Gaia Username: trinityrose5
Character Name: Rouge
Race: Shinigami
Sexuality: both
Dorm: D2
Personality: Mysterious, strategist, eccentric, astute, and intimidating
Me Gusta: (likes)
- tea time
- desserts
- winning
-playing games (mostly chess)
No Me Gusta: (dislikes)
- rudeness
Short Bio: Just like every shinigami (death god) which came before her, she is no different but she doesn't think she is any less but more then them. Her family, of course shinigami but she hasn't seen them for quiet some long time, so don't ask. No sad story, just a bored easily shinigami girl who was send to go tot this school.
Other: She find's playing around with people to pass the time entertaining and maybe help them, yet she is a bit an orthodox when helping.
I Look Like:

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