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A time of darkness spread through the land. Many became ill and died. The ruler of the land was cruel and uncaring to his people. He cared about two things. Himself and taxes. He loved to squeeze every last coin from his people. Soon enough many left there homes to find something better, but every where they went it only got worse.
The kings brother who was next to rule if should anything happened to the king hated how he had control of their land. How he let so many people die. He knew he had to put a stop to it, and take over the land.
The land broke into two part's, and war broke between the two brother's. It wasn't a sight to see, so many soldier's died. Blood everywhere. Finally the end of the war neared, and with a final strike between the two brother's the eldest of the brother's and king of LLunav was killed making Aero the youngest the next ruler.
King Aero did not wait, and started the new renovations of his land. He cleaned the land of any evil and hired many soldiers to protect what he rightfully won in battle. The land of LLunav.
After a few years LLunav started to grow and the land was returned to it beautiful state once again. King Aero became a hero to his people, and to his new bride Katherine. Everything was right in the world and what would make their lives even more complete were the thoughts of children running through the halls of their majestic castle. However, it was not to be.
Katherine as she tried every time she had become pregnant she had soon quickly lost her child. Katherine had become broken hearted, and embarrassed that she was unable to keep a child. "Why God? We've done nothing but good. I wish to bare a child for my king! The King who saved us all from the hell that was past! Why am I not able to bare a child!? Why?!" She broke into tears wanting so very much to have a child of her own.
After a year has past Katherine had become sick making Aero quite worried for her health. Soon enough Katherine screamed in pain, "AAAH! AERO!" She shouted feeling panic wash over her. Something was hurting her from inside. Her belly ached and she felt the need to push. A doctor came as quick as possible only to notice that something was leaking. He lift the blanket off, "Excuse me your majesty," He spoke and lifted her night gown to peak underneath. His eyes widen in shock, and he went slightly pale, "She's pregnant! Your giving birth my lady!" Aero and Katherine looked at each other scared for dear life of their child, and even more Aero was scared for Katherine's life.
Miracle's do come true. As they worked hard through the stormy night soon enough a child was born. "Congratulations your majesty. It's a pretty little miss," The doctor spoke as he handed her to Aero all cleaned up. Aero couldn't believe it and starred in awed at his child. He then turn to look at his beloved Katherine. "You did it my love! We have a little girl," He said to her. She shook her head slightly, "No...WE did it my husband. W-What should we name her?" She asked him quite exhausted. "Nasya. It means "Miracle of God." What do you think my love?" He asked as he sat besides her placing they child in her arms. "Nasya. It's beautiful my love. Our little Nasya," They both smile happily as their wish finally came true.

Everything was right again in the wold. Nasya grew up happily with her parent's who loved her dearly. Being the special jewel in the family she was always watched over. She was to never be left alone. She was just too precious and too valuable to lose. Of course after the years Nasya became beautiful and more as she had soon become a young lady. Many had eyes on her, and many tried to kidnap her for ransom thought they failed quite miserably.
Now 19 of age, Aero was searching for the perfect man for Nasya to one day rule by her side, but of course it wasn't easy. None of the men he's seen or read upon matched perfectly to his little jewel. This was going to be quite difficult indeed.

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