Clan Name:
Tetsumune (Iron Will)

Kekkei Genkai:
Tetsu Shinzui (Iron Spirit)
Tetsu Shinzui is an odd variation of metal manipulation; not all kinds, but a specific kind of metal, apparently unique to their own bodies. The metal is known as Senji (a shortened version of the word Senjitsumeru, which means to condense). Senji itself means war time, which the clan has been known to be a part of ever since the First Great Shinobi War.
Senjitsumeru (which, for future reference, will be called Senji), is an odd element unique to the bodies of certain clan members (about half, but it's more prominent in males -- roughly 75% of males and 25% of females have the metal in their bodies at some point).
Senji gets its name from a unique property, in which it becomes more dense in the presence of electricity. In fact, the metal is ordinarily a gas that flows through the entire body, although it's only first created anywhere between the ages of 8 and 10. The only area the gas does not go is the heart (and the area immediately around the heart, including the skin); some speculate that because the heart pumps constantly, it essentially pushes the gas away. When the gas is introduced to electricity, it condenses into a very dense metal. It's more durable than steel and any other known iron alloy, and has the highest melting point of any known element. Since most materials used in combat are alloys, which involve combining elements to make a stronger substance, and Senji, which is stronger than any known alloy, is a pure element, it's unquestionably the most durable element.
To take control over this element, the clan has special scrolls that teach its members how to produce and manipulate lightning within, and eventually, immediately around their body. These lightning techniques can technically be taught to anyone, as its just a special use of Raiton Chakra, but members of the clan won't just casually teach people these things, or at least most won't. The primary reason for that is the drawback of the technique for those outside the clan. It's related to another special property of Senji (described in the technique Kiden (Generation of Electricity)).
As a clan member advances in stages, the control over their ability increases.

Stage One
Stage one naturally awakens between the age of 8 and 10, although it doesn't awaken in every clan member.
This is when your body first begins producing the gas state of Senji. You may only convert one body part into the metal state at a time (one arm, one leg, or a decent amount of another part of your body -- the metal state must be connected, meaning you can't divide it between both of your fists, for example).
You can only change the location of the metal once every three posts, although you can convert the metal back into a gas at any time.

Stage Two
Stage two is obtained when you first rely on the Iron Spirit to save your life (by surrounding a certain body part with the metal (head, neck, stomach, lungs, pretty much any lethal area other than the heart)). Unfortunately, it cannot be obtained if you only recently obtained stage one. For most people, it awakens after at least two years (so anywhere from the age of 10 to 12, assuming you also meet the first requirement as well, obviously).
In this stage, the manipulation of the metal spreads to half of your body, and can be divided up in different sections (e.g. three limbs, two limbs and another part of your body, one limb and two other parts of your body, or simply three other parts of your body -- parts of the body are upper (head and neck), upper torso (chest), and lower torso (abdomen)). For the third, and last, time, this does not include your heart, since the heart and any nearby area are areas in which the Senji cannot reach.
Each area affected has a separate cooldown of four posts. The first body part you choose can only be altered once every five posts. The second can only be altered once every five posts. And the third body part can only be altered once every five posts. Again, the metal can be converted back into a gaseous state at any time.

Stage Three
Once you kill someone with your Iron Spirit, you achieve stage three. This must obviously be done after obtaining stage two, which makes it possible to both kill someone with it without obtaining the stage, and obtain it in the same fight as stage two (as long as you defend against someone attack using Iron Spirit before killing them).
Note: By killing someone with your Iron Spirit, I mean you must actually use the Iron Spirit to kill them. It can't simply be in use. It has to definitively be used for the killing blow.
Once stage three is reached, the fun truly begins. While the area of your body in which you can manipulate the Senji does not change (it remains half of your body), the way you can manipulate it does. Now you can completely manipulate it, as long as it doesn't break off from your body. This allows for external manipulation, allowing you to essentially turn your body into weapons and whatnot. To sum it up, you can change the shape of the Senji. Since I want to encourage creativity, and since many of the practical uses of this is fairly obvious, I am not going to list any techniques related to t his in the clan techniques section; however, each individual use of this ability must be a technique.
Changing affected body parts has a cooldown of two posts, but going to and from a weapon (as long as it'ss the same weapon and the same body part) doesn't have a cooldown.
Note: Remember, the ability is limited to only half your body. Creating objects that are larger than the affected part of your body means you will have to remove the metal on some portions of your body (e.g. if you have two arms and a leg converted to create a shield coming out of your arm, you would have to sacrifice one part of your body). I can't explain all the little details related to this, so just use common sense, or ask if you're unsure.
Limit: Any "weapon" created is limited due to the amount of Senji in your body. It's currently limited to being five feet around you. In general, the larger the object, the the smaller the range. To reach the maximum five feet, you'd have to create a very skinny object, like a spear. That's also assuming you use all the Senji in your body.

Stage Four
To achieve this stage, you must hunt down and kill someone you taught Kiden (Generation of Electricity) to. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), after this occurs, you may no longer teach anyone the Kiden technique. Due to this, it is highly recommended that clan members learn the technique on their own. You must be the one to literally kill them. You can receive help, but you must deliver the life-ending blow.
In this stage, the Senji manipulation extends to the entire body, although it can only be used on the entire body three times within six posts. While in the cooldown state, it may only be used on the four limbs. The "cooldown" may be divided up, it doesn't have to be three straight posts. (e.g. you can use it in post one, post three, and post five, but then you can only use it on your four limbs in post two, post four, and post six).
Furthermore, the ability can now be extended to other objects via physical contact. Essentially, you pass your chakra to an object, and inside that chakra is a small amount of Senji in gas form. The amount of chakra needed is equivalent to a C Rank (it's not a coincident that Kiden is also a C-ranked technique), although more can be added if desired. Without that much chakra, the Senji will remain in a gas state, which is useless. Using this, you can turn any solid object into Senji. It can be done with liquids as well, but they must be moving slow (a lake would work, a river wouldn't). Once an object is converted into Senji, it's impossible to convert it back without the aid of someone who has a Stage Four Iron Spiritl KG. This ability cannot be used on another person, unless they're also members of the clan.
This ability does not have a cooldown.
Limit: Any "weapon" created is limited due to the amount of Senji in your body. It's currently limited to being five feet around you. In general, the larger the object, the the smaller the range. To reach the maximum five feet, you'd have to create a very skinny object, like a spear. That's also assuming you use all the Senji in your body.
Objects that are simply turned into or surrounded by Senji, this range does not apply, since the objects due not have to be touching your body.

Clan Techniques:
Raiton: Kiden - Lightning Release: Generation of Electricity - C
Kiden is a technique known only to those in the Tetsumune clan, or anyone they teach it to (currently, no one outside the clan may start with it). Also, it can only be taught by one person once, unless the person it was taught to dies. The primary reason they don't pass it down casually to outsiders is because it's the most effective technique when it comes to manipulation the Senji found in the bodies of the clan members. They fear that if the wrong person were to get their hands on the technique, it could mean the end of their clan, so to speak.
The primary use of the technique is obviously to manipulate the Senji in their bodies, but it also has a few other, minor uses.
The Senji is naturally in a gaseous state, and when electricity becomes present, the gas absorbs it and becomes a very, dense metal. Kiden itself uses the least amount of electricity and chakra needed to manipulate the Senji, although any lightning technique will do. Unlike other lightning techniques, however, the use of this electricity is completely manipulable, although the level of manipulation depends on the user's stage (these are also mentioned in the Kekkei Genkai's stages, since the manipulation of the metal is directly related to the manipulation of the electricity in this technique).
Another aspect is also related to the user's stages. Since the Senji literally absorbs electricity, it gives the user an immunity to lightning techniques, to an extent. Unfortunately, lightning can also be a weakness, oddly enough. This depends on the rank of the technique and the nature of it (offensive and defensive techniques will likely work, but if your simply causing yourself to move faster with lightning chakra, it's not going to be strong enough, perhaps unless the lightning chakra can also affect something other than yourself). If the electricity becomes strong enough, it causes the Senji's molecules to revert from a solid back into a gas, essentially nullifying the Senji. Any lightning technique that doesn't fall in either the immunity category, or the breaking point category, is simply weakened by two ranks. Other than the immunity, this technique only causes minor shocks (painful, but not damaging whatsoever).
Stage One: Manipulation: One body part, must be connected. Immunity: D. Breaking Point: B.
Stage Two: Manipulation: Half of Body. Immunity: C. Breaking Point: A.
Stage Three: Manipulation: Immediately Outside of Body, Still Limited to Half of the Body Though. Immunity: B. Breaking Point: S.
Stage Four: Manipulation: Can Spread to Surrounding Objects via Contact, Full Body. Immunity: A. Breaking Point: SS.

Clan Limitations:
Anyone can join, just PM me. If you do join, expect to have some sort of relationship with someone else in the clan.

Clan Members:
• Yatsuatari (BJW81_RawR)

Kumogakure (Better have a good reason for picking elsewhere)

Clan Background:
The clan has most notably been involved in every shinobi war, acting as mercenaries, although never going against one another. Even outside of war, most of them take on mercenary jobs, essentially willing to fight anyone for the right price. As one would expect, most members of the clan tend to be barbaric, or at the very least, have a passion for fighting.
Until current times, they remained fairly isolated, only confronting others when in need of a job or simply a fight. Since villages tends to keep such things private, few people even know about the clan. Despite eventually residing in Kumogakure, primarily, few know the specifics of their clan. Village leaders know the basics, mostly from what they've seen, and have a flawed record of their history, but even they do not know the specifics.
The often do not have widespread ideologies. Religion differs, social views differ. Pretty much everything except the love of violence differs, although even then, not everyone agrees; it's simply the thing they most share in common.
Unfortunately, in the last war, their numbers were cut down considerably. Most of the older and higher-ranked clan members died, and the rest of them died off soon after, leaving the clan in a state of oblivion. No higher ups were there to teach the younger generation, they managed with just scrolls and each other. This means that it's very rare to see more than three people with Stage Three, and even fewer with Stage Four.