Really easy no pattern BJD dress
I dunno if this’ll be any use to anyone, but I’ll post it anyway. If your doll has just arrived and their nakedness is bothering you, this dress is pretty fast and really simple to make.

What you’ll need:

Dress fabric of your choice

A ribbon

Needle and thread




Safety pins

Tape Measure

Fabric chalk

What to do:

Measure your doll from the top of the bust to where you’d like the bottom of the dress to finish, remember to add a couple of inches so you can hem and create the ‘tunnel’ at the top of the fabric for the elastic to go through.

Now that you have the length measured out, take the tape measure again and get the circumference of your dolls bust. Now double that measurement (you can triple it if you want the dress top more ‘pleated’ looking), this is the width of your fabric.

Using the chalks, mark out the rectangle that’s going to become a dress. Remember those extra inches on the top and bottom.

Referring back to the measurement for your doll’s chest, cut your elastic so that it is tight around the chest and has to stretch a little but not too much otherwise the elastic will be under too much strain.

Cut your rectangle out and pin the bottom to create a hem (you should be able to see the back of the fabric with a thin band of the front folded over). Sew neatly along the hem.

Now proceed to the top. Fold over enough to allow the elastic to pass through, it’s basically creating another hem, but you need to ensure the elastic will fit. Pin the ‘tunnel’ and sew neatly along.

You’re nearly finished. Take the elastic and put a safety pin on one or both ends. Use the pin to pull it through the ‘tunnel’ at the top of your dress. Make sure the dress is ‘inside out’ when you do this.

Once both ends are poking out of the fabric tunnel (at opposite ends) sew them securely together.

Keeping the dress inside out, pin along the side until you get up to the elastic. Sew along this edge to seal the dress up. Sew the fabric that is around the elastic carefully together.

You should now be able to turn the dress rightside out and slip it up over your doll’s body. When the elastic is at the top of the bust, stop. You’ll see the dress looks a little shapeless, this is what the ribbon is for. Simply tie the ribbon around your doll’s waist or immediately under the bust and finish it with a bow.

Hopefully you now have a decent looking dress.


For an underskirt, use a piece of lacy fabric that’s cut slightly longer than your dress fabric. When you make the ‘tunnel’ at the top of your dress, attach the lace too, folding it over with the rest of the dress fabric. Don’t attach it to the hem, though. The result will be an extra little bit of lace around the bottom of the finished dress.