No progress in Pokemon. Finished season 1 of X factor and The O.C. not sure I'll continue O.C. but X factor ohh yes. 3nodding
Summer is pretty much halfway done. One month to go. Swimming, biking, concerts. A bit of shopping. LET'S DO THIS! whee Can't wait! First up is pool party at a friends, getting a lift there. It's a cosplay thing. Fem Aizen here, needs to look for a black swimsuit cause all mine are minty teal. Black with red ties would be perfect. wink heart

In the meantime, cleaning up as best I can slowly slowly, by crafting the materials away. this scarf had a whole, so far two headbands, working on the third with a stretched scrunchie I cut cause the elastic broke but I love the design. and construction paper stuff. Origami, wanna make a heart box and eventually gonna try weaving a basket from the paper I printed a cool vintagey looking picture onto. sweatdrop

...Bruises all over my legs from biking the other day crying I'm incapable of walking with my bike. I will have all the bruises!!! Baahahahaha twisted