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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 4.16.3 - The Gods Lament
Angela: *She looked over to see the sorrowful Waka, flying over as she took his arm into her hands, looking at him.* Gentle Waka, you should be as joyful as we all are. He'll appreciate this, and it will mean more coming from you.

Amaterasu: She's right, Waka. None of this jealousy anymore. This is a happy event when all the Gods come together on a very rare occasion, and I'd appreciate it if your attitude reflected it. *She looked over, her fur moving to the breeze that came in from the open door.*

Waka: *He lowered his head, his face shadowed as his arm stopped moving the wooden spoon. It grew silent until he moved it out of the pot, tapping it at the edge before setting it down and pouring them into glasses on a golden platter.* Understood, Amaterasu.

Issun: So, Zeno. *He bounced in place, looking to him.* It's nice you know how to make an oven work, but wasn't the heating supposed to be done with that lightning bolt? Or was I mistaken.

Amaterasu: I can reverse the process for you to do that, if you had forgotten. *She giggled.*

Zeno: *He just glared up at them, his mantle moving calmly.* Can't I just put the thunder bolt inside the oven? *He said this in a strange tone, smirking at them.*

Amaterasu: Of course not. It would explode-- *As she said that, half of the kitchen exploded as well as half of the castle, causing Amaterasu's eyes and Issun's to pop out of their heads. It was no doubt pay back from earlier.*

Angela: *She gasped as the explosion went off, covering her face as she trembled. As it finished, she looked around.* I think.. Zeno wanted you to remodel.. Oh, how thoughtful of him!

Zeno: *His mantle moved viciously as his eyes looked as if they glowed in the black ash that repainted everything in sight, grinning and showing his razor sharp fangs in the debris. His bow blew in the explosion and shifted to one side along with his bangs until the explosion stopped.* Yeah, that was it. Definitely.

Amaterasu: *Her marks glew a crimson red, as the Celestial Sky turned a blood red. Her fur began to move violently as her divine instrument began spinning its flame, beginning to almost engulf her. Issun bounced on her head in his red light, as she began to howl a ferocious sound.*

Zeno: *His eyes widened as he sweatdropped, feeling the intense force around them. He really did it now. He stepped back, his eyes shaking with Waka's.*

Waka: Z-Zeno, where's the cake...? Hurry.

Zeno: *He pulled it out from under his mantle, holding it up to her.* Look, Ammy. It's safe...

Amaterasu: *Everything turned back to normal as she barked cheerful barks, her tail wagging.* Oh, goodie! *Zeno and Waka let out a sigh of relief.*

Angela: *She looked to Zeno and Waka.* P-Please... Let's not tempt Amaterasu's anger.. *She said as she flew after Ammy.*

Waka: *He held the trays, smiling to her.* Ah, I shall go on ahead and bring the drinks and desserts... *He said nervously, looking to Ammy.*

Zeno: Hmph. *He narrowed his large eyes, his hair blowing from the wind outside as he looked over to the cake, already decorated with the cream and fruit. He began to follow Waka, his mantle blowing as he walked.*

Issun: What are we going to do about this mess? *He sighed, looking down at Ammy. He was the only one who really didn't get too shaken up in her anger.*

Amaterasu: *She moved her tail swiftly, the celestial brush beginning to fill in the large hole as she began to use the power of rejuvenation. When she had finished filling in the gap, it took form in reality and fixed the castle.*

Issun: *They all began to head out, Issun pulling back one of Ammy's ears to speak into them.* Hey furball, you'll be testing him, won't you? If night has been kept clear and starry, we'll grant him the gift of movement? *He whispered for only her to hear, her ear twitching.*

Amaterasu: *She looked up, seeing her sun begin to set on the horizon of the Celestial Plain, glancing back slightly.* The test begins.


Harvest Goddess: *She was in her plain, looking around to see if everything was in order. She smiled, dramatically cleaning her dress off.* Oh, the heart of a God still trembles in the face of love! *She placed her hand on forehead, gasping.* Love is much more powerful than I! It's... taking over my willpower! *She placed her hands on her chest, closing her eyes until they opened up dramatically, feeling something.* This feeling... This terrible feeling... It's... it's... *She felt her apron still on her, dramatically pulling it off her as her tears sparkled in the atmosphere.* The apron! How could I have been so foolish?! *It fell down, her hand on her forehead as her eyes closed. She slyly opened a single eye to peek down at it, moving it behind a bush.*


Nightshade: *He was resting in the grass as he kept his eyes closed, continuing his work as he set the sun at a slow gentle pace. The sunset was giving beautiful colours that were painted across the sky, the silver lining of his clouds turning a very beautiful pink. He was painting it for his beloved, his family.*


Harvest Goddess: *She turned to watch the setting vibrant sun, her bracelets shimmering in the soft pink and orange light as her hair flowed smoothly with the Celestial wind.* Oh, and so the Night of Shade sets the day to rest and brings forth the soft glowing light of twilight. Truly the reflection of the divine rays! It's now time... I must go to his plain, and go there posthaste! *She placed a hand on her forehead as she dramatically moved towards the edge of his plain, stopping right before she crossed over as she placed her hands onto the atmosphere, almost as if she had struck an invisible wall.* Nighshade, where art thou beloved? I cannot tolerate waiting no more!

Nightshade: *He kept his eyes closed before he heard the gentle voice that seemed to make the sunset itself glow. He smiled gently as he stood up, moving over to the edge of his plain to go and greet her. As he saw her with the gentle glow of the sunset, he couldn't help but smile.* My beautiful Cefia. I'm here now. I was awaiting your presence since the beginning of day. How are you?

Harvest Goddess: *She spread her arms apart upon hearing his entrance, beginning to float off the very ground.* TADA~! *She floated right above him, trusting in him to let herself fall into his arms as she moved hers around his neck, blushing faintly.* I'm fine, and you are? Say not! For an offering, that is; for I have your offering in my arms as you do mine in yours... *She laid a gentle kiss upon his lips, narrowing her eyes as her hair moved in the breeze that came with it. She blushed, resting her head on his.* I was without my shade, but the fear that has followed the space between us as filled with wonderment. Let us walk to my Garden of Life, where we shall lay amongst your stars...

Nightshade: *He reached up and caught her, holding her close to him as he smiled to him. He kissed her softly as he admired her beauty, embracing her close and tight.* If you would like, my love. This sunset across the sky is for you and my family here. *He smiled as he set her down, brushing her face gently.* I'm happy you're here. I'll admit, I missed you.

Harvest Goddess: As I did you, my sacred gift to life from the moon... I cannot wish to see it and thank it. *She moved her hand to his cheek, rubbing it gently as she blushed.* I have a lovely event awaiting you... To accommodate you're birth to us.

Nightshade: *He looked down at her gently as he gave her a sweet smile.* Cefia, you know you don't need to do this for me. Seeing you is all that I need, but thank you. *He looked up to the sky, still seeing his sunset moving at its good pace. He grinned before wrapping his arm around her, beginning to walk to her plain.* Let's go my love.

Harvest Goddess: *She walked beside him now, placing her hand onto his chest as she giggled.* How could I live knowing I've done no little than held you if not done anything at all? I must do more. Especially on the Night of Shade. I am blessed with your soul! *She moved his hand to her heart, blushing faintly as she closed her eyes.* Do you not hear this? The sound of my soul, resonating with yours? They are a perfect fit. They beat at the exact same moment. I am thankful.

Nightshade: *He chuckled to her words, leaning down as he kissed her softly.* Come now. Let's start our night. Your gentle words have all night to speak to me. *He said gently, curious of this surprise she had*

Harvest Goddess: *She placed a hand on her forehead, moving on ahead in dramatic speed as she felt excitement enter her.* Of course you'd suggest such a thing! This is worth such haste! This rush moves my head, let us run like the wind! It must be here already!

Nightshade: *He wrapped his arm around her as he smiled gently, heading into her plain with her as he continued to set the sun. It didn't seem like his work was getting stopped either when crossing plains.*

Harvest Goddess: *She pointed dramatically as she laughed excitedly, jumping in place. Her head hit his cheek as she did, but she didn't notice.* Oh, the surprise the surprise is heeeeere~! *She hummed, clasping her hands as she giggled and stopped jumping when the others came in view.* Look, Nightshade! TADA~!

Nightshade: *He kept walking with her, admiring the beauty of her plain. It was almost as beautiful as her. He looked over when she stopped, seeing her pointing. He looked forward, seeing the rest of his family before him. He just stared.* What's this..? *He asked, hardly believing what he was seeing.*

Harvest Goddess: Can you believe it?! All the Gods have gathered for the first time on the Night of Shade all to celebrate with us! *She spreaded her arms apart as she spun a few paces ahead of him, turning to face him as she kept her arms apart and smiled, blushing.* Happy birthday, my dearest! Oh! *She hugged him tight, nuzzling her face into him.* I'm so happy.

Nightshade: *He couldn't help but make his smile grow. He rubbed the back of his head, though his hand moved when she pressed herself against him, moving them around her as he rubbed her back.* You all didn't have to do this, but thank you.. *He said as he looked down.* You have no idea how happy I am.

Issun: Well you darn better be! *He said, bouncing in place as the others came to a stop. Amaterasu giggled as she looked up to him, sitting in place as Waka and Zeno placed the food on tables Issun drew out.* You know how much work this was? Phew! Well, happy birthday! Let's enjoy each other. Hear me, you half baked prophet?!

Waka: *He sighed, looking to Issun as he heard his name being called.* Understood.

Nightshade: *His eyes glanced to Waka awkwardly. He could tell he didn't want to be here, but it was nice that he took it into consideration. He smiled faintly to him.* Waka... thank you.

Zeno: *He glared up at the table, his mantle moving swiftly with the wind.* We better not sing that pathetic song the humans do or else I'll blow the cake up. *His eyes shifted to the others, giving him the cheerful smiles they always did which annoyed him.* I'm serious.

Nightshade: *He was really surprised to see Zeno here of all people. Zeno never left his plain. It really meant a lot to him. He felt really special, and he knew just how important this family was to him; tonight showed it. He looked up to the sky, the sunset already almost finished.* Well, let's enjoy ourselves. I have something special for tonight and I'm glad you're all here to share it with me. *He said with a smile.*

Amaterasu: *She barked cheerfully, wagging her tail.* And we're all looking forward to it. We'll go and set the mood while you and Cefia enjoy yourselves. *She turned, glancing back to stare at him as her fur moved softly in the wind.*

Nightshade: *He looked over to Ammy, staring at her for a moment. He knew he had an important task, one that would grant him freedom to see Cefia whenever he wanted. He had to do this for her. He looked to Cefia, wrapping his arm around her.* My beloved, let's go sit together.

Harvest Goddess: Oh, my yes! *She clasped her hands together, walking ahead.* I have this perfect bench in the garden... *She kept talking in the distance, mumbling.*

Nightshade: *He watched how she began to fill her mind with her imaginative thoughts, chuckling to himself as he followed her, his cloak blowing in the wind in her plain. He couldn't be happier than tonight. The stars were beginning to come out with how dark the sky was getting, which was perfect for what he had planned.*

Harvest Goddess: *They reached a garden bench that had the perfect view of the plain, going over and sitting on it as she tapped the spot next to her for her beloved.* Come, sit. Gaze upon the garden as we cherish our every moment. *She slowly held her hand up, narrowing her eyes.* ...Is that a broken nail?!

Nightshade: *He went over to the bench, sitting himself down beside her as he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and relaxing. He glanced over, grinning as she felt herself gasping over the imperfections she saw; though he only saw the perfections to her. He reached over with his free hand, taking hold of her hand that was out and held it tightly.* Cefia, relax my dear. *He said softly.* You're just as beautiful as always.

Harvest Goddess: *She rested herself on him, as the flowers began to bloom around them to her emotions. She got comfortable as she moved her fingers between his; letting out a content sigh.* Our lives... may be that of those whose stories are counting on us, but we bear an evident aspect ourselves that we've picked up from them. Our sense of own livelihood that bear our own stories... To the bigger picture it may be a minority, but to me it is my everything.

Nightshade: *He gently and soothingly rubbed his hand on her shoulder, massaging her softly in doing so.* Cefia.. *He closed his eyes as he smiled.* I have a promise I want to say to you.. I know it's my birthday, but it's something else as well.. *He looked over to her.* It's also the night I want to make a vow to forever to be by your side. I promise.. Whatever I do, it will be for you.

Harvest Goddess: Forever by my side... *She closed her eyes.* Please let it be so... Let your words speak only truth. I do not wish to lose my path that I have already binded to yours.

Nightshade: *He pulled her closer, his hand gripping on her tighter.* I swear it Cefia.. *He leaned in to her face, pressing his forehead on hers. He smiled faintly.* I love you.. *He said as he leaned in, kissing her softly.*

Harvest Goddess: *She placed a hand to his cheek as they kissed, smiling warmly into it.*

Nightshade: *He held their kiss for a long moment, feeling like the night paused just for them. He slowly pulled away, looking down to see her beauty. He made her feel like he was on top of the world. A hand went up to brush against her cheek softly.* Thank you for all of this, Cefia.

Harvest Goddess: *She turned away, smiling.* Yes, well... It was a lot of hardship to attain everybody's assistance. Each contributed nicely into the feast we've prepared~! I was so surprised, but they allowed it. *She giggled*

Nightshade: *He nodded.* I can't wait to try it. *He said cheerfully.* Shall we go enjoy it with our family? *He asked her gently.*

Harvest Goddess: My, I was just thinking the very same thing! Onwards!

Nightshade: *He stood up, helping her up as he guided her to their feast. He never felt more special in his life. He looked ahead to see the others.* Come on back dear friends. *He called to them.* Let's enjoy this together.

Waka: *His eyes narrowed when he heard his voice, glancing over his shoulder as he finished placing the drinks he carefully made, his hat blowing in a harsh wind. He didn't think being around him would make him so tense this much, but he had to suck it up because he did so voluntarily; he could have refused. He was already in too deep.* ...

Amaterasu: *She jumped onto the table, where she was greeted with a lectureful glare from the Harvest Goddess, who in turn grabbed a piece of fruit and lowered it under the table for her to snack upon. Her tail wagged, not seeming bothered by the taste. Issun looked down in envy*

Angela: *She flew over as she clasped her hands together, giggling as most of them enjoyed themselves.* Oh... this is just a wonderful night. Even Amaterasu is enjoying herself. Cefia, I don't think I've ever seen you so happy before.

Harvest Goddess: Aren't I, though? *She clasped her hands, giggling.* It truly must be showing, after all. I'm not hiding my true feelings. Please, everyone, enjoy yourselves tonight. Feast until you can no longer feel your tummies! *She placed a hand to her heart.* Actually that'd be horrible! Please don't pay any mind.

Zeno: *He just stuffed his face as he raised a brow to her weird reactions. At least there was entertainment, he thought to himself. He looked up at the sky, wondering when it would appear.*

Nightshade: *He leaned back as he closed his eyes, relaxing as he too was enjoying himself. They sat around and exchanged mindless conversation to pass time and to celebrate. He knew the others were anticipating his night; which he was doing a pretty good job in keeping the skies clear and letting the night be as dark as possible for the stars to shine brightly with the moon.*

Amaterasu: *She laid on the grass next to the group, yawning as Issun stuffed himself. She opened her eyes slightly to look up at the sky, still wondering how he was able to do something the others couldn't. Each Plain had a limit break where Ammy had placed their power of creations under lock and key; to be watched by her at all times. But the sight of one of them being capable to pass that blockade had her worried and interested at the same time. She knew that he was of special class, and it may just be simply put that it was due to him being adopted into her light that can cause this; or of something else entirely, but it amazed her. She had to keep this power of his watched by her at all times, but lucky her he was in love, and that was enough to assure her he had a good heart. She closed her eyes to dream silently again with that in mind.*

Nightshade: *He was sitting with his family, keeping Cefia in a loving embrace as they enjoyed their time together. The night went on, and he knew now was the perfect time to release his surprise. The sky began to light up in different dancing colours, moving in a wave-like motion.*

Zeno: *Zeno looked up as he noticed this, giving a small smirk. He agreed to do this because of this moment he enjoyed to see every night of shade. His snow white mantle and hair moved calmly as a calm breeze went by him.*

Harvest Goddess: Oh, my! *She looked up with awe bearing sparkling eyes and hands clasped up to her chest.* Are these... what I dream they are? Could it be? Northern lights? *She raised a hand to her cheek, blushing a beat red.* So this is that phenomenon that occurs every night of shade! But these seem much more different than the others!

Nightshade: *He nodded as he smiled faintly, leaning back as he worked his night abilities.* They're all your colours. A silvery white for Zeno, a gentle green for my beloved and Issun, peaceful pink for Angela and Waka, and a fierce red for Ammy herself. I wanted you all to be here to experience it together. You all mean a lot to me, so this is my way of thanking you.

Amaterasu: Nightshade... *She looked up at all their distinctive colorations in admiration. She barked cheerfully, wagging her excited tail with a powerful emotion forming in her heart. She loved her family, and the lights were a perfect demonstration to their companionship. Issun bounced upon her head in delight, feeling all mushy. Ammy giggled quietly.* Thank you. I love it.

Nightshade: *He smiled to them as he relaxed, looking up to the sky.* I'm glad. It takes a lot of energy out of me, but you're all worth it. *He said as he caressed Cefia's cheek softly.*

Waka: *He glimpsed up, observing all the lights for a moment before turning back down towards his plate, which he had finished. He got up and decided to go for a walk* ...I'll be going for a walk, I'll return soon. * He was clearly not impressed or glad that they all acknowledged him who he thought had no right to have.*

Nightshade: *He looked over to Waka, frowning as he held the Harvest Goddess closer to him. He knew he wasn't enjoying this as much as he hoped. He kept the show going on for a long time before they slowly stopped, closing his eyes.* I believe that we should all call it a night. *He said gently.* It was really nice to spend it with all of you.

Harvest Goddess: Yes, I'm quite stuffed! *She giggled, looking over to the others.* Thank you all for making this a fabulous night! *She hummed, moving a hand to her forehead.* It was so beautiful! I think the excitement has gone to my head, I might just faint...

Waka: *He had returned by then, looking over to her. He stepped a few paces forward before noticing that Nightshade had caught her. He stared in jealousy until Ammy walked forward with something to say.*

Amaterasu: *She sat down, looking up to him with a wagging tail.* Nightshade, *She barked, giggling.* I'm astounded. Not only were you capable of doing your job outside your zone, you were capable of doing an advanced creation like the northern lights. You understand what that means, don't you? *Issun giggled, looking at him too.*

Nightshade: *He looked over to her as he moved the Harvest Goddess back to her feet, holding her hand in his.* Does it mean what I think it means? *He said as he smiled gently.*

Waka: What? *He blinked, already knowing he was not going to like what he was about to hear. He looked back and forth between Ammy and Nightshade.* What does it mean?

Issun: It means that Nightshade is able to move to any plain at any time! Isn't that great?! He can continue his duties while visiting anyone he wants! He's the first one in history to accomplish this!

Nightshade: *He rested a kiss on top of the Harvest Goddess' head.* And I will not take it for granted. I swear it Ammy.

Waka: *A harsh wind came the same time the terrible news did for Waka. His hair moving violently until it settled in a silence of solemn. Waka closed his eyes, gripping his flute until it snapped in his hands, surprising everyone around him. The pieces fell and scattered amongst the tall grass that shifted with the wind and blew into the atmosphere. Waka glared to Nightshade a glare never done before towards him, and for the first time he felt conflicted as his blood boiled.* ...Let's see here... The O’ Mighty Nightshade gifted with... freedom of movement? My little furry friend, you must be joking. You're telling me that out of everyone here who has been with you far longer than him, he is granted such? *He glared to Ammy.* First invite an outsider to the Celestial Plain. Then treat him as one of us. And now allow him to do whatever he desires. You know what that's going to lead up to, Amaterasu? Do you want me to tell you?

Nightshade: *He stared at Waka, a bit surprised by how he was acting. Did he really hate him that much?*

Angela: *She moved her hands to cover her mouth, her eyes shaking as she heard Waka speak in such an abnormal way. She didn't even want to try and intrude, for she knew that if she did, Waka would only get angrier. Amaterasu was the only one who could calm him down at this point.*

Harvest Goddess: *She placed a hand to her heart as she felt offended that Waka had been talking this way towards Nightshade. She glared at him, but knew she couldn't speak either.*

Issun: *He hopped in place in his red light, angered.* Just wait a second, you half-baked prophet! What exactly are you accusing furball of? That's none of your business! Why don't you start acting like a REAL God?!

Waka: *He ignored the little sprite, looking at her.* I'll tell you. It's going to cause him to attain power that will one day be uncontrollable to even you. Whatever happened to wanting to always keep a balance in power? That fear of yours of creating a creation that would become too powerful for you to control and mess everything up. That's what you're doing. Right now. *His hat blew to one side as he looked down at the wolf.*

Zeno: *He glared to Waka, feeling as if he had gone too far. His mantle moved violently as did his bow, clenching his sharp teeth.* You sure like to run your mouth. How about you try and take her job and see if those things are easy enough before making cowardly statements? Or would you rather have a taste of what I'm capable of?

Nightshade: *He closed his eyes as his hair and cloak flew in the wind, feeling his hate in the atmosphere around them. He never knew any of them could feel such strong emotions, especially towards him.*

Amaterasu: *She looked up at Waka, hearing all of his words and taking them into careful consideration before speaking.* It's alright, everyone. Please let me handle this. *Zeno looked to her, slowly nodding as he backed away. She didn't turn away from Waka's glare, exchanging it with hers. Her glare spoke a thousand words, almost powerful enough to end all their bickering alone. Waka felt his stomach turn from just staring at her expression. Her fur blowing calmly.*

Waka: *His eyes shook as they narrowed.* W-well? Do you honestly not consider it?

Amaterasu: I do consider it. *She admitted, causing Waka's eyes to widen. Zeno stared at her dumbfoundedly.*

Harvest Goddess: *She held Nightshade tightly, looking to her in slight fear.* Amaterasu... how?

Amaterasu: I did not create Nightshade. I don't know where he's from and I don't understand his powers. They are a double-edged sword with no tag and he it does not come with a simple instruction booklet, either. For all I know, he is indeed more powerful than I am. *She spoke, her fur blowing softly.* Do you think that it's easy for any mother to raise a child that she has no knowledge of? Fear replaces understanding. When one does not understand another they fear what they cannot comprehend. That is a natural feeling in all things. A fear of what lurks in the darkness. Nightshade is no exception.

Waka: Then...

Amaterasu: *She closed her eyes.* But darkness itself is not evil. Darkness is a part of the world. The rising sun is shaded by the moon and in return the moon is lighted by the sun. Where I find darkness I find hope, not fear. There is never something unanswered in this story. There is never something that comes out on a whim or last minute choice. I want to believe that his life is not just a shadow, or someone that was never to be created. I want to believe that in all things there is a meaning. In all things there is a reason for all life. You are all here because you are needed. I do not fear what overshadows my light. I do not claim to understand what those reasons are or why things that even I do not predict happen in the world. Nightshade has done no wrong. He is a hope just like all of you are.

Issun: Amaterasu and I love all of you equally. We're not scared of a power out there stronger than us because we know that when that time comes all of you will be there in the end. All of you will be needed at that very moment. *He bounced in place, looking at them.* We're asking for your prayers! We all want you to believe in us! Even Nightshade's prayers are beneficial! Every living thing has purpose. There's a meaning in all life!

Waka: *He turned his back to them, looking out in the distance.* In the bigger picture, yes. There is meaning in everything. But for people like us who are bounded to life have a choice to either follow it or be dragged. There are little pieces blind to even a God. When a true darkness surfaces and one is not capable of stopping it, can only blame themselves for not doing so when they had that chance. *His words stung Ammy's heart, her ears lowering.*

Nightshade: *He opened his eyes to Waka, his cloak still blowing with the wind with his shaggy hair.* It's a shame I know you mean those words that you speak, Waka. *He said as he turned.* You know.. despite knowing your hatred towards me, I did consider you a close member of my family. I respected you for who you were. I didn't let your jealousy towards me get in the way of how I viewed you. It's just a shame you can't see past what looks to be the fear in your eyes. You fear me. The only darkness I see that you fear is the darkness that is upon your heart. *He said as he began to walk away, releasing the Harvest Goddess as he walked.* Good night to you all. *He spoke gently, a cool wind blowing against them.*

Harvest Goddess: *Her eyes shook as she saw him leave, feeling helpless. She lowered her head, her hair blowing in the sorrowful wind that followed it.*

Amaterasu: *She walked over to Waka, moving a paw above the shattered pieces of his flute. As she reformed it, she grabbed with her mouth and looked up to him whimpering.*

Waka: *He looked down at her, taking his flute.* Good night. *He looked away as he began to walk, his geta breaking the silence as he left.* Consider it in your heart, Amaterasu. Despite what you say; I am sure it is there.

Amaterasu: Waka... *Issun looked at him angered.*

Zeno: *He closed his eyes, moving his arm through the sleeve hole of his mantle to reach his hand to his head, feeling tired.* What a stupid discussion. It's late, so I'm leaving. Good luck with all this.

Angela: *Her wings blew to the wind, seeing all of the boys besides Issun leave them. She looked down.* What a disaster.. Oh Cefia, I'm sorry..

Harvest Goddess: *She could feel tears form in her eyes as she looked down, not wanting to look at anything else. This was a complete mess, and it was highly inappropriate for Nightshade to have to listen to after all the work she had done. Amaterasu turned to her in sorrow, feeling ashamed as her ears lowered. As she began to walk slowly towards her, the Harvest Goddess only backed away, causing Ammy to stop sorrowfully. She didn't want to be touched.*

Issun: What are you doing, Ammy? Don't try to lick the wounds at this point! Nothing you try on the veggie babe will work right now. Let's keep an eye on her, though and check with her in the morning. We need to get going or else you'll not want to wake up tomorrow, again. C'mon..

Amaterasu: I-I'm terribly sorry, Cefia... *She began to walk past her with her ears lowered and tail between her legs.* I'm sorry...

Angela: *She stood there, entering deep thoughts about the situation. After a few moments, she clasped her hands together as she flew into the sky, looking down gently to her friends.* Amaterasu.. Perhaps we shouldn't be apologizing. Excuse my ignorance, but perhaps this was best to let the boys let off some steam. This might have been needed for them to truly bond as one. What is trust without fault in the beginning? I believe we should let this calm down for now and leave it. It isn't anything to be ashamed of because nothing has happened. Words might be a weapon, but it is a weapon of illusions. Words can also be what wounds need to heal. *She spoke gently as her ribbons flew with the wind.*

Amaterasu: Yes... I just wish this could have waited another night. *She added, walking back towards the castle as Zeno did for his plain.*

Angela: Perhaps it was best to be on a special night, dear Amaterasu. *She said as she flew down, landing beside the Harvest Goddess.* Sweet, gentle Cefia.. come with us. Please, for me dear friend.

Harvest Goddess: *Her eyes narrowed, following her in silence as she became lost in thought*

Angela: *She walked with her, wanting to hold her arm and comfort her but she knew she needed space. She looked down, heading into Ammy's castle with her.*


Angela: *A few days had passed and it seemed like a lot had calmed down. Nightshade wasn't upset and neither was her beloved friend anymore. She made sure she spent time with her and Amaterasu to ensure to her that everything was going to be alright. The three were in Ammy's room, and they were enjoying the beautiful sun that was pouring into the window. She flew over carrying a box.* How about we play a game? That would be enjoyable.

Amaterasu: *She laid there as she tilted her head, curious.* What's that you have there, Angela? *She barked cheerfully as Cefia glanced over excitedly.*

Angela: *She landed gracefully on the ground as her wings fluttered, setting the box full of wooden blocks down.* It's called Jenga. I find it rather fun. No one's been able to beat me. *She said cheerfully.*

Harvest Goddess: *She blinked, looking at the blocks.* Oh, I know this! Humans like this game. I bet I'll still beat you, though, Angie~! *She moved a hand to her forehead.* But if I don't, I'll be forever ashamed of myself! I'll be the mockery of the plain for all of eternity!!

Amaterasu: *She looked, giggling.* Not exactly. Why don't you teach me? *Issun jumped off her head to admire the tower of blocks.*

Angela: *She smiled faintly.* Issun, you should play too. *She said as she reached over to pat his head gently.* Jenga is where you have these blocks stacked up. We take turns taking any block besides the top three out from the tower and stack it up more. The first one to knock over the tower loses, and we continue until there is only one person who didn't knock it over.

Issun: Oh I get it! Seems easy enough. Don't screw up, furball! Don't drool on it either!

Amaterasu: Yes, alright Issun I'll try my best.

Harvest Goddess: My, let me go first! *She giggled, poking a block.* TADA~! *She dramatically pushed one out as if it flew out in slow motion, sparkling as her hair flowed in the wind. She almost cried from the beauty of it all as she saw the piece in the air, jumping up to catch it dramatically as she landed, dramatically tossing it up again as she laughed.*

Issun: ...........

Angela: Wonderful, Cefia! *She giggled* But please be careful.. you almost bumped the desk. Place the block on top and Issun can go next.

Amaterasu: *She moved her nose down to Issun and gently pushed him forward as his turn arrived.* I believe in you Issun. Go for the one you think is safest.

Issun: I know, I know, quit shoving! *He began to climb up the blocks.* Watch as the wandering artist Issun takes the prize! All eyes are on the marvelous, spectacular Issun as he valiantly climbed up the tower! He has reached his goal! *He was facing one of the blocks, placing a palm on it.* The crowd watches in awe as the moment approaches...

Angela: *She watched him nervously, almost sweating with the amount of tension. Her, the Harvest Goddess and Ammy all inched closer to watch*

Issun: Steady.... Steadddyyy..... STEADYY.... *He began to slide it out the other end.*

Waka: *Suddenly Waka bursted through the door and caused the jenga tower to collapse over Issun and the others faces. He was holding a gashing wound on his side as his blood dripped off his kimono. Amaterasu shook off the jenga pieces off her head and poked up, much to her fear, whimpering at the sight.*

Angela: *She gasped, startled as she sat up. She looked over with the others, covering her mouth as she stood up, quickly flying over.* W-Waka! What happened to you? *She landed beside him, quickly grabbing him and helping him over. She knew the Harvest Goddess was their healer.*

Waka: Thank you... ma cherie... *The Harvest Goddess stood up dramatically as she stared to him.*

Issun: A wound? Hmm... Hey, where did you go poke your nose in the story this time? *He considered that to be the only place he would have gotten hurt, because nothing reached the Celestial Plain.* and how'd an S rank Universe Lord like yourself drop your guard?

Angela: Ask questions later! We need him to get healed before he bleeds out. *She looked to the Harvest Goddess* Cefia..

Harvest Goddess: *She raised a hand to her forehead.* This is terrible! Please, hold on! *She moved her hands to face him as a warm gentle green energy formed around his wound, her bracelets glowing golden as the wound began to close completely. She was an S class healer, and she was capable of closing an entire wound or even regenerating limbs. However she felt sick at the sight of blood, causing herself to faint the moment she finished. She landed on the warm hay Amaterasu had in the room. Issun bounced towards her, concerned.*

Angela: *She held Waka's arm tightly to comfort him, making him sit down at the table they were at before flying to the Harvest Goddess, landing beside her and moving her head into her lap.* Sweet Cefia.. *She frowned as she petted her head to sooth her.* Waka... please.. tell us everything.

Waka: *He looked down, closing his eyes.* Nightshade has hostility towards me... He struck me out of rage that I could only guess was lingering from that night I was angered... I told you... Amaterasu... I told you of a power that would become tainted...

Amaterasu: Nightshade attacked you...? *Her eyes shook slightly as she heard him speak, standing up from her bed. Issun sweatdropped, looking up in suspicion.* Are you certain...

Angela: *She looked over to Waka in disbelief.* B-But.. Amaterasu... He said Waka was his family the other night...

Issun: That's right. Even if he ever tried to attack you, and trust me I don't blame the guy, because you're a pretty half-baked guy; but even IF he did as much as I don't like you, you have annoying skills that nearly certifies you as an S rank! You're a Universe Lord! I've never seen anyone here get hurt like that before! If you ask me this is a bunch of poop.

Waka: He is of the shadows... I speak only the truth out of the honesty in my heart and breath... Your very words prove my claim, Angela... I thought that very thing myself... I didn't expect my own family to turn against me with such filthy trickery... *He panted, somehow feeling the pain a bit more.* ...His powers have not left the strain on my body... Issun, he too is of S rank... Do you not consider the possibility...? You must believe me... Your words sting the heart. He has a power never seen before... He must not get away or he might strike another of us...

Angela: *She listened to Waka's story, his words moving through her and weaving her a new emotion she had never felt before. She kept hold of Cefia, holding her close to her as she looked down, her hair falling into her face. She had no smile on her face now. The atmosphere was feeling sorrowful and down.* Nightshade.. No... I... I can't.. I can't believe that.. *She spoke lowly, her eyes filling with sorrow for the first time.* He's.. good.. He's like all of us.. *Faint tears began to form in her eyes, a lingering sadness occurring around them with her mood.*

Issun: Hang on a second! Thank Ammy poor veggie babe isn't hearing all this! Are you telling me he's betrayed the Celestial Plain? You know turning against a family member is the worst possible thing in Ammy's book! Think carefully what that means. You better be telling the truth...

Amaterasu: ( Amaterasu's Decision ) *She remained silent, looking over to Angela and beginning to see her tears. She turned over to Waka once more.*

Waka: *His eyes shook as he stared into Amaterasu's.* Amaterasu... please... believe me...

Angela: A-Amaterasu.. *She looked up at her, her eyes filled with tears.* At least... look into this... before you make a decision.. Please.. not just for my sake, but for Cefia...

Waka: *He closed his eyes, leaning back.* It's alright... if you don't believe me... *He narrowed his eyes as he looked ahead with sorrowful eyes.* It's fine... if you choose to look down upon me... It is fine if you forsake my words. After all... *He coughed, tears forming in his eyes.* I've been ill-mannered towards him from day one... I wouldn't be surprised if you overlooked this... But I will ask once more, for the sake of everybody's safety... For my love to you and everyone... to please stop him before... another gets hurt... That is my only request.

Amaterasu: *She heard him speak, feeling touched by his words. She went over and licked his cheek, turning to glare at the door.* ...I will never forsake the words of my cherished family... I will not ignore your suffering. I know you've been struggling with trying to accept him as one of us, and I understand you're doing all that you can to try and protect your family... That's all you've ever been doing, all of your actions are out of concern for us. *She growled lowly as tears formed in her eyes, Issun looking down at her.* I'll stop this... It is unfair to Waka if this is the truth. It hurts me to do this... It hurts me so much... Please... Issun... Please tell me if I'm doing the right thing...

Issun: Ammy... *He looked down at her, feeling her shaking slightly. She was confused and afraid. He petted her head, comforting her.* ...Maybe the half-baked prophet is telling the truth... But I know why you're so doubtful. You don't know what kind of creation Nightshade is. Heck, we've been kidding ourselves from judging him from just his affections towards Cefia alone... Personally, I don't know what the truth is. But... we need to protect our family. Let's go.


End of Chapter 4.16.3
Chapter 4.17

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