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Street Fighter Versus King of FIghters 20XX
Street Fighter vs. King of FIghters 20XX teams of four.

This is to take place in the year 20xx, so Ingrid has moved people we've seen before into the time of Megaman, Battle Curcuit, and anything else set in that or any other amibuous point in this century. The characters will be established in KOF style teams with some assistance dynamics from Capcom vs. and RIval Schools thrown in. FIreballs drain stamina by the amount of damage they do, and until your next received blow this will be recovered very slowly. WHile stirking can be chained very quickly, there's a sepcial counter for stopping attacks once the reach 5 in one second. It launches a bolt of lightning as tall as the defending player to heal their damage 1.5 times and damage the opponent 2 times what they would have inflicted. Like Juni and Juli in Alpha 3, THeir will be characters fighting in pairs, though these are rarities on the roster.

Team Guile: Guile, Shadow CHarlie, Freddie, John Crawley.

The Aliens: Ingrid, Morrigan, Tessa, Michelle Heart

Team Fashionista: Rose, Yurika, Lily Kane, Athena.

Team Young Hero: Rock Howard, Tony from FF2 anime, Batsu, ROy Bromwell

Blond Bombshells: Tiffany Lords, Blue Mary, Bonne Jenet, Lien Neville.

The Big Dogs: Mike Haggar, Zangief, Akira, Makoto.

Cody's Rivals: Joe, Gunloc, Carlos, Dean.

Commando Team: Captain Commando, Mummy Commando, Baby Comando, Ninja Commando

Street Fighter Bosses: SHin Bison, Gill, Kurow, Burning Scorpion

SNK Bosses: Wolfgang Krauser (like the anime) Mr. Big, General Morden, Kain R. Heinlein.

The Armory: Marco Rossi, Doppel in a Robot suit, Crimson Viper, Allen O'Neil

Hero team: Ken/Ryu, RYo/Robert, Guy/Cody (Both classic versions and Guy can summon his NPC trainers and wife) K'/Maxima.

GIrls' team: Mai, Ibuki, Sakura, Yuri

: Whip, Mike, Guile's Daughter grown into a Marine, Fio Germi

KOF Team: Terry Bogart, ANdy/SHadow Andy, Kyo Kusanagi,

Orochi Team: Leona, Iori, Aoi Kusanagi, Shermie

Team Vader: Sheep the Royal, Big Bear, Alex, Tizoc

Team Kapwan: Mei Lei, Kim, Kim Jae Hoon/Kim Dong Hwan, Seo Young Song

The Old Masters: Batsu's dad/ANdy's teacher, Terry's teacher/Gouken, Mai's Grandfather/Maki's Father, Oro/Song Xuandao.

Team Muay Tai: Payak Sitipitack, Joe Higashi, King, Led by Sagat

Team Snake: Adon, Rip Saber, Wraith, Led by Dhalsim

Team Deva: Vega, Balrog, Kimala the Bouncer, Billy Kane.

Team Sattelite: Yamato Nadeshiko, Kei, Kyosuke's father, Karin's "Combat Butler."

Sports Team: Shoma, Momo, Lucky Glauber, Brian Battler.

Sakura's High School: Karin, R. Mika, Hinata, Natsu

Team Proto Man: Proto Man, Zero, Server Bot, Tron Bonne

THe Deep Bass: Bass, Rockman, Roll, Rush.

THe Enforcer Team: Pink Ostridge, Yellow Iris, Captain Silver, Mardia.

THe gate Crashers: Shin Akuma (can alternate with Cyber Akuma), Demitri Maximoff (at 100% of his power and in his usually concealed true form), the Orochi (Presealing), Jivatma

Team Urien: Urien, Rugal Burnstein, Vice/Mature, Luise Meyrink.

The Red on Black: DD, Rook, Benimaru, Alba

The Mad Scientists: Scumocide, Dr. Saturn, Dr. Wily, Wyler

Strong Team: Serious Mr. Karate, Dan Hibiki, Ran Hibiki, Chairperson.

: Hakkan, Honda, Blanka, Gomez

The brothers of Crushers: Victor Ortega, The Deadly Brothers, The 500 Million Trillion Powers, The Great Oni

On May 7th 2016, I will be taking part in the Lung Force Walk to support my mother who has cancer. When you get to http://action.lung.org/site/TR/LUNGFORCE/ALAMP_Mountain_Pacific?px=5488151&pg=personal&fr_id=12551 you will find a list of fundraising milestones. From what I give at $500 to shaving my own head at $1,000. If you'd like to pitch in, just follow the link. Thanks.
Kratos Krisna
Community Member
  • 03/20/16 to 03/13/16 (1)
  • 03/06/16 to 02/28/16 (2)
  • 02/14/16 to 02/07/16 (1)
  • 01/10/16 to 01/03/16 (1)
  • 01/03/16 to 12/27/15 (4)
  • 12/06/15 to 11/29/15 (1)
  • 11/29/15 to 11/22/15 (2)
  • 11/01/15 to 10/25/15 (1)
  • 10/18/15 to 10/11/15 (2)
  • 10/04/15 to 09/27/15 (1)

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