Poetry Dump

Every now and then I get the urge to write stuff. Most of it never get's finished, or stinks if it does, but I never claimed to have any skill.
Still, as someone once said, "I'll write it down. It might be read. Nothing's better left unsaid. Only sometimes...."

This Journal entry is going to be for those times. wink


What if, when the end arrives, it all means nothing?
All the struggles, all the pain, and all the strife.
What if when our time is done there isn’t one thing
That last’s a moment longer than this life?

What if all we have is just this fleeting moment?
And when we’re gone it’s like we’ve never been?
What if nothing’s left to show for all the time spent,
Stepping over one another for our dreams?

What if, when the end arrives it all means nothing?
If when we’re through there is no grand reward?
What if all the prophets, all along, were bluffing?
Just ruling us with words instead of swords?

When we’re lying on our death beds barely breathing
And our lives flash one last time before our eyes
Will we finally at that time give up believing
That truth could ever be born out of lies?

What if when we’re finally done it all means nothing?
All the glory, all the gold and all the fame?
Then surely if we’re here, there must be something,
That justifies the suffering and pain.

Surely then, the answer must lie in the living
Simply in the way we go from day to day
When we learn we grow far richer in the giving
Then we’ll surely live on long beyond our days.


The blade so sharp, the cuts so clean
The pieces drop and fall unseen
You hardly even feel the pain
But slightly less of you remains.

With every tiny slice removed
With every shred of hope disproved
With each diminishment you take
You bend yet somehow never break.

Your wounds don’t ever seem to heal
Your life’s blood flows and won’t congeal
You stagger, aching through your days
And smile despite your soul’s malaise.

You wear the mask your friends expect.
And hope that none of them suspect,
The weakness that you try to hide;
The awful truth you keep inside.

The truth that there’s so little left
Your smile belies a heart bereft.
A heart with nothing more to give,
And cannot answer why you live.


Love Beyond My Reach

I’ll never get to hold you close, and tell you it’s alright,
When someone breaks your fragile heart, although I wish I might.
I’ll never get to tell you what you so deserve to hear.
You’ll never know I cry with you, each time you shed a tear.

I long to gaze into your eyes, and tell you all I feel
To cherish you, and keep you safe, our lives together, seal.
My heart was yours right from the start, although you’ll never know.
You won it just by being you. I long to tell you so.

But fervent as my love may be, it can’t be realized
There never will be “You and Me”. We’re so by fate despised.
All I can do is send these thoughts across our distant shores,
And pray that someday you’ll receive the love that should be yours.