Let Sai Ookami tell you about her friends. She goes out of her way for them, and they go out of their way for her. There is her twin, who got her out of her shell, and made comfortable with people again. One of her best friends, and she misses him. There is Obsidion, who looked out for her, and stood by her. There is Vancaos, he is fun to talk to, but also gives advice. There is Rain, like Obsidion, who always is there. There are friends irl who have helped Sai Ookami, Jenny, Rianna, Abby, who have seen this Sai at her weakest, and still gave her courage to live. There were thos who hurt this Sai, made her hate herself, but it's the people that proved their selves that mattered to this Sai. As they never abandoned her. This Sai loves all her friends, whether mentioned in this Journal or not, whether online or irl, Sai Ookami loves her friends, because when her family drives to the brink of insanity, they are the ones who bring her back.