Chapter two: Ben gets embarrassed
A new day
Jeff: Weed, weed ,weed
Ben *spins on chair*
Jeff: Ima go somewhere bye Ben
Ben: Bye
Jeff *goes to K-Mart*
Jeff: * takes phone and calls Ben's phone*
Ben: Hello?
Jeff: *no answer*
Jeff: *no answer*
Ben: SAY SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff: *still no answer*
*cricket noises*
Ben: *stops call8
Ben: Yeesh. - .-
Jeff: *calls again*
Ben: WHO IS IT NOW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Jeff: *no answer*
Ben: Say something or ima find you and then kill you!!!!
Jeff: *still no answer*
Ben: YOU PIECE OF *remembers something*
Ben: *turns off phone*
Ben: Just you wait Jeff. I'll kill you. I'll Kill you dead.
Slenderman: *knocks on door*
Ben : Open it
Slenderman *opens door*
Slenderman: What's wrong?
Ben: Jeff prank called me
Slenderman: o -o (ik he doesnt have a face deal with it)
Ben: I know right?
Slenderman: So you're planning on killing him?
Ben: Heck yeah. Ill beat him up with bath salt and stuff....
Slenderman: Just like always - 3-
Jeff: *calls ben again*
Ben: *picks up*
Ben: You shouldn't hot done that. . . .
Jeff: *turns off phone*
Jeff: Oh crap. He found out.
Jeff: *gulps* He's gonna use bath salt again e. o And those drugs that make me sick ; - ;
Jeff: I'll just kill him before he can..... If I can.....
Ben: *running towards jeff*`
Jeff: Oh crap...
Jeff: *jumps on market before Ben can grab him*
Jeff: Nice try, Ben[/col