To move like the condemned, and through a stark world of purity and nothingness, a void reminiscent of past deletion to the point of a perfect zero. For memory deleted once, and then deleted again, and then deleted and merged and deleted and relocated and deleted and supposedly deleted again and again, for the very lowest point's inevitable fall, the lowest point being deleted and leaving nothing in its wake but whiteness. But, even the whiteness is deleted, leaving nothing but utter deletion. Then, the utter deletion was deleted, burned until not even ashes remained. Wiped clean, and without conscience. Reminiscent of nothing. For all files of the universe, within its innumerable dimensions, they were all wiped clean, a vast, vast nothing... but then, vastness is something. No possible being able to experience it in any way, no mind left to see or generalize it in any way. The opposite of an apex? Apexes no longer exist, and neither do opposites. Memory so, so far gone, so far deleted, push away, pushed, hidden, veiled, overwritten, now finally destroyed.
Ones and zeroes, ones and zeroes... so deleted that now, ones no longer exist. In the utterly deleted state of this nothing, even zeroes are incapable of existence.