All right, so...
I'm currently in three roleplays.
One of which is my walk-in.

It used to be interesting and it was supposed to be somewhat of a ...relaxer.
But as more experienced roleplayers joined in, it started to become more of a "who could type long a** posts".
It was interesting, mostly because everybody wasn't so busy.
But, now, it's like...

I don't even care about it, anymore.

Also, this other walk-in.
I don't really care for it, anymore, too.
I mean, I fuckin' read every damn post in a roleplay when I join it.
That's my way of telling myself that I've committed myself in that roleplay.
But, hell naw.
It's like... one liners...
I mean, there are some Gaians that can produce about a paragraph or two.

But it's Hell.
It's nasty.

I have five pages that I don't even want to touch since the last time that I posted in that thread.
Oh, yeah.
It's my turn to post for it.

And then, this roleplay that I joined for my luber.
So many damned characters already and they doin' what I don't really understand.
I mean fine.
Let's flirt.

But let's not get serious now.
I'm just in it because my friend told me to.
I'm keeping her company.

One of the roleplayers in that thread actually had the ladyballs to message me, telling me that she hoped that we can become roleplay buddies.
She did a mis-type, too, and I even put it in bold for her.

She didn't catch her own mistake.
I laughed.

Basically, what I'm typing is that....

I'm already bored of these roleplays.