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Roleplays and Adventures
Here are some of the writing pieces that I've done in the past and some continuing as we speak. Enjoy reading it, for these are important to my heart.
[TB] Chapter 4.16.2 - The Gods Lament
Harvest Goddess: *She had walked for quite some time, but it didn't seem like she was at a lost for breath or anything like that. In fact she was still energized. She looked around for Angela, humming as she occupied herself and admired her plain* Oh, the Harmony Plain! Such peaceful creations that truly dignify the hearts of angels! *She raised a hand to her cheek, blushing faintly as an apple fell from the pile of fruit and veggies she held.* I'm almost wanting place a blue feather in this gift to him.

Angela: *The plain had a beautiful meadow spread across the whole place, the grass long and flowing in the gentle, warm breeze that was inside. Cherry blossoms flew with the wind, leaving pink patches in the meadow of green. In the distance were many cherry blossom trees that varied in size and shape. The sky was almost as a deep blue as Angela's eyes, giving the clouds that moved above what seemed to be an aura of pureness; the silver lining as they call it. The clouds looked as if Nightshade himself made them especially for her with how perfect they were. The rustling of the grass blowing and the cherry blossom trees playing in the wind echoed through the air with the wind. Amongst the grass were golden roses and buttercups that kissed the sun that Ammy brought up every morning. Even some of the trees were decorated with golden ribbons and vines. In the center of her plain was a rather large tree, though it wasn't a cherry blossom tree. The tree had the deepest green leaves along with deep magenta flowers blooming and hanging from it were golden ribbons that blew in the wind. Hanging from one of the branches was a swing that moved gently in the wind along with everything else, harmonizing the whole place as if it were heaven itself. Angela was on this swing, her wings folded slightly to her back as she was looking up, moving herself at a nice pace until she saw her good friend come here.* Oh! I wasn't expecting you to come here. What a wonderful surprise. *She said as she stood up, her wings unfolding and spreading out with her joy.* How are you this beautiful morning?

Harvest Goddess: *She looked over, blushing as he raised her hand to wave.* Oh my, you're not at the castle this time! I was just passing by on my way there, how fortunate! This is ever so wonderful, it makes me want to... *She raised her hand to her forehead, closing her eyes.* Live here forever... But I mustn't! For I am needed in the kiiiitcheeen~! *She sang, little birds in the Plain landing on her arms.*

Angela: *She went over to her as she moved her hair back, smiling to her.* I decided to check up to see how peace was doing in the story.. everything seems to be alright, so I'm just relaxing. *She smiled bigger when she heard how the Harvest Goddess was so happy to be here.* You're welcome here any time, that is when you aren't busy. *She looked up when she heard her mention the kitchen.* Needed? Are you cooking? Oh.. your food is always amazing. *She said cheerfully, the nostalgia making her so happy that she began to fly into the air.* What are you making this time?

Harvest Goddess: Oh something scrumptious to be sure! I think for what I'm making, however, I'll have to grab ingredients from all the Plains! It's fortunate that I took a few nightshades last night with this in mind! They may be poisonous, but I heard that Nightshade would love them well cooked. ...And even if they aren't edible, I'm the Goddess of Harvest. Making something with all sorts of things from Plains would be the divine dish I've been dreaming. Please, you must help me in my quest for love!

Angela: Oh how romantic! *She giggled as she clasped her hands together tightly.* Cooking for your one true love.. you must feel so amazing around him. I'm sure he feels the same way too. *She landed as her dress elegantly moved against her legs.* I would love to help you.

Harvest Goddess: Oh, good! Because I was just wondering what your Plain would have in store for me, with all these wonderful looking things! I must ask you; what should I use from here, with of course your permission?

Angela: *She smiled warmly to her as she felt cherry blossoms blow against them.* I have the perfect thing. *She said as she flew into the air towards the tree, reaching into the leaves. She struggled for a moment, but she pulled out something that looked like pure gold as it shimmered in the sun. She flew back to her, reaching over as she stayed in the air* It's a golden apple. *She smiled.* They're really sweet, and I'm sure Nightshade will like it.

Harvest Goddess: My how wonderful! *She dropped all her things just to grab it, raising it up to Ammy's crimson sun up in the sky as it sparkled over her face.* This is divine! This ingredient is perfect for the divine dish that even the taste buds of Gods would savor! In fact, it's so beautiful that I.. *She placed a hand to her forehead, blushing faintly.* I may just faint!

Angela: O-Oh! Don't do that.. *She said as she flew behind her, holding her up as she giggled.* If you faint, who will make Nightshade his dish? Come on, let's go see what else we can find. I'm sure Zeno will have something.

Harvest Goddess: Wh-what? Ze-zeno? THE Lightning Emperor, you say... I was hoping we could leave the dear for last! You know, because I don't really think he'd let us use things... we need to come up with a plan first! *She sweatdropped as she felt Angela pull on her wrist. She looked back at all her ingredients on the floor, giggling as she snapped her fingers and created a Gold cooking pot to place all the ingredients in them so far, having it float with them. She didn't know why she didn't think of it earlier, I guess she enjoys getting her hands dirty being the Harvest Goddess.*


Angela: *She flew for a little while as they headed to the edge of her plain, soon landing so she could walk. She was excited to Zeno. He seemed to keep to himself just as Nightshade did, but she didn't really understand why either. He was a sweetheart and a good soul. She and the Harvest Goddess chatted along the way, enjoying their time together like always. Soon they made it to Zeno's plain.*

*As soon as the Plain of Harmony ended, the usual meadow and angelic breeze that carried the blossoms stopped dead in its tracks, as the ground had drastically changed into a cracked, old white earth. The cracks on the white earth were a glowing purple, as mountains on the Plain were in view. The tips of the mountains were shrouded in dark purple clouds that were charged with white and purple electricity that occasionally struck the mountains. The wind that transferred over from the Harmony Plain had changed into a devastating current that reigned down through the white mountains. It was pretty cold on this plain. At the center of the plain was a purple mountain that distinguished itself from the surrounding smaller ones. The clouds didn't cover this mountain's tip, instead circling it as white lightning constantly struck the same spot, powering the mountain itself to run the plain's energy. They had arrived on Zeno's Lightning Plain.*

Angela: *She kept hold of the Harvest Goddess as they walked together, feeling her trembling for whatever reason. She looked around, smiling as she felt joy fill her heart like usual. She kept walking, wondering where Zeno was.* Isn't it wonderful here? I wonder where he could be...

Harvest Goddess: O-oh my! *She saw purple lightning strike beside them. She placed a hand to her forehead.* Such a rush! Truly this plain as kept up with its reputation! The aggressive behavior reflects our knight of the Celestial Plain! You can tell that the age of the plain is undeniably older than even myself! This is a veteran's plain! *She spun around, as lightning fell all over, dodging each strike as she raised her hand up to sing.* Oh Zeno Bell, where art thou? Come forth! For the Universal Lords Cefia and Angela summon you!

Zeno: *He arrived right in front of them in a burst of white lightning that struck down with him, his hair and pure white mantle moving aggressively with his temper. His piercing trademark eyes scaring the living daylights of the Harvest Goddess, only being able to shout 'TADA~' in fear.* What?! What is it you girls want from me!

Angela: *She didn't even react to Zeno's entrance, continuing to smile gently to him. She let go of the Harvest Goddess who looked like she was going to faint to go to Zeno.* Oh Zeno.. I'm sorry if we were interrupting, but we were wondering if you could help us. Cefia is making a dish for Nightshade because it's his birthday. She wants to get something from each plain to cook with so it will be extra special. *She said as her wings fluttered with joy. She reached over and took his hands into hers, holding them gently as she looked to him.* Could you possibly spare us some of your time to help us? It would mean a lot to us.

Zeno: *His mantle moved on its own, as if it were alive. It moved in soft flows, as he looked up to her approaching him. His expression bared a less aggressive one, hearing what she had to say.* So the day of Shade is upon us. I kinda figured, with all the clouds across the plain lately. It's on every night that those interesting patterns show up in the sky. Because I like those, I guess I can lend a hand.

Angela: *She giggled cheerfully, squeezing his hands before she leaned down to hug him quickly.* Oh thank you Zeno! *She was even more excited, but she released Zeno to stand beside him.* Nightshade will be so happy to hear that everyone's kindness has been added. Everyone here has such beautiful spirits.. *She looked to the Harvest Goddess.* Did you have something in mind?

Harvest Goddess: *She raised an arm up, her other to her chest as she blushed to his rare kindness.* Oh, Zeno! You have blessed my heart! Your kindness will not go unnoticed by the gift of nature! Does it not fill your heart with divine rainbows? *Zeno just stared with an annoying expression.* Please, it is your plain! Why not suggest the most divine thing you could think of? After so, why not join us on our quest!

Zeno: Yeah, yeah, enough with the drama. The... most divine thing? *He looked to his side, glaring around as his mantle moved more calmly.* I have this rare lightning bolt inside of a bottle just up ahead. You can use it to heat up your... divinity.

Angela: *She looked around his plain, before he suggested the lightning, smiling gently.* If you don't mind giving it away, then we will. *She said as she flew into the air to obtain it.* Only a few more to go!

Harvest Goddess: *She clasped her hands, going to hug Zeno, making him all aggrevated.* Oh, Zeno! Thank you! Now, we must head to the Flute Plain! The plain of Waka!

Zeno: *He glared, jumping away from her with the speed of lightning, landing back to the ground. He glared up to her, but looked to Angela's determined expression.* I... should go with you. I don't want the lightning bolt to be mistreated and the two of you end up hurting yourself like idiots.

Angela: *She kept flying, really not fearing for the lightning strikes. She looked down to them, smiling.* Don't worry Zeno. We'll be alright.

Zeno: *He glared forward, continuing to walk with them* I insist. Just don't touch me again, any of you. *His mantle moved with his hair, walking with them. He was much shorter than the two, resembling a six-year old more than a God.*

Angela: *She kept going forward with the two, flying ahead of them at a slight distance. As she flew with elegance, she didn't really notice the lightning strikes in the distance and they were getting closer to them.*

Harvest Goddess: *She didn't notice either, skipping along as she danced with her cooking pot, the bolt of lightning in the bottle moving around.* I can't wait to give Nightshade this dish! It'll be the best thing he's ever tasted! I hope Waka will also be as kind!

Zeno: Quit moving around so much, unless you want the lightning to spill out and fry you. *He noticed Angela flying pretty high, causing his mantle to move more aggresively.* You better watch where you're flying there... Hey! Do you even hear me?! *He sensed a lightning bolt heading towards her, causing his mantle to move on its own. It began to stretch out, covering her in a ball as the lightning struck it, sending lighting to Zeno. However it didn't affect him, his hair only responding with wild movement.*

Angela: *She had no idea that she was indeed in a danger zone height, and when she suddenly saw the ball go around her, she was a bit startled, covering her mouth with her hand as she gasped and flew in place. She waited for him to take it away before she flew downwards.* Zeno... you saved me.. *She said, smiling gently to him before she went over and hugged him and placed a kiss on his little cheek.* Thank you.

Zeno: *He rubbed the kiss off, glaring ahead.* What did I say about touching? Get off me! You're a bunch of babies. *He walked ahead, breaking free as the Harvest Goddess sweatdropped, seeing him more of a child than any of the five.*

Angela: *She saw how touchy he got, standing up straight as she smiled. She knew deep inside Zeno liked it a bit, but she wouldn't embarrass him anymore. He was already stepping out of his comfort zone to do this for them. She looked to the Harvest Goddess, giving her the reassuring look as she followed after him.*

Harvest Goddess: *She followed along, the gold cooking pot in toe. She raised a hand to her chest, feeling love in the air.* I simply cannot await tonight! My beloved Nightshade, the ebony flower of the garden of my soul! We'll feast under the starry sky that he would create, and I can barely see myself conscious in his arms... *She placed a hand to her heart, letting out a gasp of love, following by a long sigh.* Angela, you must look at the same sky tonight.

Angela: *She felt her wings flutter with joy as she clasped her hands together.* I wouldn't miss such a night. I promise you, I will see them tonight. *She looked to Zeno with slight hopeful eyes.* Zeno..?

Zeno: *He didn't look back, still walking ahead of them as she called out to him. His shawl and hair flowed in his movements.* I know.

Angela: *She giggled as she closed her eyes in happiness.* Oh how wonderful.. we're going to celebrate today as a family. Perhaps Amaterasu will allow us to go to his plain for the night

Harvest Goddess: My, what a wonderful idea... *She looked ahead to Zeno, then to Angela. She raised a hand to her cheek, blushing.* What's more, perhaps the two of you could also bond. You both wear such wonderful bows, and you connect so well! *She raised her hand, closing her eyes as she put the two on the spot.* It is the night of love!

Angela: *She gave a nervous giggle, hoping she wasn't being serious. The Harvest Goddess loved to see life as a giant soap opera, so she was used to it, but this time it felt different. She didn't want to say anything either, knowing Zeno would probably throw lightning at them and ditch out on coming tonight. They headed out of his plain to get to Waka's pain*

Zeno: *He didn't pay any attention to her comment, heading towards the edge of his plain to step over to Waka's. He just wanted to get this whole ordeal over and done with so the night would come quicker. As they approached the Flute plain, it was completely filled with windmills. All sorts of sound and music could be heard, as totem poles and ponds could be found. Zeno thought that this was the strangest plain out of them all; because he could never predict what else Waka would create. It was all a meadow like Angela's, and had fields of farms like Harvest Goddess'. Waka enjoyed to have all sorts of things at his disposal, though his plain was the only one with its own theme song.*

Angela: *She always loved Waka's Plain, finding it very harmonious and gentle. She flew up into the air with how excited she was.* Waka! Are you here? *She called out as she looked around.* We need your help, sweet Waka.

Waka: *In the distance, he was sitting upon a stone as he played a relaxing tune on his flute. Behind him was a spinning windmill, surrounded in a luscious pond with lilipads and flowers, seeming to represent Amaterasu's water walk ability. Waka also had the same ability. His tune changed to the different noises in his surroundings, harmonizing with them as his hat blew to one side. His eyes gently opened with Angela's voice.*

Angela: *She looked around, trying to spot him. When she found him, she couldn't help but fly over to him, stopping in front of him as she watched him play for a moment. She was smiling to him with her gentlest smile. He always played the most beautiful songs that touched her heart.* Waka.. that sounds wonderful. *She said as she giggled.* I'm so sorry to interrupt your song, but we have something to ask you.

Waka: *His eyes narrowed as he smiled back, moving his flute to his lap as he watched Zeno and the Harvest Goddess approach, much to his shock. It was very rare for almost all of them to be in one place, at least, all the people he actually enjoyed besides Nightshade.* Good afternoon, mon amie and ma cheries~. It is a very rare request, I foresee. Zeno, you should relax. You seem too tense, my friend.

Zeno: Your plain makes me uncomfortable. It's too clean for me. Can't I blow up one of the windmills, at least? The last one I blew up was simply accidental. *The background had a flaming windmill, causing everyone to sweatdrop.*

Waka: *He moved his resting foot on his leg down, leaning his body to look at the fire on his field, slapping his own forehead to point at it after twirling his flute between his fingers, pointing at Zeno and the windmill continuously as he turned speechless.* Ze-ZENO! Why, mon amie?! I do not go to your plain and destroy your mountains, do I?!

Angela: *She saw the two fighting, almost at the point where she was going to frown.* Now now.. *She said gently as she gestured her hands in a calming matter.* Zeno said it was an accident, Waka. He willingly came here to come and see you with us. We're all family. Please don't get angry at him. *She said as she gave him her gentle eyes.*

Harvest Goddess: *She placed a hand on her cheek, sighing as she shifted her eyes to the side, her braids moving with the gentle wind Waka created.* I suppose this is the real reason Amaterasu minimizes confrontation. She fears the wrath of the Gods turning against themselves, and that would cause problems in the story. Disasters, even! *She raised her hand to her forehead, closing her eyes as she nearly fainted, Waka going over and catching her.*

Waka: Harvest Goddess! Please do not faint on my plain, I would never forgive myself! I bid adieu to the fighting, so do try and relax and tell me what it was you sacrificed your hours to flatter me with your presence?

Angela: *She flew down and landed beside Waka and the Harvest Goddess, gently resting a hand on his shoulder.* Well, do you know what today is, dear Waka?

Waka: *He turned to her, causing him to let go of the Harvest Goddess and have her fall on Zeno, as he held her up with just one hand, glaring at Waka for purposely doing that to him. The Harvest Goddess kept making dramatic positions, having Zeno to struggle keeping her up until he just let her drop, going to destroy another windmill.* Ah, mon cherie... I believe it is the day of Shade...

Angela: *She nodded as she giggled, happy Waka remembered considering he wasn't too fond of Nightshade, but he would see his true colours tonight. She knew this was the perfect opportunity for the two to bond.* Well, Cefia wants to make him a special dish to eat tonight while he gives us his beautiful night. She wants us all to help by giving some sort of item from their plains to add to it. We're all hoping to go to his plain as well, with Amaterasu's permission of course. Could you please help us? *She asked him, taking his hand into hers as she looked down at it, slightly playing with his fingers.*

Waka: *He looked to her, very uncomfortable that his rival-in-love was the center of attention tonight, even for Angela. Another windmill exploded in the background, but Waka just kept looking to Angela, sighing. He knew her heart wouldn't allow his to be tainted by the subject. He thought it a good opportunity to spy, as well.* ...Purest Angela, I will do this only to your request. *He twirled his flute, bringing it up to play a happy tune.* I shall find the item of which you seek, and present it you posthaste.

Angela: *Her smile grew as she moved her hands together and pressed them against her heart.* Oh Waka.. I knew your heart was as gold as the sun Amaterasu brings to us every day. Allowing yourself to step out of your comfort zone to give Nightshade a wonderful night with his family and to get to know him.. That thought alone makes me so happy that my heart could just sing along to the gentle sounds of your flute. *She said as her eyes sparkled in the light as they looked up at him, and in the sky looked to be a rainbow forming.* Thank you, sweet Waka.

Waka: *He sweatdropped, closing his eyes as he swallowed the praise he was most certainly not deserving of. It did make him feel bad, but Nightshade made him feel worse.* Ah... My sweet Angela, please don't shower me with so much of your kindness.. I will not complain, but I will try my best to enjoy the night. *He walked away from her, heading to his lilipad pond. His bright red geta that bared one tooth, reaching for the surface of the pond as he walked upon it. Though this appears to make it easy for Waka to be knocked down; but Waka moved more skillfully than he himself let on. He walked across the water until he reached down to pluck a pink berry with a petal design from the flower of a large violet lilipad that bared them.* This... is my finest treat to gift to him. *He closed his eyes, feeling angered that he would actually give him it.*

Angela: *She watched how Waka began to walk away, seeing he was slightly pained for some reason. Maybe him swallowing a bit of his pride was leading him to believe he was partially wrong. She kept smiling, watching how graceful he moved across the water. She admired his skills a lot. As he came back, she looked at the berry in slight awe. It looked beautiful to her, and Waka's kindness was shining out of his heart to her. She moved a hand on his cheek as she brushed it softly.* Oh Waka.. You're such a gentle soul.. *She said as she placed a kiss on his cheek.* Cefia! We only need one more; Amaterasu herself. Then we can make this together.

Harvest Goddess: *She admired the berry too, even being so small. She watched as it was placed inside the golden cooking pot, giggling as she blushed, moving a hand to her heart.* Oh, Waka. I'm almost tasting the divine dish from being this close! Angela! You're absolute words have rushed my head! *She pointed dramatically towards the castle.* Our mother must have by now returned to the castle for the evening to prepare, and we must catch her to present ourselves with the final ingrident! Let's go, everybody!

Zeno: *He held his palm towards a flaming windmill as he heard the Harvest Goddess speak, his shawl moving wickedly. He lowered his hand, walking behind them as they began to leave. Waka just stared at all the flaming windmills in disbelief.* Oh good. I was starting to get bored.

Angela: *She took Waka's hand as she pulled him forward, heading towards the castle with everyone else. She knew Zeno didn't mean it.*

Harvest Goddess: *She looked inside the pot, seeing her harvest, Angela's golden apple, Zeno's thunderbolt, and Waka's berry. She hummed, feeling so excited that she tripped over a stone, and because she was holding the pot instead of using her magic to have it float, it began to fly into the air, spilling everything out all slow motion and dramatic-like, as she screamed dramatically holding her hand out towards it all dramatically AND shaking her head dramatically.*

Zeno: *He frowned when he saw this, looking up with a nervous expression. He jumped into the air with the speed of lightning, being so fast that it looked like he teleported, catching the bottle as he landed with it, being careful not to aggravate the bolt. He wiped the sweat off his forehead, glaring down at the Harvest Goddess.*

Waka: *He dashed quickly, the sounds of his geta clucking as he spun, stopping and stretching out his arm with his flute to catch his berry at the very end of it, almost miraculously. His hat flowed in his movements, settling as he took his pose to catch it.*

Angela: *She covered her mouth as she gasped, quickly jumping into the air as she flew forward. She moved her hands out in front of her as she caught the golden apple, sighing as she stopped herself from flying so fast. She landed on the ground gently.*

Harvest Goddess: *She got up with dramatic speed, as she began to magic dramatic poses to catch each one of her fruit and veggies. She placed a hand on her chest to raise her other arm up to catch the celery, spinning and using her other hand to catch the watermelons that stacked together, moving them into the center of her circled arms to catch everything else.* TADA~!

Waka: Such a close call... *They all began to put it back inside the golden pot.* Are you alright, Harvest Goddess? *He twirled his flute until it met with his lips, playing a quick get-well tune.*

Harvest Goddess: *She placed her hand over her mouth as she was flattered, giggling as she gestured her other hand to make him stop with the compliments.* Oh, Waka. You act as if I were turned to stone or something!

Angela: *She giggled as she went over and hugged her.* Please try and be more careful.. This has to be perfect for your love! Come on, we're wasting time. *She said as she began to head off again.*

Zeno: *He followed her, his shawl moving aggressively as he got annoyed with all the sidetracking. They began to head towards the castle of Amaterasu, leaving Waka's plain.*

Harvest Goddess: I hope she's home... *She sighed, feeling worried and anxious, placing a hand on her cheek with her other hand on her wrist.*

Angela: *She smiled to her.* Take deep breaths.. You need to relax before you give yourself an anxiety attack.

Zeno: *He pushed the door open, walking inside with them as they all headed to Amaterasu's room. Since Zeno was small enough, he just walked through the doggy door like it was normal.*

Waka: *He just stared at him, sweatdropping as his eyes gave a glance like never seen before. He snapped out of it when Harvest Goddess knocked politely, followed by Zeno's yelling. He told them she was in and to just open the door.*

Amaterasu: *She tilted her head as they all entered, Issun jumping up off her nose. She seemed a little disappointed that all of them left their plains, but she noticed the Harvest Goddess, thinking it was part of the gift.* Oh, hello...

Harvest Goddess: *She bowed to her to her, raising a hand up as she gestured politeness.* O Mother, I'm so terribly sorry! I've involved everyone in the Day of Shade without any consideration, but I just had to do it. We should all spend tonight together as a family, because it is his big day. We have all pitched in for the cherished dish I wish to create, and we were hoping if you'd lend us your graceful paw!

Angela: *She kept her hands folded as she stood beside the Harvest Goddess.* I know we're upsetting you by being here as one group, but it wasn't our intention to do so. We just want today to be special for him because of his situation, Amaterasu. *He said as her wings fluttered.* And you're part of this family, which is why we would love it if you joined us.

Issun: *He jumped off her head, looking up at them with his red glow.* We give permission for nature toots to go and use the kitchen, and you all end up leaving your posts?! What kind of thing lead up to something like that?! Even on the day of shade, it's just like any other birthday! What's all the fuss for something that's year round?

Zeno: *Electricity began to form around his raised fist, his eyes glaring down at Issun as his mantle moved wickedly, as he gritted his razor sharp fangs as he glowed in a purple aura.*

Issun: *He bounced back, sweatdropping.* Eek! A-Ammy, you got it from here...! Every sprite for themselves!

Amaterasu: Zeno, you too? I wouldn't have thought you'd be involved in this. I'm actually quite surprised. *She stood up, stretching out her body as she yawned.*

Angela: Please understand Amaterasu and sweet Issun.. We all just want it to be special for him because of his situation. *She stared at them with her blue eyes.*

Zeno: *He lowered his fist, his mantle moving more calmly with his bow, his arms retreating underneath. He closed his eyes.* This isn't just a simple birthday, either. *He defended, narrowing his eyes as he gave a smirk to Amaterasu.* Isn't a sweet sixteen suppose to be rumored to be memorable?

Harvest Goddess: *She looked to Zeno, quite in shock as she raised her hand over her mouth.* My, Zeno. You follow such a human myth? But, it really is his sixteenth years since arriving on the Celestial Plain! My, you hold quite the valid point! *She placed a hand to her chest.* For us, it is the same as that which you speak! We should honor it, for we did find him in the human world!

Amaterasu: ...Very well. *Everyone smiled as she spoke, scratching behind her ear with her hind leg as Issun bounced around.* For tonight only, I will take over the job for the four of you. *She said, keeping in mind that she was testing Nightshade tonight to do his own while attending. She barked cheerfully, wagging her tail.* Why not head to the kitchen and start?

Angela: *She giggled as her wings fluttered.* I'm so happy right now! Amaterasu, we would like it if you provided something for the dish Cefia is making too. We want it to be from everyone.

Amaterasu: *She walked ahead, looking back to them as Issun jumped back on. Her divine instrument glowing its light.* Yes, but It's already there. I'll go with you.

Waka: *He walked with her, looking down as he smiled.* You’re not planning on using that sake that was used to drunken the dreaded Orochi?

Amaterasu: H-how did you know...? *She lowered her ears.* I thought it was a perfect ingredient. It's power is so great it was able to turn invincibility into vulnerability, when my ancestor Shiranui...

Zeno: *He walked ahead, shifting his large purple eyes to her as he bared a frown, his bow bouncing as he walked.* We know, you've told us that story a billion times already. Give it a rest.

Harvest Goddess: *She giggled, clasping her hands as her hair flowed in elegance with her dress, her bracelets dangling together as she raised her arms.* I think it's a splendid addition, O Mother! Will you really part with it?! It means so much to you...! *She raised her hand to her forehead, the bracelets chiming together.* It's as if you're pouring your very soul into the dish! That alone makes its divinity outshine all of Celestial Plain!

Angela: Come on, Cefia! *She giggled as she reached over, pulling her ahead as everyone else followed.* We don't have much time left!


Harvest Goddess: *As they entered the Celestial kitchen, they immediately stepped upon a golden tilted flooring that sparkled as if none has ever walked over them. The kitchen was a massive one, spanning the very perimeter of the room. At the center were large cooking counters and stoves, and the walls hanged golden kitchen utensils. Red carpets warmed the floor across the aisles, as all kinds of different looking godly pots and shelves ringed the walls.* Oh, goodness me...! I always love coming in here!

Angela: *She looked around in awe as everything seemed to sparkle and glitter. It was almost as beautiful as Ammy herself.* Wow... Let's enjoy this to its fullest, Cefia!

Harvest Goddess: *She hummed as she giggled and skipped behind her, spinning in all her beauty as they reached the golden stove in front of them, raising the pot onto the stove as all the ingredients began to gently move out and march in a single file around her, moving to the counters as they landed in an orderly fashion. She raised her hand.*

Amaterasu: *She barked cheerfully, running to the shelves until she looked at the sake up above, jumping and scratching it as she whined. Issun simply sweatdropped as her tail wagging from excitement.*

Waka: *He played his flute as he walked down one of the aisles, his hat moving in elegance with his movements. His geta clucked an echo through the room as he made his way to Ammy, helping her get the sake down.*

Zeno: *He just stared at them, glaring with his frown.* ...Just tell me when you're ready to heat it up.

Angela: *She looked over to Zeno, seeing his frown. She went over and knelt down with him.* Zeno, be happy. Nightshade is your friend just as he is with all of us. We're all doing this together

Zeno: *He glared to her with his large eyes, his mantle moving aggravated as he looked back to the others.* Then what are you doing taking up time? I'm just here to make sure the lightning bolt doesn't destroy you all. Go help the Harvest Goddess and leave me be.

Angela: *She stared at him for a moment, wanting to question his idea but she wouldn't dig into it. She stood up and went over to the Harvest Goddess, helping her get items needed for cooking.*

Harvest Goddess: *She held out a giant cutting knife, beginning to chop her fruits and veggies all dramatically as she blushed, suddenly wearing an apron, all the pieces entering a golden bowl next to her as they moved gracefully along the atmosphere, almost sparkling with her adrenaline. She had one of her foots raised as she raised her hand while still chopping, singing a high note.* I'm chooopping the fruuuuuuits and ceeeeleeeerrryyyy!!

Angela: *She watched her in awe, her speed going at an incredible pace. She had no idea the Harvest Goddess had this sort of skill as well* Oh Cefia.. could you teach me to do that? It's remarkable. *She said cheerfully*

Harvest Goddess: *She blinked, handing her the knife, much to everyone's concern as they tried to signal her not to do so behind Angela's back. She was too dense to understand them though, thinking they were cheering her on.* Well, sure! If you really want to! *She placed a hand on her cheek as she raised her other hand up.* I'll teach you how to chop until you drop!~ *She giggled, causing all the others to fall in disappointment; except Zeno.* OKAY~! Start chopping on this expensive glass cutting board that never seems to shatter! *She pointed while placing a large pineapple, waiting with a big smile.*

Angela: *She reached over to grab the knife, about go grab it by the blade that shimmered in the sun with how sharp it was. As everyone else gasped and wanted to scream at her, her hand moved to the handle as she held onto it firmly, looking at it.* You know, this is the first time I've ever had something really dangerous in my hands.. The worst I've had was Amaterasu, but she wouldn't dare cause myself any harm. *She giggled as she looked to her assigned section, staring at the pineapple all determined like. She rose the knife into the air before attempting a slice, but all she did was scratch the surface.* Look, Cefia! I'm doing it! *She smiled as her wings fluttered.*

Waka: *He slowly looked at the tiny piece of skin that fluttered its way down to his shoe, giving a blank expression that caused even his eyes to look as if they had no pupils, a blue depression weighing down on him as he watched, along with Amaterasu and Zeno. His hand slowly shook as he pointed.* Pe-perhaps you should try to cut a bit quicker... and deeper, ma cherie...? *Amaterasu's ears perked up, slapping his leg with her paw until he noticed what he had just said. He covered his mouth as he turned as pale as Zeno, in who just stared up at him like he was an idiot.*

Angela: *She felt her happiness sort of pull away as Waka spoke, glancing back to him as she blushed.* R-Right... quicker and deeper. Thank you, sweet Waka! *She said cheerfully, unaware of his words the way Ammy and the others saw it. She tried to speed up, but she felt the knife get stuck inside of the fruit, trying to loosen it.* O-Oh... It's stuck.. *She said as she blushed, trying to slice it free. She kept struggling, using more force. She managed to get the knife free, but it ended up flying out of her hand with the force, flying backwards as it twirled through the air, stabbing into the wall and staying there. She gasped, covering her mouth as she looked over.* A-Amaterasu! I'm sorry!!

Amaterasu: *She just blinked, seeing as the knife was just above her own head. Issun's hat cut in half as his color turned a fearful purple, slowly turning into a white as the little sprite fell unconscious. She sweatdropped, raising her tail to start to paint a message to herself on her back stating to never ever allow Angela around sharp objects, even signing it off as she slowly trembled in place, not knowing what else to say.*

Angela: I promise Amaterasu, I will fix that for you. *She said, feeling extremely bad.* L-Let me.... go get that.

Everyone: NO!

Angela: *She was a bit startled by them yelling, stepping back. Her hand went to reach for the counter behind her, grabbing hold of the glass cutting board and ending up flipping it. It sent the pineapple flying forward, hitting the floor ahead as well as the glass board smashing on the ground.*

Waka: *He pointed his flute at the shattered glass in fear, placing a hand on his cheek as he trembled.* I-I THOUGHT YOU SAID THAT NEVER EVER SHATTERED! EVERYTHING IS A LIE IN HERE! *Amaterasu looked at Waka, who seemed to have lost it.*

Amaterasu: Waka, sweetie, why don't you be the clean up in the kitchen? I'm sure Angela would like that...*She sweatdropped, painting a broom for him.*

Harvest Goddess: *She placed her hands on Angela's forearms, giggling nervously as sweat dripped down her forehead.* A-Angela, dear, how about you go and prepare the sake and leave the cutting for me? We cannot handle your divine abilities, for our small hearts cannot take it! It's best.

Angela: *She looked to the Harvest Goddess, her eyes shaking. It looked like she was going to frown for the first time, causing a strange aura in the room as everyone saw this.* C-Cefia... *It felt like doomsday was going to hit with how her sadness was approaching. As the worst seemed to come, she closed her eyes and smiled brightly.* Alright! Thank you for watching out for me. You're such a dear friend..

Amaterasu: *She walked towards a different aisle, grabbing and biting on to Angela's clothing as she tugged it to follow her, deciding that she'd be her next tutor for mixing and flavoring, a much less dangerous job. As she brought her there, she could hear a rip from her dress, causing her to panic and quickly repair it with her tail. She didn't want Angela's mood to be even more unstable than it already was, looking up with widened eyes as she hoped she had not noticed. She gave a disturbing, uncharacteristic grin as all her teeth showed, Issun just facepalming.*

Angela: *She followed Ammy as she was still cheerful, so cheerful that she didn't even notice Ammy ripping her dress or causing more potential chaos. She looked to Ammy's freaky smile, bypassing the awkwardness as she smiled big back to her.* Oh.. you're all so kind. Thank you for putting up with my clumsiness.

Amaterasu: *She jumped up onto the counter, causing the others to just stare, not use to seeing animals on top of kitchen counters.* I'm God, I can do what I want. Get back to work. *They all looked away like nothing happened, causing her to look back to Angela.* Okay, Angela. You see here this bowl? *She moved her nose to touch it.* It's going to have this here sake in the mix. *She pointed her nose to the sake, causing it to fall as Ammy just stared at it all spill out. Issun face palmed.* Oh... Heheh. *The others stared to her, as Ammy stared back with the same glare as before, causing them to look away. She looked back, as her red markings on her fur began to glow as she reversed the mistake, having the sake bowl stand back up with the sake spilling in.*

Angela: *She looked at the bowl, nodding before she looked to the sake, feeling determination grow. She always loved it when Ammy used her abilities, even if sometimes she seemed to take it for granted; generally to prove a point to her friends here with her. She smiled as she reached for a spoon, looking at it with determined eyes.* I will mix my hardest for you, Amaterasu! *She said as she reached forward, her hand shaking with the spoon, slowly inching towards the bowl. She moved it into the bowl, smiling as she saw no troubles at all. She began to mix slowly, looking down at it.* This is simply wonderful!

Amaterasu: That's wonderful, Angela. Keep it up, and we'll be done in no time. *She smiled, looking at the sake begin to sparkle.* I wonder what else we could add. The divine dish could be anything, afterall. We create it with imagination and love and it's sure to come out as we want. *Zeno just looked at her as she said it; he seemed to doubt that any of them even had cooking skills at this point.*

Waka: *He finished sweeping, the floor sparkling even more than before as well as his eyes, feeling mighty proud of himself. He twirled his flute between his fingers to play a happy song, watching his reflection on the tiles.*

Angela: *She giggled as she continued to mix, humming a bit as she did before she looked up at them.* Oh, Amaterasu. What did you tell Nightshade anyways? I mean, was he suspicious?

Issun: We didn’t tell him anything! *He jumped down, looking up at her as mixed, bouncing towards other things on the counter.* Well in that case, let's try using a whole bunch of tasty stuff! *He grabbed onto sugar, pulling it.* Let's just dumb a whole lotta sugar! Ngh...! This is so heavy...!

Angela: *She looked up, giggling at Issun as she kept mixing.* Issun, please be careful... That bag is much bigger than you. Do you need some help? *She asked, reaching for him.*

Issun: *He bounced in place in his pink light.* Aw, sure toots! You know how I like it when you help, sugar! *Ammy sweatdropped.*

Angela: *She smiled gently to him, picking up the sugar and trying to open it.* Oh... this hasn't been touched yet.. I'll just open... it... *She struggled, but when she added a lot of force, the bag ripped open, causing her to get pushed back with the force and sugar flying everywhere including a lot in the bowl* Ack!

Amaterasu: *As she felt a blanket of sugar covering her from paw to nose, she shook it all off her as Issun tilted the sugar off his head like a shovel, making a pile the size of himself next to him. Ammy looked up to Angela also covered, giggling as Issun's light turned red, bouncing and lecturing the two's behavior.* Yes, yes, Issun... Not to worry. *The red marks on her fur began to glow, cleaning everyone off as taking most of the sugar in the sake, leaving just the right amount as it all went into the bag.* Let's see, now. What else could we add?

Angela: Well.. *She felt herself think hard.* ...What.. exactly are we making? Maybe that will help.

Amaterasu: *She looked down at it, feeling curious herself.* You know, I'm not exactly sure. I'm not a cook. Remember when I said to just add anything and use imagination?

Issun: Exactly! You don't really need to think about these things! I doubt Nightshade would mind. *He looked at syrup, dragging the bottle towards the bowl.*

Angela: Well... No, maybe he won't.. but it would certainly help us figure out what we're making.. *She flew into the air, looking around the kitchen.* Do you not have a cookbook or something here, Amaterasu?

Amaterasu: *She wagged her tail as a cookbook came flying from a bookshelf in the distance, flying through the other aisles and nearly knocking over the Harvest Goddess as it came to them and landed as it kicked up dust.*

Issun: *He coughed.* Oh, dang. That thing must be older than Shiranui. *He coughed, swatting the dust away.*

Angela: *She flew over beside Ammy, feeling her nose tickle from the dust* O-Oh... I'm going... to.. *She sneezed, causing her to fly back and bump into a shelf that looked like it was going to fall over.*

Issun: *He bounced in place, noticing it about to fall on Zeno who just stood there impatiently with everything. This was no doubt going to cause the entire castle to be obliterated if it really happened, causing his light to glow in a purple light.* A-Ammy!! Look!!

Amaterasu: *She dashed off the table, running towards it as she jumped over Zeno in what seemed to be in slow motion, pushing the shelve back as she wall-jumped, autumn leaves bursting out of her mid-air jump in grace; landing down as she sat, looking up at Angela with her tail wagging.*

Angela: *She gasped as she saw all of the chaos breaking out, covering her mouth with her hands. She blushed majorly as she felt herself grow embarrassed.* Oh.. Amaterasu. I'm so sorry.. I'll be more careful..

Issun: *He fell back relieved, letting out a sigh.* So much work from just mixing... *He turned the book cover opened to more dust, sneezing a small, cute sneeze himself as he looked through the pages.* Okay...*Sniff* Angel babe, come pick something out for us.

Angela: *She flew over and landed where Issun was, picking him up and holding him in her palm carefully as she flipped through the pages with another. She kept moving through until she stopped, gasping.* Oh, Cefia!! You should come and see this. *She said, amazed.*

Harvest Goddess: *She had finished up the last of the veggies and fruits, cutting them up into the bowl as she threw the knife into the air and went over to her dramatically, the knife landing perfectly back in the knife set case, clasping her hands together as she looked down.* Angela, what is it?!

Angela: Look.. *She pointed at a picture of what looked to be a huge feast as well as a cake in the middle.* I think we should do that. *She giggled.* I mean.. with your food it would just make tonight perfect!

Harvest Goddess: Oh, the cake! How lovely! It's more than enough to share with everybody else, too! *She looked over the other things around the cake, getting straight to work.*

Waka: Ah, that would take us the rest of the evening. By the time we're finished, it'd be time. Where are we bringing the food?

Harvest Goddess: To my plain, of course! *She giggled.* We can all have a big picnic! Wouldn't that be lovely?

Angela: *She nodded.* It will be wonderful.. I can't wait. *She giggled.* All of this happiness makes my heart just flutter with joy. Let's get going! We can start the cake seeing how we have part of the batter already.

Issun: Oh, I see! Can we just pour in the flour and milk? *He looked down, thinking they had the order wrong.*

Angela: Yes. *She smiled as she looked at the book.* As long as it's all together, it should be okay. Can I trust you to do it, Issun?

Issun: *The little sprite nodded, bouncing over to the flour bag as he tugged on the top.* Leave it to... me! You can count on it...! Ugh, stupid thing...! *He caused it to lean over and spill out, the flour flying everywhere.* .......

Amaterasu: ....... *She sighed.*

Angela: *She gasped, covering her face as the dust cloud of flour filled the kitchen. She coughed, fluttering her wings to try and clear it.* Dear Issun... are you alright?

Amaterasu: *She went over to the milk, tugging on it.* Really, Issun. You should really leave this to us-- *The milk spilled over, causing her to look down as Issun sighed.*

Angela: *She stared at the milk as it spilt everywhere.* Oh dear... This is turning into quite a mess isn't it? I'm sorry about this Amaterasu..

Zeno: *He was standing next to them seeming to have came out of nowhere, with his arms under his mantle as he gave a Ammy and Issun a glare of disgust and annoyance, causing them to bow to him in shame.* I've had it with this corner. All I've been seeing here is failure! Get out of my sight and let me take over, or else we'll be stuck here all day!

Amaterasu: *She lowered her ears, as Issun lowered his antennae as they slowly creeped away.* Yes, sir...

Zeno: *He glared to Angela, grabbing the bag of flour violently without even looking at it and pouring a bunch in while still giving a murderous glare, placing it back and using the same hand to grab the milk, pouring that in. He threw the bottle to the side, having it crash into pieces as his hair flowed off his face violently, his bright purple eyes shining under the light.* Start mixing!

Angela: *She was startled by his sudden change of attitude, but she nodded and smiled brightly* Yes sir! *She said as she grabbed the spoon and began mixing.*

Zeno: *He violently picked up the cookbook, turning his head to glimpse through the instructions. He had never cooked before but he knew he could do it more efficiently than the other two idiots, he thought to himself. Though he knew bringing an animal and a sprite to do this was a bad idea to begin with, as much as he respected them. The instructions began to confuse him, causing him to place the book down and wing it.*

Angela: *As she kept mixing, she looked up at Zeno, seeing him get more confused as he read until he pretty much got fed up and stopped. She blinked, staring at him.* Zeno... do you know what we're doing? *She asked cheerfully.*

Zeno: *He glared up to her, feeling insulted she even asked that stupid question. He brushed the mixer out of her hand until it slid across the counter, leaving a mess as his mantle moved agressively.* Of course I do! Put it in the oven for thirty minutes! I can read stupid cookbooks!

Angela: *Her eyes shook as he snatched it away, almost as if she were going to frown.* Z-Zeno... I had no idea you were such a cook! *She smiled widely.*

Zeno: *He stayed silent, turning to look at the cookbook a bit more. He didn't bother to further amuse her, letting her go do what she was told. He skimmed through the book, turning the page.*

Angela: *She watched him before inching her way closer, looking over his shoulder as she stared down at the book.*

Zeno: *He closed his eyes, feeling her presence still there as he shook in anger, hoping it was enough to clue her in to what she was asked.*

Angela: *She kept staring down, her long hair beginning to fall down and her fluttering wings causing a breeze in the room; almost like she was breathing down his neck.*

Zeno: *He opened his eyes, glowing a bright purple aura as the room's atmosphere became charged, as he closed the book and snapped her out of her daze.* Get going!!

Angela: *She looked at him, blinking as she didn't seem really afraid of his anger. Her deep blue eyes stared at him.* But Zeno...

Zeno: ...What?! What could be simpler than that! *He yelled, already impatient with her.*

Angela: This is a family project.. You shouldn't get so angry.. I think you owe Amaterasu and Issun an apology. *She said as she took the bowl, moving forward as she looked for a pan.*

Zeno: *He rolled his eyes, not caring for what she had said. He didn't care much for being here at all in the first place, much less to cook. He watched as she got the pan.*

Issun: ...You think they'll be okay...? *He questioned, sweatdropping.*

Amaterasu: I just like that Zeno is getting involved. *She wagged her tail, watching.*

Angela: *She poured the mix into the pan, looking at Zeno.* You said thirty minutes? *She asked with joy in her voice. She liked this cooking business. Maybe her and the Harvest Goddess could do this more often.*

Zeno: Unless you have too much wax in those ears of yours, yes, I did say that. It also says to be sure to take it out of the oven no sooner or later, and to pour it into another bowl and mix it as fast as you can. We let it sit and start putting the icing and sliced fruit that Cefia made.

Angela: *She blinked.* W-Wait... But if we mix it after it bakes, it won't be a cake anymore. I think we just cook it and then cool it and then decorate it. *She said logically.*

Zeno: Shut up. *He looked up to her, not caring for the details as much as he should.*

Angela: *She continued to work, moving to the oven as she stared at it.* H-How do you do this... Zeno..? You know more than me. Could you help me?

Zeno: *He glared, walking over as his bow bounced in his steps.* Can't you even open up a simple stove? *He looked at it, seeing it looking more complicated than it had to. He sweatdropped.* ... Fine, I suppose I can do it for you since this thing is stupid. *He reached out for a button, pressing it as it made a weird sound, causing him to stare at it with shaking eyes.* What the- *It began to get louder, causing him to kick it.* Shut up!!! *It went silent, leaving a dent on the bottom.* Let's try this one. *He pressed another, causing it to slam open and hit his head, causing him to get a large bump. He almost had small tears in his eyes from the pain.*

Angela: *She watched how he inspected the ovens, finding it a bit cute that he seemed determined. She gasped when all she heard was a large smashing sound.* Zeno! *She placed the pan down and went over, putting her hands on his shoulders as she knelt down. She leaned in and kissed his head* I'm sorry.. Did that help?

Zeno: *His eyes shook as he felt the unexpected kiss. It didn't take long for them to glare, slightly pushing away as he blushed very faintly.* Don't be stupid. How would that help me? *He rubbed his head, his mantle moving calmly with his bow. He looked over, wanting to make the oven explode but he wouldn't; it was the only one. He'd do it later, for sure. He turned away from Angela.*

Angela: **She smiled faintly as she saw his blush, not bothering to say anything else to him. His blush spoke enough to her. She stood up as she looked to the oven, opening the door carefully as she put the pan in.* Okay... now how do we turn it on?

Zeno: *He sweatdropped, looking back up to the oven as he lowered his hand back down. He looked at all the other buttons, walking away.* Wait there. *Moments later he arrived with a large wooden spoon, keeping his distance from the oven as he tried various buttons with the spoon. One of which caused the oven to finally heat up, throwing the spoon away.* There. Now leave me alone.

Angela: *She smiled as she saw that Zeno accomplished something she could never do, watching through the glass window on the oven door as their cake baked.* Cefia, how are you holding up over there? *She looked over her shoulder*

Harvest Goddess: All done~! *She giggled, looking to her all excited. They were all just waiting on the cake at this point.* It's almost time for me to go to my plain, or else he might think something's wrong.

Amaterasu: *She barked cheerfully, wagging her tail.* Then how about you leave the food to us. We'll go ahead and bring it over to your plain, but remember to keep it a surprise.

Angela: Ah, what a wonderful idea, Amaterasu! Yes, Cefia go and stall for us and keep him company. *She said as she went over and gently moved her forward.* Entrust us with getting this all ready.

Waka: *He leaned against the wall as he tapped his shoulder gently with his flute as he had his arms crossed and his head lowered. He slightly frowned, looking over to the excited Cefia.*

Harvest Goddess: *She clasped her hands, spinning out of the entry way as she hummed.* Oh, the excitement! I feel dizzy...*They heard a large crash.* I'm okay!

Angela: *She watched how she left, smiling as she folded her hands together.* Oh... look how happy she is... *She kept smiling even through the crash.* It's true love.

Waka: I'd hardly call it that. *He added, looking back to the kitchen as he sighed. He went over and delicately prepared the drinks made from his berry, seeming to have an endless tasty juice inside almost as sparkling as the outside. He mixed the pot, looking away from them as his hat flowed behind him.*

Continued: Chapter 4.16.3

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