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All things seen and unseen
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Username:Kunder of the Lich
Character’s Name: Vasily Chernadonivch, 'Atomnyy Chelovek'
Role: Descuit
Age: 140
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Role/Duty: Suppler of Descuits/Russian Liason/Public Speaker for Mutant Rights.
Abilities/Talent: Vasily is the incarnation of Soviet Nuclear power, able to wield fission and fusion power to his will, no matter what the form is. Whether he is used to be a super reactor, or a weapon that makes the Tsar Bomba (50 Megaton Hydrogen Weapon) look like a Chinese Firecracker. As well, radiation heals him, which is the reason for his long life. Vasily is exceptionally well connected throughout the Russian Federation, and is an amazing orator. Despite his vow on non-violence, Vasily is excellent in combat.
Weakness: For one, it is not easy to have U-235 on you at all times, and it is even harder to have a Nuclear plant in a backpack. Also, lead (as in lead lined walls and such) stop him cold, as he cannot do anything to metal, they tend to block his radiation waves. Another weakness is his no nonsense way of talking, as it got him in trouble with the Russian Federation a few times, as well, his political allegiance is frowned upon by most, as he believes in the old Soviet ways. Lastly, Vasily's English is not the best, and he has the authentic accent.
History: Born in 1925, Vasily was raised in a time where mutants were cared little for, as they were little better than workers. Back in those times, mutants were just magicians, and those with amazing skills. Therefore, as the Communist Party in Russia consumed resources, the mutants underneath working like others. Yet, when Vasily was a young boy at the age of 10, the problems in Germany expanded quickly, a mad Facist, unrest in the streets, it seemed like more trouble. Then, a few years down the line, the mass prejudice of peoples in Germany, the wars, the annexations. By 1940, Vasily was only fifteen, and sent to fight for the Motherland against the looming Facist threat. Against all odds, Vasily survived the war, serving with distinction in the Red Army, and was even placed in a Guards Unit for the Battle of Berlin. One of the fondest memories of Vasily was standing with his long time friend as the Soviet Flag was placed atop the Riechstag. As Vasily returned , he was given an interesting job, a KGB inspector for Russia's fledgling Nuclear Program. During an incident in a Nuclear Power Plant, Vasily was caught in the reactor room, and the door was closed. However, by the time engineers found him, Vasily asked for the latest edition of Pravada, and walked out, despite in taking a normally lethal amount of radiation. The Soviets took no time in detaining Vasily, and 'asking' for his assistance. Over the next forty or so years, Vasily was vital in the Soviet Nuclear program, from being a battery for Nuclear power, or used to enrich uranium, Vasily became pivotal. Over the years, Vasily soaked enough radiation to keep himself youthful, and as governments switched, Vasily become just as important. In 2020, Vasily asked for an exit, and the Russian government happily allowed it, granting Vasily whatever he needed, when he needed it. Seeing the abuse of mutants around the world, Vasily started up a committee in Russia, fighting for Mutant Rights. By 2025, Vasily and his ideas won over in Russia, the President, Vladimir Putin, allowing such privileges for Mutants. Such freedoms transferred from Russia to the decaying EU, but never to the Americas. Vasiliy, now nearing towards his 140 birthday, is now trying to bring Mutant Rights to the United States, both legally, and illegally, with much of his support from Nikita Putin, Vladimir's b*****d son, the current President of the Russian Federation. Currently, Vasily has released two autobiographies, one "Hero of the Motherland," the other, "The Soviet Union's Secret Mutant."

Kunder of the Lich
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