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A Journey into my Mind
Originally I kept poetry in here, but over the years it grew into something more.
The room is blurry first and slowly comes into view. A child's bedroom is gently covered in shadows as I fight to make sense of it...the room is familiar, but their is an overwhelming energy rising.
I can't... my master must move me....
...I need my master....
The force came from behind me- no FROM ME. I pushed myself off of the shelf and onto the floor below...
I moved...
I glanced at my small master sleeping in the dark before trying to stand.. I was doing this on my own...without my master..
That word echoed in my mind, but I could hear it perfectly.
Yes. The voice was encouraging.
I ran to the window by my master's bed. I didn't need my master anymore.
I climbed onto the dresser and lifted the cracked window further and stared out into the night. The ground was so far away...


AJ looked into a shop window that's neatly decorated with fresh bread. Her stomach growled: convincing her to dare face the reality of her pockets...only a few pieces of gold. "Damn..." she forced the few coins back into her pocket.
There's gotta be a better way to earn gold.
She continued down the quiet alley until she found herself in front of a pay phone out side of the Durem neighborhoods.
She reached for a coin in her pocket.
You better say something smart, Frenchie...
She slipped in the coin and dialed the number. On the last ring, there was an answer.
"Allo?" There were loud noises coming from the phone. AJ could make out the sound of metal clashing and the loud buzzing noise of a saw...or hundreds of them.
"Hey, do you know a better way to earn some gold around here?" She propped her hand on her hip expecting one of his obvious answers. There was another loud noise before there was an answer. "Joining the war against the animated is the most effective- but more importantly, you can help sustain research and help pe-"
"I just want gold and I don't want to have to listen to those idiot guards there in Z. Tell me something useful, Foncé!" There was nothing but the noise from the background for a moment before she heard the familiar French accent return. "Fighting in the battle is the best way, but before the war, people made their gold by being very market savvy."
"I don't have things to sell to be market savvy!" Frustration was overwhelming her due to the lack of answers she had in her life. "Those are my best suggestions. If you change your mind, you can always join me. I have been fighting here for a very long time and I could help you very easily."
"Yeah. Thanks. I'll talk to you later."
"Du rein. Salut."
AJ placed the phone back onto the hook. She didn't expect him to be very useful, but she knew he was most likely to have better answers than anyone else. She leaned against the light post by the payphone considering her options. It didn't take long before she came to a conclusion. She kicked the post and swore under her breath before calling Foncé again.
"Where do I sign up?"


Barton Town is the export to Z. A small town on the edge of gaia that is full of shops and kind people. Guards have suspected for years that Barton Town would be the first place that the animated would infiltrate.... every now and then there are a few of the animated who slip into here through the gate, but nothing terrible as every really happened.

AJ pushed away the lid to manhole she was crawling out of. I'm going to kill Foncé when I see him...
"AJ!" He called out to her from a near by bench. He was clearly waiting for her, so he KNEW that she would have to go through the sewer...damn him.
"Do you KNOW what I just went through!?" She pushed herself through the hole and stormed over towards the boy. "We all go through it. The sewers are full of animateds that seem fairly harmless... we just have to keep their population down."
"Animateds??? Is that what those are called!?" She pointed a finger back towards the hole. "Oui. Um.. you will find out more soon. Just talk to the guards."
"I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO THOSE IDIOTS. I JUST WANT GOLD." She looked down into the pocket of her cargo pant leg. It was squirming and making a small noise. "You are such an assassin." He reached into the pocket of her leg and removed a small green hamster. "This is why ninja's are cooler. Go home, gramster!" He let the gramster go back into the manhole.
Shouting came from behind them. "It's an animated! You should've killed it!" The voice came from a small group of guys. Foncé examined the rings on their hands noting that they had more weapons than fighting enhancers.
Another group of people marched up to the group of guys. This group was holding protest signs.
"The animated have feelings too!"
"Yeah! They're ALIVE!"
AJ and Foncé quickly slipped away from the two groups only to be pushed into a larger crowd.
"Is it always like this here?" AJ yelled over the noise.
There was a man wearing a Noh fox mask as he stood on the edge of the fountain. He was holding tightly onto a chair. "THE ANIMATED HAVE FEELINGS!" The crowed cheered. "WHAT IS LIFE WITHOUT FEELINGS!?" The crowed cheered again. "THIS CHAIR NEXT TO ME- HAS ALWAYS BEEN THERE FOR ME. AND NOW GAIA HAS GRANTED HIM LIFE. I THANK YOU CHAIR AS AN EQUAL. PLEASE! DONATE TO HELP US GIVE THE ANIMATED RIGHTS AND TO HELP PROTECT THEM!"
The people around him quickly began throwing gold into his mask that he removed.
"Are these people serious?" AJ took a quick step away accidentally stepping into something. She saw the protest sign drop to the ground, but where was the protester!?
"This is why the animated deserve rights! You guys just want to beat up the little people!" The small voice came from under her shoe. AJ quickly removed her foot and stepped back. Foncé stepped forward and knelt down to the small creature. "I have seen you before. You are that weird cat thing that wears the creepy hat with the eye."
"YOU'RE WEIRD." The cat protested.
"Ouais...Sorry about stepping on you. We are on our way now." He stood and walked away with AJ following.
"No no no no! Your a** is grass!" The small cat screamed after them before being pushed deeper into the group of people by it's fellow protesters.

"As if Gaia wasn't messed up enough." She placed her hands behind her head and stuck up her nose. (=n=)
"Oh, it gets better." Foncé chuckled. They stood in front of the giant stone arch that lead them to Z. "How about I just show you around and then we can talk to Leon?"
"Whatever. I just wanna kill stuff."

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