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Yatsuatari Tetsumune
Steel Jaw

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[General Information]

Character Name:
Yatsuatari Tetsumune







A-Ranked Missing-nin


[Personal Information]


Kekkei Genkai:
Tetsu Shinzui (Iron Spirit) - Stage Four

Hand-to-hand combat
Widespread knowledge with weaponry
Great Knowledge of Science & Anatomy


• Combat/War
• Loud Music
• Alcohol
• Science
• Medicine
• Bribes
• Dominance

• Peace
• Quietness
• Freebies
• Lazy People
• People that Complain
• Unintelligent People
• Animals

Obtaining as much power as possible

Dying too soon

Widespread knowledge of Kumogakure

Favourite Food/Drink:
Any kind of meat

Least Favourite Food/Drink:
Anything Beverage Related to Being Sober

Yatsu is, in short, a brute. He has a huge issue with anger, and gets pissed off at the slightest thing. He is narcissistic and refuses to do anything for free or out of good nature. He might be willing to do something out of simple enjoyment, but he doesn't get anything out of it, it's probably not going to happen.
Yatsu loves to make fun of people. If he finds even the slightest humorous thing about someone, he'll probably make a joke out of it. He's pretty sadistic as well. He even hunts for his own food and lets the animals die slowly.
On the other hand, he's inclined to help pretty much anyone if the reward is larger than the risk. He's paranoid about it though. It couldn't be called cautious, but he's definitely wary of anyone he ever runs into. This makes it impossible for him to make friends, although he's not afraid to put on a facade if necessary.
Unfortunately, this becomes difficult due to a minor case of schizophrenia. He hears voices in his head and often talks to himself.

His entire body is filled with scars, although a lot of them are self-inflicted or were created by his father. Not because he's a masochist, but more so related to science and testing out his own limits.

Muscular throughout his entire body
He's strong enough to move just fine while using the full extent of his Kekkei Genkai


Unknown (Constantly Varies)

Philosophical/Social Viewpoints:
"f*ck everyone. I'm the king of this damned world! No, you're right. Monarchy implies I'm giving my reign to someone else."

Religious Viewpoints:
"Didn't we just go over this? Everyone is beneath me!"

Romantic Viewpoints:
"I don't have time for that sh*t!...unless she's the only heir to great power...and her old man's going soon. Heh."

Iron Spiritl
Like all members of the Tetsumune clan that obtain the kekkei genkai, Yatsu naturally obtained his first stage between the ages of 8 and 10; for him, it was just before his ninth birthday.
Between the first and second stage, Yatsu became adept with the ability Kiden, allowing him to manipulate the Senji present in his body fairly well for his age. In a "skirmish" with his father, Yatsu almost died, but die to his Kekkei Genkai, he saved his own life, effectively awakening the second stage. This occurred at the age of 11.
After becoming a chuunin in Kumogakure, at the age of 14, Yatsu was sent on a fairly dangerous mission. Killing was only supposed to occur if necessary; however, Yatsu lost his anger and recklessly attacked, eventually killing everyone necessary with his bare hands (well, bare for him, they were surrounded in Senji).
Before this mission, Yatsu already experienced outbursts of anger, and knew something like this was going to happen. He had enough foresight to see that he was going to eventually have to turn against the village due to his actions. As such, right before the mission, he taught his only friend the Kiden technique, knowing very well what that meant.
Upon becoming a missing-nin, Yatsu's former friend was eventually sent on a mission to track down and kill Yatsu. If the village knew the specifics about the Tetsumune's KG, they probably would have sent someone else. Unfortunately for them, Yatsu killed his friend. Since this friend was the person he taught Kiden to, Yatsu would also obtain his final stage.

Daddy Issues
At first, Yatsu's relationship with his father was just fine. He worked as a scientist for the village. However, once Yatsu obtained his Kekkei Genkai, his father constantly performed cruel, torturous tests on him. He was trying to test the extent of the clan's abilities, claiming that it was for the sake of the clan. As such, even before his teenage years, Yatsu developed hundreds of scars all over his body. He wore clothing that covered his entire body to hide them.
He obviously didn't want to talk to his father, and his mother was often too scared to defy the man. Yatsu believes that this is the reason he developed schizophrenia, essentially giving him someone he could talk to.

Going Rogue
After his mission that involved obtaining the third stage of his KG, Yatsu was eventually arrested for his actions. His father pleaded with the village leaders to excuse his actions, supposedly caring about him, but in reality, he simply needed his guinea pig back.
Yatsu spent a year being incarcerated, from age 14 to 15. A rumor spread throughout the prison that Yatsu was going to be executed. This wasn't true, but it gave Yatsu a reason to escape. And he did just that, taking out dozens of guards and freeing hundreds of inmates.
Upon escaping, Yatsu fled the village, having to kill a few more people that tried stopping him. He temporarily worked with a few of the prisoners he helped escape, taking up odd jobs and robbing from people to survive. Most of them were mercenary jobs, essentially assassinations that didn't involve caring about eye-witnesses and public attention. After a little while, Yatsu knew this was his style of work, but he didn't really care for working with so many people; less of a reward. As such, he split from the group. Most of the members angrily attacked him, only to die in a bloody battle. The rest either feared him or simply knew they were no match.
Aside from mercenary work, Yatsu followed his fathers footsteps after learning a lot from him, working in medicine in science, eventually creating his own lab and base of operations. It took forever to complete it, but he gradually built an entire building made out of Senji.

[Combat Information]

Above Average

Great Muscle Strength

Lightning Ninjutsu (Kind of)
Not Very Cautious

Fighting Style:
Can Fight at Any Range
Tends to Disregard Danger
Kind of Sporadic

Primary Class ~

Secondary Class ~
Medical Ninjutsu

Tertiary Class ~

Chakra Colour:
• Raiton - Lighting Release
• Doton - Earth Release
• Katon - Fire Release

Jutsu Points:
80/100 (Current Max)
Unused Jutsu Points: 0

Raiton: Kiden - Lightning Release: Generation of Electricity - C
Kiden is a technique known only to those in the Tetsumune clan, or anyone they teach it to (currently, no one outside the clan may start with it). Also, it can only be taught by one person once, unless the person it was taught to dies. The primary reason they don't pass it down casually to outsiders is because it's the most effective technique when it comes to manipulation the Senji found in the bodies of the clan members. They fear that if the wrong person were to get their hands on the technique, it could mean the end of their clan, so to speak.
The primary use of the technique is obviously to manipulate the Senji in their bodies, but it also has a few other, minor uses.
The Senji is naturally in a gaseous state, and when electricity becomes present, the gas absorbs it and becomes a very, dense metal. Kiden itself uses the least amount of electricity and chakra needed to manipulate the Senji, although any lightning technique will do. Unlike other lightning techniques, however, the use of this electricity is completely manipulable, although the level of manipulation depends on the user's stage (these are also mentioned in the Kekkei Genkai's stages, since the manipulation of the metal is directly related to the manipulation of the electricity in this technique).
Another aspect is also related to the user's stages. Since the Senji literally absorbs electricity, it gives the user an immunity to lightning techniques, to an extent. Unfortunately, lightning can also be a weakness, oddly enough. This depends on the rank of the technique and the nature of it (offensive and defensive techniques will likely work, but if your simply causing yourself to move faster with lightning chakra, it's not going to be strong enough, perhaps unless the lightning chakra can also affect something other than yourself). If the electricity becomes strong enough, it causes the Senji's molecules to revert from a solid back into a gas, essentially nullifying the Senji. Any lightning technique that doesn't fall in either the immunity category, or the breaking point category, is simply weakened by two ranks. Other than the immunity, this technique only causes minor shocks (painful, but not damaging whatsoever).
Stage One: Manipulation: One body part, must be connected. Immunity: D. Breaking Point: B.
Stage Two: Manipulation: Half of Body. Immunity: C. Breaking Point: A.
Stage Three: Manipulation: Immediately Outside of Body, Still Limited to Half of the Body Though. Immunity: B. Breaking Point: S.
Stage Four: Manipulation: Can Spread to Surrounding Objects via Contact, Full Body. Immunity: A. Breaking Point: SS.

Onkyou Shozaichi - Echolocation
Raiton: Tenkuu Hogosha - Lightning Release: Sky Guardian
Doton: Tsuchi Hogosha - Earth Release: Earth Guardian
Katon: Naraku Hogosha - Fire Release: Hell Guardian
Tenma Roken - Demon Detection
Shuukakuki - Harvest Time
Setsuna Ijuu - Instant Migration
• Medical Crap







Kekkei Genkai:






Iryo Ninjutsu:






35/40 (Current/Max)

Strength: 5/5
Speed: 4/5
Endurance: 5/5
Agility: 3/5
Stamina: 4/5
Handsign Speed: 4/5
Weapon Usage: 3/5
Accuracy: 2/5
Dexterity: 2/5
Perception: 3/5

[Equipment Information]

Headband Location/Style:
Threw that sh*t away

Nothing Particular

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