she's snoring is the sounds coming from the giant mouth that takes up her face. The necromancer runs a dark skinned hand through black hair, feeling a bit distressed despite himself.

"Err, shall I leave you to patching up my robe then, Bent darli--"

Bent's sharp eyes fly up to stare him down, an unnerving look that silences Gulzar. "No." The demon says simply. "You're staying here. I'm not coming out after you for your stupid robes only to get suckered into buying a potion from your frog-witch wife."

A moment of silence passes in which Gulzar ruffles his hair again, glancing between Bent, the strange small girl sleeping on a floating carpet, and the slightly dark stain in the wood a bit away. "Bent." He finally whispers after a moment, earning a snippy 'hn' from the demon. "Who's she?" He points at the girl once, and Gulzar nearly jumps out of his skin when a rush of color blocks his sight of the demon. It takes him a moment to realize it's the stranger, who is now grinning fully.

"I was hopin' you'd finally ask! God!" She gives a shrill cackle, turning to pout once at Bent. "I was hoping somebody would introduce us, but of course Bent's only social when it benefits him! The jerk!"

Gulzar gives a smooth laugh, trying to find his footing again around this girl. He opens his mouth to speak but she interrupts him again, jutting a thumb proudly in her direction. "The name's Nima! I'm not new here or anything -- I'll be dead before I move here of all places -- I'm a sand demon. Illusions, teleportin. If ya wanna mess with somebody I'm your girl."

"Noisy." Bent mutters under his breath, earning a shrill cackle from Nima once more. Gulzar smiles a bit again, this time taking charge before the apparent desert demon can get her mouth open once more -- no wonder she's only a mouth. She talks so much.

"I," Gulzar begins, flicking a hand in front of him in a flashy movement as he bows, "Am Gulzar. Necromancer extraordinaire. I am...married...to the frog witch in these parts. Perhaps you know her. Quite a pleasure to meet you!" Gulzar takes the demon's hand, pressing a kiss to her hand as his skull earrings flash in the light. Nima cackles, slipping her hand out and not looking bothered a bit.

"Oh man, this guy's a riot, Bento!" Nima wheezes after a moment, flopping onto her carpet in a more comfortable position as she floats over to Bent. "Whata card. Here I was thinkin' that he'd be a bore, what with reeking of death almost as much as you do--"

The word 'almost' sticks like a sticky lump of his wife's all-heal oatmeal, and Gulzar pouts like a kid. "What?! You smell like death more than me? How dare you, Bent!" He huffs, crossing his arms and feeling all the offense that shows on his face. Bent doesnt even look up from his sewing, the corner of his mouth barely twitching in irritation.

"Noisy." He repeats again.

Gulzar and Nima hit it off immediately.

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