Tell me another lie!!!!!!
That it's all going to be okay!!!!
These f*cking kids ordered pizza.
If I were to end abruptly would it leave you wanting more?
Kay HI!
Let's just start off by getting a couple of things straight!
I'm just kidding!
I don't know where I'm going with this!
Is my heart beating too fast!
I think it just might be.
I need to breathe.
I need to stop rocking.
Relax it's all a-okay.
A for antisocial.
B for bad thoughts.
C for constant lack of sleep
I don't know...
Was I being serious?
Get me out of this cave!
Cause it's nothing but a gladiator grave.
Am I freaking out right now!?
It's getting kind of hard to tell anymore.
Is this really here or a figment of my wild imagination?
Reality is a matter of perception!
I brought myself together!
I didn't mean to do it!
I'm sorry!
Please I mean it this time!
Don't leave me alone again!
I really don't like it...
I'm sorry I can't show it..
I'm sorry I'm so used to feeling down...
Truly the best thing that's happened to me, and I don't know how to show it.
I can only say it and hope it rings true.
I hit my funny bone.
I don't know why it helps.
The tingling..
My head feels like it's going to explode.
And what's with this sweat!
It's really cold why am I sweating!?
I'm glad no one is here to see this.
I bet I look like such a mess.
Not that I look all that well anyway I guess...
There I go being negative again.
My thoughts are moving too fast for me to type.
I've made 56 misspellings so far.
Is it weird I count things?
I always count things...
I've done it for so long.
I've never told anyone.
Does it mean I know how weird it is.
I can't accept myself so does it mean I'm rejecting myself.
Astral rejection.
The cold sting of rejection.
Breathe in and out.
In through the nose out through the mouth.
Happy thoughts happy thoughts.
Rape isn't happy.
Dead bodies aren't happy.
Murder isn't happy.
At least not for all the parties involved.
I'm selfish in my happiness.
That should be okay though, because I'm not happy too often.
76 misspellings.
Oops make that 81 now.
In two lines I made 5 misspellings.
6 so now I'm at 82.
With all these numbers constantly flowing into my brain I should be a math wizard.
I'm not.
I think it's because I hold onto so much useless things.
I like my useless things.
I'm calming down now.
I really gotta stop doing this to myself.
I just need to smile.