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The Last Of Andrew
.... Before I leave
There is something that I want to get off of my chest and whomever may find this then you must actually really care about me to find this. I am writing this on 7/22, if you read this then I probably would have already left. ^___^ This is my opinion on everybody alright? Before I make them hate me. lol. ^_^.

Bruce - You might not be able to read this because you're at your fake pretend little war. Tell Osama that I said Hello. Anyways, I've never really had a problem with you from the beginning. You were awesome in the beginning man. We shared hilarious times together and you had me laughing to the point that I couldn't breathe . . . . but then here is where the problems came rolling by (that destroyed our friendship) first of all it started with TNWE you started talking sh*t on the crew. What you basically did was say that you were "DA BOMB" and that everyone else contributed except for me. Sad man. Then I opened up TNWF with Giancarlo and stuff and look where it at. ^__^. lol, b*tch I beat you. Also that whole 'SPRUCEBANANA' thing .. I hate you for that, but hell that was 5 years ago so no sweat. sweatdrop Anyways, you're overrated .. getting so much credit.

Zack - You ain't gonna read this too, but woooah dude we go way back. These years just go by so fast man. I just want to you to know that I'm thankful I had you around, you taught me alot with roleplaying and friendship. But I'm mad at you for leaving Gaia, letting us hang here while we watch TNWE die. Whatever though man, that's cool. We got stronger after TNWE's death anyways.

Giancarlo - Eh man, you ain't that bad. We also go way back, fun stuff bro. I remember it was just me, you, and Zack. "The Great 3" we'd call ourselves. And Bruce stare Getting on AIM everyday to chat. AIM was the sh*t! The only thing I know you for is that big ass Yankee fan that everybody would love to pick on. It was fun to pick on you, but the good thing was that you knew we weren't for reals and you kept your love for Yankees. Stayed strong and sh*t, props. lol.

Trent - You're cool man. The only thing that annoys me from you is that you keep saying you're all these races when It's obvious you ain't. And say sh*t that hurts me, but you are kidding about. Still hurts though man, even if you are kidding. lol. I hope your YouTube career goes well. ^__^.

Alvin - I say alot of mean sh*t to you, but you are coolest when we work together in games, graphic designing, and tag team matches. I know I say all this bullsh*t about Kryzl and Emerly, but it's only cause I'm mad at you for being an idiot in arguments. Lol, sorry though.

Abby - We go way back, all the way to 2010. You are hilarious, make me laugh all the time with your GIFS and everything. I don't have alot of problems with you because you hold yourself back whenever you are about to say something mean. I regret telling you my problems though (because I don't want you to put up with my sh*t) but you always wind up being there for me, idk .. u 2 nice lmfao. I also regret fighting and stuff in front of you. Idk, I was just angry. lol.

Giovanni - Dude you always put up with my sh*t and you're a great friend man. We get into alot of fights together, but dude we'll always be brothers till the end. It don't even matter if our fights are that big because no matter what in the end we always put our differences aside and stuff.

Nate - Damn dude, you're like a dad to me. You always keep motivating me to do graphics and all that stuff. And telling me not to be lazy and sh*t, lmao. You always got something for me to do. There ain't nothing much I remember of you, but yeah. The only thing I remember was when we chatted on Meebo and you sent me walk wit mah tits. lol.

Izzy - You're fun to talk to. Whenever you vent to me it makes me feel important so thank you. I know my advice might not be the best, but I always feel important helping you and stuff. I would do anything to help you, like remember when you were going to start up your youtube channel to sing and stuff? I don't know what happened, but you should definitely start. Better to start now then never and then you can finally be with your ... "guy" wink All I gotta say is, you go girl k. And I know I can be weird wif you, is just funny to me so if you get creeped out or whatever then I'm sorry. lololol.

Brian - You're black and you always call me Asian Persuasion. LOL.

Brody - Thanks for helping me wif guild man. Praise the lord, you are the most hard-working RPer in the company. props props..

Savannah - You know, I've always gone round saying I love you and everything. And it's true. I have developed a strong love for you. Tooo strong, but hell we go way back. 2009, I remember meeting you as Shawn Michaels. Man, we did some stupid sh*t together lmfao. I don't know I started being weird, using my classic player moves on you like "OH I'D TAKE MY LIFE FOR YOU" obv I was joking, but as we began to talk each other and stuff I'm just like .. ya'know what I'd actually do it. I'd take my life for this girl, ya'know. I'm stupid though, because then I started being a complete f*cking stupid asshole to you man. And I gotta say sorry for that I was stupid as sh*t. I know you say "its okay" but I'm like HAAAIL NO it's not okay. I'm going to make it up to you by giving you ice cream and gaia items and everything ... and so I did. I spoiled you. 2m worth of items. ^___^. Don't give them back to me or I'll feel sad. Those are yours to keep. I kinda hated when you were wif dem other folk though (I r sincerely apologize for talking like a ghetto black man) but yeah, I was jealous as heeeeeell. Don't know what came over me. Started being that asshole again and just did retarded sh*t. It'd be awkward when we encountered each other in like Towns or Rally or something. Either one of us would have left or whatever. Made me sad because I never pulled myself together to tell you my true feelings, but I knew you wouldn't care because I was a huge asshole to you. But I finally pulled myself together in 2011 and just .. started being this weird guy randomly saying I love you and sh*t, you were probably like df. Which you were. But das cool, I don't blame you I'd be freaked out too. But then Meebo came along and then we just hit it off. Great convos and everything, but stupid fights with my bros regarding you sometimes and I just felt embarrassed and disappointed in myself. I also hated when you'd want to hear my actual feelings, but I was too goddamn shy to tell you. So I'm sorry about that ^__^. Giovanni told me what you did, you left because you thought I didn't like you. Well I'mma tell you this I'm stupid as f*ck and sometimes I say sh*t I don't really mean. You know I'd love you deep down inside. But yeah ... that's it I guess.. You know I'd always ask Gio "Why do I love Savannah so much?" ... well ... after sitting down thinking. You're a great person, you always help people out, and you give great advice to people. You make me laugh. You make me feel good inside lol. And sometimes you go deep with me telling me all of this stuff, but you don't deserve it man. You told me that you were the best at being depressed, but you shouldn't even be. You should be happy and everything I don't like seeing you sad nor mad. Even though sometimes my stupidness gets over me and gets you mad sometimes by bringing up things that shouldn't even be brought up. lol. I'm just sad that I gotta leave now and it's gonna suck because hell I really love you and man there is no other girl like you in the world. lol. :c and yeah i r just .. I love you. srry I annoy you wif all this "I LOVE YOOOUS" but yeah, you might not feel the same way back but I'd still love you. crying

Ken Anderson
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Ken Anderson
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