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Serrin is a rather large young fae recently escaped from a human laboratory holding cell. At a very early age, she and her two littermates received experimental growth hormones, meant towards eventually reviving an extinct branch of the Canis genus, Dirus. Naturally, as a first generation experiment, she would not be an exact replica. For example, evolution's natural advances prevented the shrinking of her braincase, while allowing an override of most of her anatomy, size wise. Of the three pups, only one did not exhibit an adaptation to these genetics. The other female of the litter, named "Illinalta", was set aside and placed under observation to determine what possible genetics might have utterly ceased any progress the injections had. Serrin and her brother, Korrlov, remained together. They grew to be giants, adapting to near perfect replicas of the physical size of the extinct Dirus. She was deemed interesting, but as far as the experiment was concerned...a failure. Only Korrlov showed enough promise to merit any significant results, although both remained utterly slothful when monitored to explore and inspect their environments. Promise grew once Serrin moved to pick up a stick with her mouth, and fell once more when she laid down with it, and displayed only average wolf...or even dog levels of bite force. Once more, Korrlov took the stage and began replicating his sister's behavior. He though, took to ferociously gnawing on it, with the clear attempt to break it in half. About half a week later, she also began chewing on sticks with renewed efforts.

Her escape came when their environment needed cleaning. They were coaxed into kennels, and the doors locked behind them. Everything seemed fine...until Korrlov spotted a squirrel outdoors. Yes, a squirrel was responsible for the unintended release of three genetically altered wolves. For the moment Korrlov spotted him, he began scrambling and barking. This in turn set his sister off, and more attention was focused on the two of them. So much so that the handlers of Forrtinata's kennel set her down and moved to try and help. The supposedly normal pup had shown improvements, but any modifications hadn't been overly visible. With only a little time alone, she had gnawed open a small part of her cage and simply forced her door open. The fae was initially drawn to the squirrel as well, and bolted for it. There never had been any sort of organization between the three, nor any dominance really implemented...since there was only one male. Leaping through the window triggered an escape alert, and grounds staff swarmed out to try and reclaim the fae. Korrlov didn't want to be left behind, so the moment he got set down, he bolted to escape. Stopped by the door, he recoiled, and charged again. This repeated until he got stuck under a table. Serrin had likewise imitated his example, though her position led her past him and sent her kennel tumbling down a flight of stairs. Once it had landed, its damaged state allowed her to spring free, all legs flailing. Korrlov howled in fury, though was not able to escape due to his door now being trapped by the leg of a table...bolted down to the floor.

With nowhere really to go, Serrin wandered...until a scientist spotted her trotting along and fled behind a door. Another alert was sounded, and she took off once more humans started showing up to try and recapture her. A larger fae than her sister, Serrin replicated the window trick...with a door. The door led to the open wilds, where about twenty employees were cornering her sister. The young wolf then charged off in another direction, attempting to draw off some of Forrtinata's pursuers. It partially worked...though in the end, her sister was recaptured after stranding herself in a body of water. Serrin successfully escaped, and has journeyed, trying to find something that might successfully resemble herself. Given her size and inexperience, the fae has all the survival instincts of a pup. A full year behind her wild peers, her only advantage lies in the human modifications and vaccinations she was given, which she took to rather well.