'One more time, this time camera four, zoom in on his left side.'
Modeling looked easy but it was a lot of work mentally. There was the task of finding your right angle, finding the right camera, and constantly moving in fractions like a still drawing to capture that 'it' moment. That picture that screamed.
'Perfect, we got it. Its a wrap' the photographer pleased with his concept of Sora dressed in an all white hoodie like he was some ghost smiled away. Another day, another dollar as a visual career. It wasn't like being labeled a model or an actor. Visuals basically did anything that involved being displayed whether it was big or small roles in movies or shows, MC's in radios or tv game shows and of course the time to time sitting in front of a camera modeling. It was a career for the talentless and the handsome. Luckily being handsome was Sora's talent. Behind the closed doors that white hoodie turned into a black leather jacket and some skinny jeans as he got into a large black van that was to transport him away from the hell hole of Seoul, South Korea. He remembered well why he moved away. Aside from his mishap in school and family drama South Korea was too...pleasent. The girls were mainly nice and the worse things they ever done was steal a pack of cigerettes or hold hands with a non-Asian. Everyone was pretty much a goodie goodie with not a bad word to their name. Sora wouldn't say the same, suspended before Middle school his father had two options, home school or move him away. Japan was just a ferry ride away. Japan was a fun place, not that was true. Japan was filled with weirdos like cross dressers, old men who retold stories of the gang days, and weird trend of doughnut heads...well the picture was clear. Among the strangers, Sora still got the best live provided to him and his step sister. They got to go to Ouran High School and the summer before they started their first year Sora was already getting cozy with his new co-star in an up coming movie. Nina. Another plus about Japan Sora didn't mention. It was a mecca for cultures. People visited Japan from all walks of life and a lot of them made homes there. What was the chance of meeting a stunning French gal and her sis--cousin--? Whatever the other one was.