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a bunch of bullsh*t written by a bullsh*t teenager with a bullsh*t hobby. tho it's not like I update that often
Marketplace Pt 1
It was an annual tradition for Bent and Prince to go disguised among humans to get goods; there were some things that you simply get by trading between demons. It was a fairly uneventful affair, from Prince's stereotypical complaining to Bent's cool attitude.

That's why this time around it was so incredibly strange.

"Say..." Prince mused after a surprising stretch of walking quietly. The demon's face was tilted to the sky, expression thoughtful. "...Why the f*ck are all of you behind us?!"

"My my, keep your vulgar language to yourself~" From behind them Calla tsked, one arm swung around Basil's shoulder. Next to them Nima floated, grin spread across her otherwise featureless face. "We've got a kid, you know~!"

"I-I'm fifteen..." Basil muttered, voice slightly meek with Calla's pale arm draped around his shoulders. Calla waved a manicured hand, giving a little kid.

"So young! To somebody like me, that's like a baby~!" The demoness cooed, enticing a cackle from Nima. Bent, who had been silent up until that moment graced the three with a glance back.

"So you admit to being old, then."

"Haha, did you expect me to get mad? You're surprisingly childish you know, using a line like that." Calla gave a sweet smile, one hand going back to ruffle short white hair. Basil attempted to shift uncomfortably away but his efforts went unrewarded. Looks like he was going to be used as an arm rest.

"What an irritating personality." Bent commented back, mouth hidden away by the scarf around his neck. The weather was getting cooler even for the demon community; Aran had decided to combat the cold by learning how to sew from Castellia, Basil's mother.

"N'aw, are you mad because my hair is still much more luscious than yours even though it's short? It's okay, nobody is quite as beautiful as me~" Calla tilted her nose up, smile smug as she ran a hand through her hair. Bent's eye twitched slightly -- Calla wasn't exactly popular, especially since she was a newcomer.

"Oi, you pieces of sh*t!" Prince snapped, gritting his teeth as he slammed his boot into the ground with a loud thump. "Are you forgetting about me? Why the f*ck are you trailing behind us like a pack of dogs?!"

"Rumor got out that you guys go the human market!" Nima chirped in helpfully, finding it boring to stay quiet any longer. There was only a mouth on her face for a reason. "After that everyone crazy, so they decided to leech off of ya! Me included, 'course!" The sand demon cackled, lantern jingling as she shifted on her floating carpet.

"Uuh, my mom and dad wanted me to get things from the market..." Basil mumbled, slightly fearing for his life. The tan boy was feeling a bit anxious; he was surrounded by a bunch of adults demons. Who knew where he would end up...? He really hoped it wouldn't be a pond.

"I was just curious. I don't actually have any business to do." Calla chimed in, giving another light laugh. Prince sighed, massaging his forehead lightly as Bent continued on silently.

"Wait---We ain't paying for any of ya!" Prince snapped, pointing accusingly at Nima. "Especially not you, ya piece of sh*t! You nearly ran out my wallet the last time!"

"Huuuh, I'm new though shouldn't you be good to guests--"

"Whaat, that was one time don't be a prick, Princey-"

"That's ok I have my own money anyways--"

All at once Nima, Prince, Basil and Calla dropped to the ground, hands flying over their ears with their own different expression of pain. "Stop f*cking doing that!" Prince snapped, ears ringing painfully. Nima and Basil were both on the ground while Calla was pretending to be unaffected ; Bent had his hand morphed into a claw, fingers unfurling slightly from clanging together.

Bent gave a little sigh, eyes trained on the sign in front of them. "We're here."

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