A maid and Man

A warm day, a warm dream, a not so warm wake up. A thud could possibly be heard from a few houses over. "Wake up already! You'll be late for school!" a loud, obviously female voice could be heard. The covers that are now on the floor start to shift a bit before a boy with brunette hair and blue eyes sits up "Alright alright. I'm up already... I'll get dressed" he sighed. "Well you better! Just because mom and dad aren't alive doesn't mean you can laze around." the female said before leaving the room. The male uncovered himself before standing and stretching a bit "You know what Iris, maybe you'd have a boyfriend if you were more girl like!" he says quickly getting his clothes on and pointing his finger at the door, waiting. "What did you just say!?"she said kicking in the door, clearly angry "And maybe you, SUNKU, would have a girlfriend if you weren't such an a**." Iris stomped out of the room.

--Ran out of ideas currently.. I'll continue this later.--