Hopefully, you come back to this, and hopefully you have made progress with Josh, and there are so many other things to hope for, but that would be unrealistic. We're not that type of person - in fact, it's quite the opposite. Anyways, this is a list of links for the people/person that you promised to update about your work with Josh to make that cover/rework of "I Will Possess Your Heart" by DCFC:


It'll surely surprise them/him/her since they/he/she will most likely have already forgotten about this whole ordeal. My faith has been feardropped into the onset of your popularity. We have to remind each other to take these steps against the current. You always know how, yet you never know why. In the past, I hold the phenomena of forgetting , for it is the flipside of the coin of remembering. I tell you this because this is the atmosphere of the event during the creation of this list. If there is no one else, you still have us. We are you, and we are the only ones you should fight for then. Isn't it surreal? The motivation of the human mind is seeded by...well, humans.