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"A new beginning." Part 1.

* These are before the events when Diana was experimenting on thugs, and living high and mighty in Gotham, as it goes along you will see how Diana ended up in the end (Now.) *

Meet Diana Lyonne, dark browned girl with a smile to die for, and eyes to fall in love with, she got a big cleavege, and high heels, she also got a big knife in her hand right now, since she is about to strike a move on a political prisoner in Gotham's one and only Arkham City, but let's rewind the time a back and see how Diana was when she was in high school, she wasn't populated by the cheerleaders, more like hated. No, she was more popular by the bad boys that would smoke on the school yard, have messy hair and leather jackets.
Diana didn't really had any female friends, because she always felt that they wanted to be better than her, and she didn't really find any good taste in female friends either, even the ones that was bad and smoking, but there was one girl she could rely on and hangout with, her name was Irene.
Both of them would sit in the schoolyard, talking about boys, music, and how boring parents could be, Diana lied about her parents alot, because she didn't want anyone to know what kind of deranged father and mother she had.
Diana has always wondered if she'd turn out different if her mother was alive, and the pig of the father dead only, she really wants the answer of that one million question, but never retrieved it.
The house Diana lived in was kinda old, they didn't cut the grass outside their house too much and it began to grow alot, they had a broken mailbox since one of the kids slammed a baseball against it one time, Diana laughed when that happened because it made the father angry, but it didn't make Diana laugh alot, since she knew she was going to get punished for something she didn't do.
You are probably asking if Diana has any nightmares?
Well of course she has, the moment when her parents died, I can tell you all about it like it was yesterday.

It was september, the 5th, Diana was getting kicked out from her school because she kept skipping class and throwing rocks at the windows, you know, just being a bad kid in general.
As her mother Kalie and her father Marcus would pick her up, she felt a bit different before getting into the car that would crash.
Marcus sped off into the highway, and it was beginning to rain, Marcus was really mad at Diana and would make sure to punish her in his own little way when they got home, Kalie could only say that 'Everything will be fine' and trying to hope for something that was hopeless to see.
Diana was disappointed in herself, she didn't want this, and she didn't really care, she wanted to run away when she got home, and never see the town again.
The rain kept crashing down on the windshield and the windows of the car, Marcus ignorance kept going faster as the car did aswell, it would began to slide because it was wet on the highway, and then the car lost control and crashed down.

Diana slowly woke up and was all dizzy in the head, her vision was blurry and she felt a leg, but that wasn't her leg, then she clearly saw two adults, the death of her parents.
In this moment Diana could only cry and puke on the seat, she could her the sirens of an ambulance coming by and pick up the dead bodies and drive poor Diana that was crying into a hospital.

That was Diana's horrible day, and she still have nightmares about it, how can you ever forget a thing like that?
She loved her mother Kalie, but the father could have died anyway, she thought.

Now forward to the time where Diana is about to kill a political prisoner, she raised her knife high enough to get the knife in deep, but a hand stopped her and that hand followed by another hand that threw her away.
It was none other but the Batman himself, Diana smirked and saw the big muscled man before her, the political Prisoner ran away.

"Aww, see what you did B-man, you made my cutie go away." Diana said and stood up.
"Don't make me take you down." Batman said and had his boring face expression.

"Oh, but I do think that I found another cutie." she said and hinted that it was Batman that was the cutie, Diana began walking towards Batman, but he stopped her by grabbing her neck, Diana grinned and then began kicking her leg into his stomach, he grunted and then tried to hit Diana, but she jumped over him and smiled. "Too slow, B-man." she said and then kicked his back, Batman ran at her and then threw a punch at her face, it landed and she grunted, but she still smiled at him, she enjoyed this, and he could tell it.
"Stop doing this now!" Batman said a bit angrily and dark and grabbed Diana again, Diana headbutted him hard and then pushed him against a wall, Batman then grabbed her forearm and then pushed her against the wall instead.
"I knew you liked this position B-man." she chuckled to herself and tried to move, even her superstrenght that wasn't really that super, didn't work right now.
"Bruce, when your done cuffing me, maybe you can take a pause?" she said and growled a bit when Batman cuffed her, she then tricked him and get out from the cuffs and his restraint and kicked him hard in the gut, Batman grunted and knew Diana knew his real persona, how she knew this was because Diana hacked into files a while back and basically read all about Batman and the villains and allies of Gotham, she wanted to know everything.
Batman tried to grab at Diana again, but she jumped up into a high wall and smiled down at him.
"I would love to stay and chat with ya B-man, but I got places to go, and people to kill, see ya around." she said with a last smirk and then ran away.

Diana had her apartment in Gotham City, and not in Arkham city, but she enjoyed the fun in Arkham City, she could have political prisoners to kill, thugs to ******** for information, and villains to fight with, she would do anything to raise her stake, and she didn't care for whatever reputation title she had, she was a well respected villain inside Arkham Asylum and City.

She had her own way out from Arkham City and in, she could always take that route when she wanted to have her fun.
Diana sat at home and eating a bit of candy and looking through a magazine, she had loud music on and didn't really care if anyone would complain.
But someone in the nightsky would hear her music, someone who knew who she was, he landed infront of the window of Diana's bed and kicked the window in, Diana gasped and backed off in terror and saw Nightwing look at her seriously.

"Sorry to drop in like this, but 'B-man' called." He said with his dark voice.

More of this will continue!

Pheromone Vixen
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Pheromone Vixen
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