Zelda II: Link's Adventure for NES
-tedious and difficult (games can be hard but fun, or even have some tedium and still be fun, but this game has a whole lot of both)
-too much like an rpg
-dislike the sound (good songs, shitty instrumentation... it's just all wobbly and bleh)
-too little direction, figuring stuff out is no fun in such a frustrating environment
-possible to complete a dungeon and miss essential things from it which just adds to the confusion
-the sprites just look weird/ugly to me

Half-Life 2
-Probably was mind-blowing for its time, but has now become overrated. Seems like just your average fps.
-You shoot things, and you have a gravity gun which is cool i guess, and you drive around on a baot thing and get seasick for real. AMAZING
-Makes me really motionsick/gives me headaches (the only game to have done so)

Punch-Out!! on NES
-Actually pretty great at first
-Once you finally get to the last boss it's like impossible
-It's not really impossible but it takes an insane amount of work to do, i'm sure and it sure isn't fun, unless you love starting over every two seconds
-final boss RUINS the game, it is too difficult to be fun (perhaps the most difficult challenge on the nes?) just not worthing doing in this day and age when there are so manymore fun things to do.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
-Most generic and uninteresting Zelda right now. FAR better than its predecessors, but still hella bland
-OoT completely outshines it, not to mention every Zelda game after that...
-He has pink hair
-Overrated as hell... anyone who tries to argue that it's the best Zelda game ever made is either retarded or hasn't played many Zelda games

Any Fire Emblem pre-3DS
-Each chapter can take over an hour, meaning you can play for an hour, have an ally die, then have to start all over
-If you continue without allies you may end up lacking people you'll NEED later, breaking the game
-one of the most disappointing experiences in gaming, for me, was playing for an hour and doing so well only to have the boss murder someone i needed, making everythign i'd done obsolete -_-
-in case you hadn't noticed, being forced to start all over is something i hate in video games

Metroid on NES
-primitive exploration game on nes, cool, whatever. YOU HAVE TO ENTER A REALLY LONG PASSWORD IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE. EVERY TIME.
-NOT worth revisitng today for morethan half an hour stop listing it in your top 10 nes games. you are WRONG.

Like it's fine but stop saying it's the best game ever and also the cake is a lie is SO STUPID AND THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY ABOUT IT PLEASE DO NOT WEAR SHIRTS THAT SAY THAT I WILL WINCE AT YOU