So... One day in our classes we had a day that we were able to play "chopped". Each table had to prepare three plated dishes with the items provided/allowed. Our teams were each provided with butter, eggs, heavy cream, buttermilk, milk, cream cheese, almonds, dried apricots, basil, coconut milk, strawberries, and pears. We were also allowed use to all of the flours/sugars, spices, and chocolate chips. Pictured is the dessert that I created. I prepared a coconut basil creme topped with a white wine sauce flavored with apricots, pears, strawberries, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of cayenne

I am extremely proud of this dish. Most things people prepared for this chopped challenge were baked items. I feel like this was an actual challenge for me. I tried to prepare a mousse without the support of chocolate for general texture. While my dish didn't come out exactly as I wanted, it still came out pretty nicely with a favorable, interesting flavor. I definitely need to try this again.

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