Lordran: Quest of fire

Chapter 1 = The asylum's dark sign

In the cell in the Undead Asylum on the outskirts of Lordran there was a knight that laid there unconscious. The sound of something big was atop the Asylum and the sound a body dropping from a hole in the ceiling woke up the knight in his armor. The knight looked around for a second before looking up at something peering down at him. It looked to be another knight that had dropped the body. The other knight gave a nod before heading off elsewhere where the knight in the cage had gotten to his feet and he looked back to see the knight gone. He looked around the cell he was in and it was just brick walls with a cage door. He walked over to the door finding it was locked. He looked to see what all he had, and it just seemed all he had on him was a key. He tried to use the key on the door but it didn't seem to fit right. He looked back at the corpse from earlier and searched it for a second before finding a key on the corpse. The knight looked back at the door and used the key on it and the door opened. He then headed out the door and began looking around as he could hear fighting on the roof above.

"Ok, alot of questions I want to ask, but I don't see anyone around to answer my questions." The knight spoke aloud before beginning to head down the hall. There messages on the wall that were written crazily. The knight shook his head and began heading out. He got to a ladder and climbed up it getting to a door way and walked out to an open area. He looked to see two doors, and what looked like a small bonfire infront of him. He walked over to the smaller caged door, but it looked as though it was locked from the other side. He then heard the fighting stopped nad just shook his head.

"That's interesting, but how would I...." He stopped when he looked back at the bigger door. He head over to the big door and began pushing it open. He looked as he got into a open room with another set of doors except one door was open already. He looked around checking the room as he walked towards the big door. He then heard something as he looked up and dodged out of the way just in time as giant demon jumped down from the ceiling. It had a giant axe in it's hands. The knight looked around quickly but couldn't find any weapon besides a hilt of a broken sword. He just sighed as he looked to see the open doorway and then he dodged out of the way seeing the giant demon attacking him with the axe. He then burst ran for the door rolling to the side out of the way from his attack and then got over to the door with a gate shutting behind him. He looked to see another one of those bonfires as he breathed heavily. He sat down at it to catch his breath and all that was in the room was just water and stairs to another door. He got up and looked around door seeing something that looked human in rags. The thing had a bow and the moment he stepped around a corner the thing fired an arrow straight at him and he quickly picked up a shield that was near by. He charged at the person or thing and picked up a broad sword on the way and stabbed it straight into the thing.

"What...was that?" He said only stopping to breath as he looked at the thing. It almost looked human except for the skin. He took off his glove on his right hand and noticed he had the same skin. "What is going on?" He asked himself as he kept going through. He spotted this white light blocking the door way. He walked up to it and putting his hand through the door way and then began to walk and white wall began to disappear. He looked around and saw that there were two paths to take but the left lead to a dead end. He headed forward to two sets of stairs. He headed to the one that was down below and came to the gate that was blocked from one side and he opened it and then began to head back up the stairs. He headed to the second set and then heard something coming down from the stairs. He dodged out of the way of a boulder that came down from the stairs and going through the wall behind him and he looked and saw that it was a room. He turned back towards and headed into the room. It was a dark room with just a light coming from the ceiling by a hole that was newly formed as brick were beginning to wall and on the pile that was on the ground was a knight, and it was the same knight from before. He walked over to him.

"You aren't hollow, you're that prisoner from before...ggghh...listen I was leaving for my pilgrimage to ring the two bells in lordran, but alas my time has come....gghh...please will you do this knight of astora a favor and ring the two bells of lordran." The guy was speechless and nodded as the one guy held out his hand. "Take this....you'll need it for your travels, and the key for the door up ahead." The knight said as he took both and then walked out of the room as the knight breathed his last breathes. Our hero knight headed up the stairs feeling sorry and angry at the demon that had jumped down. He began slicing his way through a few hollows to to come upon another white wall. He walked through and below him was the giant demon and the knight jumped into it and stabbed the demon in his eye. He jumped from the demon seeing it still standing. He let out a roar as the knight began chopping at it's thighs and with in seconds the demon fell to the ground still alive. He rose up his sword and plunged it straight into the demon's head. He removed his sword from the demon's skull. He saw a key and took it and saw that the big door was locked. He walked up to the door using the key on the lock and pushed the big door open stepping out onto a graveyard cliff. He walked to the edge looking around just as a gigantic crow flew up and picked him up by it's talon's and flew off into the distance.