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Mira_san's journal
what's going on at gaia and some other stuff.
Herp derp. SnS chara
My Name: Renae "Ren" Mason
My Photo: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
My Gender: Female
My Height: 5'1"
My Weight: 113.2
My Age: 18
Extra Markings: Besides a birthmark behind her right ear? none.
I am loyal to: Masedonia
My Role is: Princess
My Weapon of choice: A Red Oak rod, it is exactly four feet long and a few inches thick. It is gnarled at the top and twists around a blue-hued crystal. It has the family crest indented into it where she grips it.
My Personality: Renae isn't exactly a social butterfly. Though she will act friendly and open in public, behind closed doors is totally different. She's rather out of it and not exactly nice around others of her house hold. Even holding distaste towards her own family. How this happened no one is for sure. But she does have days where she isn't a royal snob; Mainly when she's out in the garden, or off hiding in the city, exploring. She's a scheming little prat, and rather cunning as well. She knows how to get what she wants, and how she wants it.
My past: Renae never had trouble as a child of the royal family. It was believed at first she was rather spoiled by her mother and father, but that was never really the case. Always awkward to begin with, she grew up away from her other family members, playing army commander in her little room with her little dolls, and commenting on knights and their work to protect the family. Even though it got her in trouble, she would sneak out when she was 13, learning the way of charisma, smooth talking into getting free food and snacks. She even came home with a puppy once. Unlike her sister, she was never fond of swords, having learned at a young age that she bled quicker than some and that if she got poked, it bled for a good few. Instead, Renae grew up excelling in magic. Mostly offensive, and things that weren't very...Savory. But it worked for her. She could stay away from battle and learn of their weak points from afar.
My Strengths:
+ She's able to smooth talk into getting things she wants.
+ She is better at magic than swordplay or hand to hand combat
+ Tactician
My Weaknesses:
+ Because she specializes more in magic, she is useless in close combat, she'll need protection if she is to cast any spells
+ Smooth talking doesn't always work. Not on people like thieves or assassins. Heck, whoever has high charisma can get past her.
+ She has low iron in her blood. So she bleeds out quicker. Also caused her to get sick when she sees her own blood.
My Likes:
+ Curry and spicy foods
+ Getting what she wants
+ Learning less than savory magic
+ Getting on her families' nerves.
+ Sneaking out
My Dislikes:
+ Sweets
+ Not getting what she wants
+ Being found out
+ Being ratted out
+ Being coddled
My Skills:
+ She's good in offensive magic, don't go asking her for buffs like speed or strength.
+ She's good at planning out attacks and finding out about weak spots in the enemies' defenses.
My Theme Song: Let it Burn - RED

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