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Dawn Shadowblades journal mostly my rp character rough drafts.

Dawn Shadowblade
Community Member

-Sarrow Mourningstar
¤Sexual Orientation:
-He is shy until he gets to know you, and is extremely protective of his friends.
¤Bio: {Can be altered at captins wish}
Sarrow never new about his mother, and when he would ask all that would be said would be 'she was special'. He was raised by his uncle after his father disapeared mistiriously when he was five. When going to school his favorite thing to lean about was Greco-Roman mythology and almost always had a book about a greek mythlike the Minotar the half man half bull or something simpler like Aracne and the mythical origion of spiders, which he never had a thing for the whole spider thing, but... Anyways. The day he turned thirteen he feelt somthing inside him chaing, and started looking into magic secretly. He one day while researching found a book without a name on it. This book only had a cover seemingly covered in ash, and writen in charcoal . He spent days fliping the dusty pages leaning about how an old cult preformed a form of magic that was new to him. These ancient cultist called this practice pyro scorcery and it comprised of men useing fire and heat as weapons. Intreaged he studdied more about it and he started to attempt these skills. At first nothing happened but and a little discouraged he continued to fallow the exact procedure.he soon found he was "special" and then with new confidence he continued and started to get results he began to be able to move the fire at will as if it was a virtual game. He could harden fire like steel to form weapos and armor. The activities at first was extreemly exausting and he was hospitalised the first time he was succesful because he used to much energy to hold his concentration. over the cource of three years he practiced and became more resiliant to its effect as it had said in the text. He could move it as a liquid or a solid and form it into any thing he could think of. He would have thought he would have quite a few burns since to activate this ability he has to actualy create the fire but no mater how offten he practices he always heals nicely, because of his "specialness". While he was practicing one day he came across a strange archway. He found himself returning to this archway regularly but never found the strength to cross the foundation because he feared what would be waiting on the other side. then one day he finaly decided to go through, and when he did it fealt as if he was walking through water. He then dicovered a camp full of other "special" people he no longer fealt alone.
¤Fear me when i wield:
My own blood.
¤ Sparing
¤ reading
¤ practicing with fire ¤ mythology
¤ hystory
¤ spiders
¤ hospitals
¤ being held under water
¤ arogance
¤ to many rules

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