Retail whores - that's a good way to describe this procedure.

The arbitrarily defined notion of "rrty" is my topic of this day, due to the circle-jerk thread about it. It's without a shadow of a doubt, ridiculous.

Thou shalt give an example. There's a couple of games heralded as being "rare" due to having a low "print run" (hate that term). These games that are low in -physical- copies has everyone circle-jerking over them from "suhpply and demanned". I'm not demanding you do anything other than to destroy the last remaining copies of the EarthBound prototype for NES, lol. Do a lot of these games suck? Probably, just like Cheetahmen 2 and Eli's Ladder.

You know why this is? It's the corporate-whore definition of labeling a game as "rare". Some of these games that are deemed "rare" have over 100,000 copies available. Of course, this is by moronic "capitalist" (the ones who call themselves that are the worst ones) decree. What would one say is objectively rarer by count, a PC game released at the Japanese Comiket that is only "shelf" available for a few days out of its entire life, with a legitimate "print run" of less than 1,000 copies that may just very well be superior in quality than the "rare" bullshit, or "NCAA College Basketball 2K3" for GameCube which, because of its corporate-related bullshit, "only" had a print of around 5000? It's "rare", but I don't care. I'd get it at a yard sale for 50 cents and break it on camera for "da" industry's drones to cry about it. You want to shut down The Pirate Bay's servers in a legal, "e-book burning" session, I'd break the last copies so you'll have no other option of how to obtain it. ******** you.

Another instance is with the concept of digital. Digital copies can't be determined "rare", because there is an infinite "suhpply". Of course, if you were to adjust digital copies in response to an infinite supply, the price of the product itself would be free, because it would be like air. Supply in this case is ultimately irrelevant, which makes "supply and demand" utterly useless. This is why these ******** try to change the argument and say, "they have to pay for bandwidth." Bandwidth, as you know, is also being charged by the same notion that its supply is also infinite, but ridiculous companies put "limits" on it to abuse its principles. You know, much like how these people gladly justify yet another "capitalist" retard for suing someone for collecting rainwater in a bucket. (not looking for the link, I lied) Also, people are paying for the game, not the bandwidth. No one is mandated to actually give a s**t. The Pirate Bay has to pay for bandwidth, too, so what's the argument, again?

Example: BS Zelda no Densetsu: Inishie no Sekiban sounds like it would be one of the "rarest" Japan-only games from "The Legend of Zelda" series. Of course, although a ridiculously small amount have played it, there is only the digital copy available. This game, even in Japan, due to it being part of an "online-only session" (the inevitable fact that Nintendo practically pioneered the bullshit DRM of today almost 20 years ago) there is legitimately no way to actually play this game outside of an emulator, due to Nintendo shutting down the service, much like what will happen to all of the consoles of today. That copy of Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 is going to be rendered completely unplayable without hacking it. Of course, I am very thankful for the lovely hackers of today for correcting this industry's bullshit and removing their ******** procedures like "true heroes". (No Real Scotsman fallacy in use? Absolutely, but it's ******** necessary.)

Of course, in order to actually get this into perspective, these people are entirely console-whores. Not anywhere will these people who "fap" over the -price- of these games more-so than the legitimate definition of its -rarity- ever bother to make a list for the PC. What was their lame-a** excuse for not doing this? "It's too hard, therefore I'm not even going to start, wahhh." Go ahead, try and find one PC game labeled as "rare" and find a list, I dare you. How many copies of Tanktics do you think are out there? There are only 3 videos uploaded on YouTube of this game from two different people. How about the PC version of Jersey Devil or Rockman DASH 2, the Japanese version of Mega Man Legends 2?

So, what would one think is rarer by objective definition? Is there an eBay auction for a game with less copies made that is superior in quality to the "rare", "always console only" corporate-released bullshit? Absolutely, and it's always smaller in price. Is there a -rarity- guide based off of how many copies of "LEGO Batman" were downloaded for mobile phones of the Java, ".jar" format? Of course not, because you can't base -rarity- off of something that can be replicated indefinitely, even if only 10 people legitimately "own" the game. Once the host servers go down, it's gone forever unless someone uploads it. Of course, people don't want anything that's not ******** "Superman 64" to be archived, because the console games are so much more ******** important. I'll probably never find a cracked copy of the single player WildTangent game known as "Dark Orbit", due to it being practically completely wiped off the planet in favor of their MMO "Dark Orbit".

I should also mention that these people mainly only base this on the "official" circle-jerking numbers of the copies released of the "big three" (hate these references; did you notice?) and their subsequent -licensed- third party developers. Of course, many of these games that are high in price aren't actually objectively rare nor are they actually "good" (my subjective definition).

Personally, I'd rather own a copy of the Chinese "Pirate cart" of Donkey Kong Country 4 for NES/Famicom than ******** Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix. Even then, I'm so far against this moronic political spectrum that I personally don't really care to bother with it. Guess what? You find a copy of that "pirate" game, you're likely to only pay around $10 - $20. Oddly enough, if the so-called argument is of Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix's "higher demand" than Donkey Kong Country 4, then why the ******** does the ridiculously stupid math game for Atari 2600 known as "Eli's Ladder" have absolutely next to no one looking for the ******** thing, because no one ******** cares, yet it goes for $2000+? There's a couple videos of this on YouTube with a handful of views. Yet that ******** "Championship cart" of (purposeful misspelling coming up) "World Track and Field Plus Other Non-Playable Demo-Levels of Some NES Games" get 100,000+ views, and that goes for around the same price?

Of course, as a reminder to this hypocrisy, "NCAA College Basketball 2k3" is the "rarest", officially released GameCube game according to this s**t. However, no one mentions it, and no one bothers with it. Numerous people have probably walked by this at a yard sale/flea market, because all they saw, by their blind hatred of all "Sports games", just another shitty basketball game and never bothered to give it a second look, but Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II Plus, the second "rarest" game going for half the price: "Ooh my gawds!!!1 Give me dat s**t!1 I'll has da rarest of da rares in mah colrection!11!" Look at the price of the Xbox version and notice how no one cares about the exact same game. They just have to have that version because of the perceived "market value", which is just fancy talk for someone making a profit larger than the price they paid for it retail off of someone else's work. (Made that sound like "piracy", didn't I? I thought you didn't like when people make a profit off of someone else's work, hot dawg? It's funny how they think they have the moral high ground. Oh yes, and those anti-used game ******** are rolling in it, too.)

Again, while on the topic of hypocrisy and downright avoiding things that are even "rarer" than what they have, with as much subjectivity as possible and "suhpply and demanned" being proven to not having any salt in this argument at all, no one will bother to tell anyone about how "rare" the in-store-only demo discs are such as my one copy of what I think is one of the "Interactive Multi-Game Demo Disc" versions (I think #14) and the Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Demo for GameCube that has the full Star Wars arcade game from the 80's on it. You know why that is? All of these discs get thrown in these stores' garbage to be destroyed, and as much as I don't care, it's a proven fact that not one single person can link me to how many copies are in existence, nor do they care. When these games pop up, it's for fairly low prices, despite the fact that they just may have a far lower number in existence.

Bonus: Oh, and my grandma got me a copy of Plus and the 2 demo discs from GameStop's garbage while she worked at the mall and dug through all of the stores' garbage. She brought home some Bath & Body Works, too, lol. This was during the time she was buying burnt copies of movies on DVDs from the security guard that worked there, too, lol.

Bonus 2: Since I'm getting into this bullshit theory of "supply and demand", don't forget to pay $1.49 for the -cold- 16.9 ounce bottle of soda because they're more "in demand" than the -warm- 2-liter in the back for $1.28 of the same brand. Have fun, pinhead.

Bonus 3: I swear, it's 100 times easier to find a link to download Suikoden II than it is to find out the number of copies in existence, because all it gives me is a bunch of ******** asking if someone wants to buy/sell a "copy".

Examples of results for: number of Suikoden II copies released
Site 1: "...with sealed copies of the game still going for over $300... The original Suikoden was released digitally over the PlayStation..."
Site 2: "Unfortunately, there's no way to acquire a legal copy of Suikoden II today ... (Feel free to send Sony lots of angry letters until they release the ..."
Site 3: "It was also released for Microsoft Windows in 2003 only in China. ... Characters have a certain number of spell usages per..."
Site 4: "I was wondering if anyone knew how many copies of suikoden 2 where released in the US." (No one answers the question; point proven.)
Site 5 (Example of genius coming up): " Alright well, I have a copy of suikoden II that's been sitting around in my ps1 ... was in 100% working condition, although he said "no returns"." (Last example)

You know what the "genius" is about that last one? You see how "no" is in bold? Since the shorthand for "number" is "no.", the "wonderful" search engine determines that I'm looking for the word "no" being used out of context of what I'm looking for. Putting in "discs" instead of "copies" in the search is just as bad.

Examples of results for: Suikoden II download
Top 3 sites provided in order: "Coolrom", "Romhustler", "Emuparadise" Search is done, see ya later.

Bonus 4: This is funny. I just got the "rare" Wooden Trunk in between editing this, lol. It's so "rare", it can be replicated indefinitely when the system "feels like it". It is just like item drops in video games when they're set to a 0.0005% chance of occurring. By the end of the game, you'll have 3 of the "common" drops from the enemy you "rarely" kill and 9 of the "rare" drops from the enemy you "commonly" kill.