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The life of me
This is some of the stuff about my life and about me. Thats pretty much all it'll be. Nothing too specific.
The Secret
Hey, so I haven't written in a long time, and I know that. But right now, I want to update everyone who gives a s**t about my life. It's mostly complaining about crap, so if you're gonna tell me off for that, don't read it! Okay, so here we go.

I'm starting school in about two weeks. High school. After having been home schooled for four years, having just moved, and still having no friends in the new place. Sounds interesting right? Well okay, not no friends, I have two. One is moving a week from yesterday. And the other is going to a completely different school. Uniforms, also, are a must, for some strange reason. What kind of high schoolers are forced to dress like everyone else? Ooh, right, pretty much everyone in the state that I live in. Fun.

Then there's the story of my mother and father finding out about my sexuality. They had no idea about two months ago. Okay. So once upon a time... yeah no, gonna skip the story book entry. Anyway, what happened was.. I was walking by a lake near my home with my phone sticking out of my back pocket, I had no idea. So as I was walking around, suddenly, something hits the back of my leg. I realize a little too late that it's my phone. I try to scoop it up from it's place, sliding down the slope, toward the lake, but trip and fall, missing it completely. It hits the water. I scoop it out, it's only like two inches (5 cm), but I panic and literally run home. When I finally reach my house, I get a bag of rice and stick my phone in. Jump to a couple days later, when my mom finds it. She reads my texts to one of my friends, and thus, she has found out. I get grounded for a week. Worst. Week. Ever.

Then finally, there's last night. I tell one of my friends one of my secrets, like.. a really big one, that I've never, ever told anyone. She freaks out. She's still mad at me, I think. And I'm numb. Well, not really. I feel like my heart was torn out and that I'm slowly dying inside. Even though I know she wasn't thaaaat mad. It's kinda just like.. I'm sorry! I hate myself, please don't hate me too. Seriously, ouch. I didn't sleep much. I kept waking up. And honestly, I cried myself to sleep, I felt terrible.

Anyway, I'm trying to stay optimistic. I really am, but right now, it's a tiny bit hard. I hate that I'm having so much trouble with it but I'm trying to remember, things will be the way they are meant to, and it has to get better eventually, right? It's gotta. Like, seriously. But yeah, that's my life in the last couple months. Thanks for reading and leave your comments at the bottom, if you will. But if you've got nothing nice and/or encouraging to say, then don't say anything.

Onyx Serenity
Community Member
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  • User Comments: [4]
    Free Pantsu
    Community Member

    Fri Jul 26, 2013 @ 06:45pm

    What was the secret Sydney?

    Onyx Serenity
    Community Member

    Fri Jul 26, 2013 @ 06:52pm

    Does it really matter? It's not really important, Ben.

    Community Member

    Fri Jul 26, 2013 @ 08:07pm

    Sorry this happened, it must have been hard for you. Though, if these words bring any comfort, true friends never stay mad for long. I'm sure that once she's had some time to calm down, she'll realise it's not worth ruining your friendship over something like that, no matter how big a secret it was. I hope things get better soon though! <3

    Free Pantsu
    Community Member

    Sat Jul 27, 2013 @ 07:15pm

    I guess it doesn't then.

    User Comments: [4]
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