My hallucinations are getting worse.
It's getting hard to convince myself that it's not real.
That's really bad right?
I think so.
I'm getting new medication for it sometime this week.
I keep wanting to drink.
I will probably end up giving in sooner or later.
It isn't my fault.
At least with me seeing David all the f*cking time I'm not hearing voices in my head.
Well his, but that's different right?
Tell me I haven't completely lost my marbles.
One time when I was in fifth grade my mom bought me marbles.
I lost them the next day.
Except for one I started to carry it with me everywhere I went.
Then one of my friends died and I buried it with him.
I forgot all about that until about a second ago.
Going crazy is helping my memory for some reason.
Anyway I have guests so I guess I should pay attention to them.
I willl..
come back to this...